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"For the last time, Ginji, I'm fine!"

The blonde eel looked at his partner and said:

"You have a fever, a bad cough and headache. Don't tell me you feel fine."

Ban groaned and twisted around on the bed. Ginji wet a cloth and wiped away sweat on the Jagan-user's brow.

"I'm fine, stop worrying," Ban told him.

Ginji just nodded and continued to wipe his friend's face and neck. They were in a motel they had lived in sporadically for months. The staff recognized them and treated them nicely, sometimes giving them a lower cost on their room.

Ginji smiled as Ban's protest grew weaker. The blonde petted his friend's brown hair and said:

"Want some water?"

Ban whimpered, not really knowing that he did, and nodded. Ginji walked into the tiny bathroom and came back with two cups of water. He put one down on the table and the other one he gave to the brunette. He noted with some distress that Ban's hands were shaking.

Ginji helped the brunette to sit up on the bed and gently said:

"Don't gulp it down. Small sips."

"Paul told you?" Ban groaned.

"Hey, I've never been sick before!" Ginji said a bit too harshly.

"Don't get upset…" Ban said and fell down on the bed, his energy spent.

"Not upset, Ban-chan," Ginji said. "Worried, that's all."

Ban mumbled something, far too tired and too sick to claim he was alright. Ginji took the other cup of water and helped the brunette to sip it. The said man coughed and Ginji had to pull him up sitting again.

The blonde eel, after letting Ban swallow the water, gently hugged the Jagan-user and coaxed him to close his eyes and sleep a bit. Ban looked at him with groggy eyes and then said:


"Thanks for what?"

"For actually caring about me," the brunette said.

"You're my friend, Ban-chan," Ginji said. "Friends take care of each other."

"No one has taken care of me for a long time," the Jagan-user said. "And…"

"And what?" Ginji said while wondering why his friend was this open.

"I'm afraid to show any weakness." The brunette looked at him, his eyes open and too young. Ginji imagined it was the fever talking.

"You can trust me," the blonde eel said with a soft smile. "I won't tell anyone."

"Why do you want me as a friend? Everyone says I'm an asshole and-"

"They haven't seen anything," Ginji interrupted.

"Seen anything?" Confusion was clear in Ban's voice despite him being ill.

"The side of you when you feel safe," Ginji said. "They have never seen your smile when you're really happy. They don't hear you soft laughter when I do something ridiculous. They don't know anything about you."

Ban looked silently at Ginji for a while.

"How about you take that nap we talked about?" the blonde finally suggested.

"Sounds good…" Ban mumbled.

Ginji laid him down and tucked him in.

"You're a good friend," Ginji whispered when Ban had fallen asleep. "Sometimes you're loud and sometimes we argue. Many times you are mean to people, but never for real. Sure, you hate when I take care of you when you're sick, but you always thanks me afterwards. You're a good friend; you just need to realize that yourself.


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