I actually began writing this story with the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film but it has been on hiatus for quite some time. Even though The Wicked Wench is still a work in progress, I plan to continue writing this story as its sequel. This story was inspired by the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl. Even though I loved Anamaria as a character, she was not in the film sequels, and for necessity's sake to keep the plot as true to the film as possible, I have substituted my OC with her character. Jack/OC. Please read and review… ideas are welcome!

Disclaimer: All Pirates of the Caribbean characters are owned by Disney and I just write my own interpretation of them.


Will and Jack reached Tortuga by nightfall. They anchored the Interceptor in the harbor and rowed ashore. After reaching the docks, the pirate and the blacksmith made their way into the town and to one of Jack's old haunts, the tavern. There they met up with Joshamee Gibbs, a former associate of Jack's.

Will warily surveyed the raucous tavern as Gibbs ordered another round of drinks. Unbeknownst to the men, a woman observed them from across the room. She was dressed as a man and she had a hat pulled low over her face and upswept brunette hair.

"Now, what's the nature of this venture of yourn?" Mr. Gibbs asked as he handed Jack another drink.

"I'm going after the Black Pearl. I know where it's going to be, and I'm going to take it."

Gibbs almost choked on his drink and spluttered, "Jack, it's a fool's errand. Why, you know better than me the tales of the Black Pearl."

"That's why I know what Barbossa is up to. All I need is a crew."

"From what I hear tell of Captain Barbossa , he's not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one."

Jack grinned. "Well, then I'd say it's a very good thing I'm not a fool then, eh?"

"Prove me wrong. What makes ye think Barbossa will give up his ship to you?"

"Let's just say it's a matter of leverage." Jack nodded to Will. Confused, Gibbs didn't follow Jack's line of thinking. Impatiently Jack jerked his head toward Will and Will caught the motion from the corner of his eye.

"The kid?" Gibbs asked befuddled.

"That is the child of Bootstrap Bill Turner. His only child, savvy?" Jack clarified with a sly grin.

"Is he, now?" He observed the lad who was standing a few feet away. "'Leverage,' says you. 'I think I feel a change in the wind,' says I. I'll find us a crew. There's bound to be some sailors on this rock crazy as you," he said with a broad grin.

"One can only hope. Take what you can…" Jack raised his drink in a toast. They clinked their tankards.

"…Give nothing back," Gibbs finished as he and Jack drained their drinks.

Intrigued by the conversation that had just taken place, the woman took leave of the tavern. It seemed Jack Sparrow was only in town long enough to find a crew and she intended to join it.


The next morning a rag tag crew was assembled at the docks, ready to set sail on the HMS Interceptor. "Feast your eyes, Captain. All of them, faithful hands before the mast, every man worth his salt and crazy to boot," Gibbs explained, quite satisfied with his recruitment.

"So this is your able-bodied crew?" Will asked, his misgivings quite evident.

Jack gave him glare before turning back to the man before him. "You, sailor!"

"Cotton, sir," Gibbs clarified.

"Mr. Cotton, do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death? Mr. Cotton! Answer, man!"

"He's a mute, sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him. No one's yet figured how," mused Gibbs.

"Mr. Cotton's... parrot. Same question."

"Wind in the sails! Wind in the sails!"

Jack looked to Gibbs. "Mostly, we figure, that means 'yes.'"

"O'course it does." Jack turned to Will. "Satisfied?"

"Well, you've proved they're mad."

Before Jack had a chance to reply a voice pierced the air. "And what's the benefit for us?"

Jack furrowed his eyebrows for he knew that voice well but certainly wasn't expecting to hear it here. He walked over to the last crewmember and took off the sailor's hat, revealing the woman, her hair tumbling down her back. "Rachel…" Without a word she slapped him hard across the face.

"I suppose you didn't deserve that one either," Will noted.

"No, that one I deserved." Jack took in the enraged woman, trying to read the emotion in those blue eyes.

"You stole my boat!" she fumed.

"Actually—" he winced as she slapped him again— "borrowed. Borrowed without permission. But with every intention of bringing it back to you!"

"But you didn't!"

Jack chose his words carefully. "You'll get another one."

Rachel pointed her finger in his face. "I will."

"A better one." Will offered, an idea forming.

"A better one!" Jack repeated.

"That one." Will pointed at the Interceptor.

"What one? That one?!" Jack asked incredulously but when he saw the ferocity of Rachel's gaze he conceded. "Aye, that one. What say you?"

"Aye!" the crew yelled.

"Anchors aweigh!" shrieked Cotton's parrot.

Without another word Rachel boarded a boat bound for the Interceptor.

"No, no, no, it's frightful bad luck to bring a woman aboard, sir," object Gibbs.

"It'd be far worse not to have her," Jack said softly as his gaze lingered on her. He was not quite sure how he felt about this reunion.