Chapter 4

the little girl continued standing at the door way, and the men stared at her in confusion. The kitten continued to cry. "I found you, Darren Lynn Bous-cat!" the girl ran to the kitten in the middle of the room, though right beside the wall.

"Little girl. Could you go get some help?" Gordon asked her "We're trapped here."

the little girl picked up the kitten and looked to Gordon and said "...I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." and with that she skipped off out the door with Darren in her arms, and then closed the door behind her while saying "Games are fun, except when they're over."

Bryan couldn't believe that she just left without promising to return for help "If I ever find you after this I'm gonna take your cat and throw it in a dog pen full of pit bull's and rottweilers!"

"And kill your family." Gordon added

"And kill your family!" Bryan echoed loudly.

Gordon sighed and started searching the room with his eyes. "I think we should concentrate on what the tape said. It said we have to find an 'X.' So look around."

"Huh? You sure are calm for someone chained to a pipe in an old, disgusting, very large, bathroom with two dead guys inside." Bryan rubbed his chin, beginning to suspect his friend more and more about being involved.

"We're playing a game right now. And we have to follow the rules." Gordon replied, still searching the room.

"But he's got those two girls he mentioned on your tape. Not sure who they are since you never told me, but he's got them. Are you thinking about that?"

"Yes! Of course i'm thinking about that!" Gordon yelled, making Bryan shut up and stay still.

"There's no need to yell..." Bryan sat down in his corner, an leaned on the pipes beside him.

Gordon sighed and crossed his arms "I've been thinking about the last thing I said to my daughter..." and let the flashback's begin:

in the bed of a darkened bedroom lies a little girl(Makenzie) about 6 years old, with long, wavy, light brown hair. She lays tucked in with her eyes closed. Suddenly her eyes open and she sits up in bed. She soon gets out of bed and walks from her room and down the hall way.

It's not long before she reaches the room of her parents, and opens the door. Inside she sees her mom(Monica) sleeping under the covers in bed. She walked to the side of the bed and shook her mother. "Mommy?"

Monica's eyes struggled to open, but when they did open she realized her daughter was standing there. She turned on the lamp and got out out of bed, kneeling down in front of her daughter "Makenzie, honey, are you ok?"

"...There's a weird Harry Potter creature in my room." Makenzie replied, shaking with fear.

"Are you sure it's not something in your crazy imagination?"

"It talked to me. It said...'My precious' in a creepy voice."

"That's Lord Of The Rings, honey." Monica corrected her daughter.

"Oh. Sorry."

"I'll come check your room." Monica put her hands on her daughter's shoulders.

"I want daddy. He'll get the worst character ever thought up."

"All right." and so the two ventured into the living room where Gordon sat on the couch watching TV in his underwear. He had a bowl of chips in his lap, and a couple of Miller Lite beer bottles in his hands.

"You call that singing?! You suck, Simon." Gordon yelled at the television.

Monica and Makenzie stepped into the room to see him watching American Idol. "Gordy." Monica spoke "Sorry to bother you but your daughter had a bad dream."

Gordon just laughed, kind of like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. "Just gotta finish drinking some beers and TV, ok, Courtney."

"It's Monica." his wife corrected

"Oh sorry, I was watching Friends and Courtney Cox plays Monica. She's so hot...on that show. I love you, baby." he rambled in his drunken tone. "Courtney Cox, I love you. Your so hot, on that show. Everybody." he sang, wastedly.

"She wants you to check her room."

"I said, when, this, thing...stops." Gordon tried pouring beer into his mouth but missed the target and it spilled on to his underwear. "Oh fuck! Not again. This is my favorite undies."

"Gordon! Don't curse in front of your daughter." Monica quickly responded.

"I don't give a fuck." Makenzie shrugged her shoulders.

"Kenzie!" Monica yelled at her daughter and held up a hand, threatening to slap her. "Now lets go check your room." she turned away from her husband and headed out of the room with her daughter when they were called back.

"Wait!" Gordon shouted. He poured the rest of the beer down his throat and swallowed it. "God that's good! ok...i'm finished." he got off the couch and walked Makenzie to her room. He checked everywhere except the closet and tucked her into bed.

"Thanks for checking my room half-assed, dad."

"Now can ya go ta sleepy?"

"I'm still kind of scared though." Makenzie pulled the blanket over her head. For a few seconds she stayed under the covers, but got no response, so she lowered the blanket to see her father tip toeing towards the door. "Daddy..."

"Ugh. Fine. I know what will make you better." he turned around and took the lamp shade off her lamp. Then he placed it on his head and danced around and sang in a Rhythm similar to the Christian hymm 'Jesus Loves Me'. "I've gotta lamp shade on my head, this little dance makes bad guys dead. Now will you go get some sleep? Something-something that rhymes with 'sleep'." he finished his song and took of the shade.

Makenzie rolled her eyes but couldn't help to laugh at her father's drunken display. It was times like this that always made her feel happy, when her dad got drunk. He was quite the entertainer. Then she heard her dad's pager beep, exactly like the beep on Kim Possible. "I wish I had one of those things."

"Not till your older. Now i have to go to work, banging some chick. Get to sleep time." Gordon tucked his daughter in again. He kissed her on the forehead, smiled, and headed to the door.

"Your not gonna leave us, are you, Daddy?" Makenzie asked.

"What?" Gordon freezes at the door way and turns around. "What are you talking about?" he walks back to the bed "Who gave you that idea?"

"Well..." Makeznie started "You said you were gonna go to work on some chick and you have a shirt that says 'Leaver' on it."

"Well try to not think about that stuff ok? When you do that you don't have to worry about much." Gordon replied, in a very wasted tone. It's clear he's extremely drunk. "Good (burps loudly) night." he walked back to the door, turned the light off and pauses before leaving. He turned to his daughter and said "...Tomorrow...I'm gonna be hungover..."

Makenzie nodded slowly "...Okaaay..."

Gordon smiled and turned around to leave, smacking his head against the wall. "D'oh!"

now back in present time in the bathroom, both Gordon and Bryan are sitting in their corners against the pipes. Gordon was looking at his wallet, admiring some photos inside. "Would you like to see her?"

"Who?" Bryan asked.

"A photo of me and Shawnee Smith. I met her at the San Diego Comic-Con last year." he gripped the wallet and then threw it across the room.

Bryan picked it up and looked at the photo in the front. He saw Gordon with his arm around the actress Shawnee Smith, and her arms around him. "She's beautiful."

"I know." Gordon smiled

"Are you gonna go to any more Comic-Con's?" Bryan asked, looking up.

Gordon sighed "My wife and I talked about it, but with our schedule it was hard enough to go to one."

"So where's the other Comic-Con pictures?"

"There's another photo behind the one your looking at. It's my favorite one because I'm shaking hands with Stan Lee."

Bryan pulls out the photo, but it is not the one with Stan Lee. It's Monica and Makenzie bound and gagged. Makenzie holds bunny ears behind her mom's head. Bryan chuckled slightly and turned the Polaroid around to see a message.

'X marks the spot. Sometimes you see more with the light off.'

Bryan couldn't believe what he saw. "Uh..." he wasn't sure what to say. "I don't see the photo of you shaking Stan Lee's hand."

"Really? Throw it back." Gordon held out his hands.

Bryan hid the photo of Gordon's wife and kid behind his back and tossed the wallet over to the other side of the room. Unfortunately he didn't put much force in it, and the wallet only made it half way, landing on the body of the dead man. "Fuck!"

"Damn it! You son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill you!" Gordon yelled at his cell mate, standing up.

"Well trust me ok. The photo wasn't in there." Bryan reassured him. Then for the sake of the story to explain more, we enter another flashback...

Back to the exact point Gordon left his daughter's bedroom, he walks into the living room, while putting on some clothes and gathering some stuff, like his keys, and cell phone, and pager, and beer.

His wife, Monica stands by the door, her arms crossed, and glaring at her husband. "How can you walk through life pretending that your not always drunk?"

"I'm not dunk. I'm drunk. I'm not Michael Jordan you know." Gordon stumbled backwards, until he collided with the entertainment system.

"That is complete bull shit. Your always drunk. You don't care about us anymore. Ever since we met Shawnee and Stan, you haven't been the same."

Gordon sighed "Can we talk about this later?" he leans in to kiss her, but seeing double, his mouth collides with the door and kisses it. "Your lips are so dry. You could use some chap."

"Just leave." Monica said, firmly.

"Your just jealous cuz my lips are perfect." Gordon looked her in the eyes, and then stumbled out the door.

In Makenzie's room, she lies in her bed sleeping. When her closet door squeaks slightly open. This startles her, making her turn around.

"Good night, my precious." a man's voice said from the closet. His eye's peering through the crack. Then the doors burst open and Makeznie screamed.

Monica hears the scream and rushes to her daughter's room. "Makenzie?!" she got to the room and opened the door "Makenzie!" she gasped when she saw a figure wearing a Spongebob costume. "Hey! That's my daughter's!" she charged for the sponge wearing figure.

Spongebob grabbed a hold of Monica and forced her to the bed. "Now your gonna cooperate or I'll sing the theme song."

"Ok. Don't sing-don't sing." she placed her hands in the air, and so did Makenzie. The figure in the costume tied up and gagged the two girls to a corner of the bed. Then he stripped himself of the costume to reveal himself in a black coat, black leather gloves, and blue jeans. "Don't look at my face or it will ruin the surprise." he said.

The two girls nodded. Then miraculously they both broke free from the ropes that bind them and removed the rags from around their mouths.

"Get your asses tied back up! I'll sing the song. Are you ready kids? I can't hear you. He lives in a pineapple under the sea..." he stopped when the girls pulled out pistols from behind their backs and pointed them at him.

"Now it's your turn to scream, asshole!" Monica fired shots at the man, hitting him in the chest, and knocking him down.

To be continued...

Sorry that chapter was so short, but I felt that was a good way to end it, other wise I'd of kept going. Stay tuned...and Saw 4 here it comes!