Nothing Can Stop a Stoppable

By: Play3rtwo


Chapter 1


Summer was coming to a close and Ron was left with a huge problem. Kim had been accepted to a college away from Middleton. He scratched his head. "KP and I have been dating for a year now; it seems like just yesterday when we celebrated our halfaversary. I think I finally realize what that means." Ron had still yet to receive a letter from any college. He walked outside to get some fresh air. His moped had been washed and waxed recently and the shine still brought a smile to his face. "I remember the first time we rode this as more than friends." The sadness then took over. "I don't know what to do. I love her, as I've never loved anyone before." He got on his moped. "I need to just take a ride." He started the moped and drove towards the east.

Kim Possible sat on her bed looking at a picture of Ron. "This must be so hard for him, he's not been accepted to any college, and I'm packing and getting ready for school. I should do something nice for him." Her phone rang and disturbed her train of thought. "Wade? What's the sitch?"

Wade spoke rapidly in the receiver. "Kim, Ron, Now" Click.

Kim dropped the phone and ran out of the door. "My Kimmunicator's GPS will definitely come in handy." She hopped into her car and drove towards Wade's last known coordinates. While speeding through traffic with the rockets a blazing, she couldn't help but wonder what happened to Wade. He did say Ron, was he sending a message to both of us? Before she could answer this question, she saw Wade's parent's house. She sped into the driveway and hopped out of the car. She was stopped by his parents. "Kim, please tell me you know where Wade is." His mother asked. "I'm sorry, I don't." She replied. "Can I come in?"

His parents led her into their home. "It's not like Wade to leave his room unless he's on one of your missions; we were hoping this was one of those times." Kim listened intently. "Our Wade has been a little distant since your graduation; I guess he's really attached himself to you. Nonetheless, he was here this morning when we left for work, but shortly after our lunch, we were informed of the alarm system going off, when we arrived everything looked fine but Wade was missing. Can you help us?"

Kim smiled. "You can count on me. Can I go to his room?" They nodded and led her to his bedroom.

Once inside, Kim looked around. It was a typical 13 year old boy's room, minus all of the computer parts and inventions. "Did Wade ever give you a password into his computer?" Kim asked.

"No, we never really asked him, we feel so terrible. We're horrible parents!" They both started to cry.

Kim interrupted. "No big, I'll find a way; anything's possible for a possible!"

She grabbed the Kimmunicator and plugged it into one of the jacks in front of Wade's super computer. The screen turned on and on the display was wade's face. "Kim, I was hoping you'd never see this transmission. If you are watching this, then I'm not in my room, and I'm not on a mission with you, so most likely I'm in trouble. Tell my parents they are great and not to worry. I love them. I don't know exactly what to say if I'm gone, but while you watch this; your kimmunicator is being updated with all of my access codes so that maybe you can find me. Gotta go, your calling me!" The screen went black. Kim looked at her Kimmunicator. The screen read. "Full access granted, last 2 hours of video footage on screen 2."

The computer screen was empty. The monitors lying around the room were unplugged. "Screen 2?" Kim spoke to herself.

The main computer screen lit up and displayed "Voice Recognition Complete, Kim Possible – Main User." What she saw next words could hardly describe.

Wade was sitting at his desk sipping a drink from a straw, it looked normal. He typed something on his keyboard, answered the phone, typed something else on his keyboard and then walked from the desk. "No sign of foul play, are you sure he's not just at the store or something?"

His parents looked upset. "Of course we are sure! You've got to search harder!"

Kim looked back at the screen. "Computer, what did Wade type?"

The computer displayed the following text.

"Black hat, White hat, they are all the same. Knowing the difference is the key."

Kim wrote it down. "It's got to be a riddle."

Kim spoke into the microphone. "Computer, who did he talk to on the phone and what was said?"

The computer hesitated for a moment then displayed, "Wade received a call from Ronald Stoppable. The Conversation was encrypted. Encrypted Text


Kim looked at the screen like it was written in Greek. "What is that?" Wade's dad poked his head into the room. "Binary! Of Course! Tell the computer to decode it from binary to English."

Kim spoke into the microphone. "Computer, please decode the message from binary to English."

The computer hesitated for a moment. "Insufficient access. Disconnecting in 2 minutes."

Kim gasped. "Print Conversation!!!!"

The computer was quiet. The monitor display was black. In the near distance, she heard a wheening sound. "The printer!" She ran towards the sound.

Thankfully the printer printed the binary conversation. "Mr. Load, can you decipher this?" Wade's dad took and made a copy of the paper. "For my son, I'll gladly do it."

Lontaine went into the back room to his computer. A half hour passed and he came running out with another sheet. "I've deciphered it! Kim do you want it?"

"Please and thank you!"

The paper read:

Wade, you've got to help me. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so scared and so worried. You've got to do plan D.

Ron! Plan D is very dangerous. You've got to be kidding!

Wade, I wouldn't ask this of you unless it was a life or death reason. Please!

Ron, I'll do my best. Once again, are you sure about this?

Totally Wade. I'd do anything for her.

Kim gasped. "Ron!" She ran out of the door.

Her mind was racing. "Plan D? I've never even heard of plan a, b or c! Was Ron talking about me? Who's her?" She dropped the top on her car and sped towards Ron's house. She noticed his moped was missing. She hopped out of the car and ran towards the door and rang the doorbell. No answer. She called him on her cell phone. "You've reached the Ronster, leave a message! Boo-Yah!"

She grabbed her kimmunicator. "Wade said I'd have full access to his files, I've got to track Ron. We always joked about Ron being chipped. This has got to work."

The Kimmunicator hesitated and then placed a password screen. Below the password field, she saw "Hint" They are all the same.

Kim thought intensely. Knowing Wade, he'd have it self destruct if it was typed incorrectly. I've got one chance to do this right.

"What is all the same?"

Bonnie Rutwiler had just completed her summer school and was driving back home to celebrate when Junior called her. "My sweet, let me take you away from this awful place. Europe is wonderful this time of year." Bonnie giggled. "Just tell me where to meet you!" Junior sarcastically responded. "I do not meet anyone, I'll have my people meet you" The phone was disconnected. Bonnie sighed "he's perfect".

She parked her car at her parent's house and looked around for Junior to pull up in a car. She heard a loud sound from the distance and realized that it was a Helicopter! She squinted her eyes and saw a dark outline of a muscular person. "Junior!!!"

Senior Senior Junior sat in his father's private helicopter and combed his hair. "I can not stand taking this helicopter, it ruins my hair!" He pointed down to Bonnie. "Get her on this thing now!" The henchmen shouted 'Yes Sir Junior"

Bonnie saw the rope and the henchman dangling from it. The helicopter lowered enough to give the man some room to get her, while at the same time blowing intense amounts of wind into Bonnie's Hair. While she got onto the Helicopter, she scuffed "Your Helicopter has ruined my hair!"

The pilot thought to himself. "What a perfect pair"

The helicopter headed towards the east.

Rufus peaked out of Ron's pocket. It was dark, cold, and windy. He was grateful that he had great night vision. They were in a small room that was being air conditioned greatly. Undoubtly something important was being utilized here. Rufus thought about getting out, but the chilly blast of air made him decide otherwise. He nestled back in Ron's pocket and listened to the conversation he was having.

"See, Plan's A, B, and C can not happen, that's why I said D. I've applied everywhere and I still have not received anything. I know you can do this, it's not very ethical, but I have no choice. If I lose her, I lose everything. I'd sacrifice everything for her, and you know that."

The other voice responded. "I know, but if you can really think about the ramifications of your actions, you may be making a sacrifice for nothing. I can not guarantee this will work, and even if it does, you will not have very long until someone finds out. You need to think about this strongly. Why Not C? C's got a lot more potential! "

Ron Replied "C is a good plan, but she wants an educated person, and C would not be that. It's definitely a good runner up, and legal… I'll think about it, just do your computer thing and make me scenarios on each plan and what the probability of success is. Can we do that before tomorrow? I'm on a tight schedule here."

The other voice said nothing but Rufus could hear the intense typing on a keyboard. "I'll have it ready when you wake up."

Rufus felt extremely tired and fell asleep.

Kim's Kimmunicator was sitting at the login screen for almost half an hour. Her access to Wade's supercomputer was denied, and without Wade, hacking this thing was out the door. Kim looked towards the night sky. The stars were bright out, and reminded her of Ron's eyes. "I miss him so much. I even question leaving this place because of him. I really love him. I didn't think I'd never get to say it again. She looked at the twilight sky and remembered how he protected her that fateful day two months ago. She remembered him strong, yet kind. He stood above her and extended his hand. When she took it, the electricity she felt was unlike anything before. Then, the most amazing emotion she felt shot through her. The hug they shared, as she embraced her boyfriend, she realized that it was true love. That's what made her summer so great. He was there all the way for her, immensely supportive in her transition from high school to college. It was that one statement he said before graduation. "You're heading for the stars, and I'm well…I'm stuck on earth, but I don't want to hold you back." If Ron only knew he was doing the opposite. He had pushed her to be her best, and that no matter what, he would be by her side. She hadn't told him yet, but Harvard had sent her two letters, the second making sure she received the first and she had decided on Harvard. Neurobiology seemed tempting as she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps yet never really told her in fear of her dad's response. The sweet deal was that they offered her a free ride for as long as she was willing to go to school. When she heard that, her reply was "Spankin"

Nonetheless, she had to find out the code. Her dad had already tried to use some of the machinery at the lab to crack it, but Wade already prepared for any attempts. It had to be a legitimate login. Kim, defeated went into her room and lay on her bed. It was getting really late and she needed sleep for the next day. Her head hit the pillow and thought about Ron. All went black.

"Kimmie cup, time to wake up!" Her mother smiled.

Kim looked at the clock. It was 9:00a.m. Ron had been missing for an entire day. She called his parents, whom were still not at their home as well as Ron's cell, which provided her his voicemail. Her mom walked up to her with an upset face. "Kimmie, you've got to be more careful with your clothes. I found this crumpled paper in your pocket. She unwrapped it. "OH MY GOSH! MOM! YOU ROCK!" Kim ran upstairs. "What's gotten into her?" Mr. Possible asked. "I don't know, but I'm sure it's a good thing." Mrs. Possible replied.

Upstairs in her room, Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. "Password" She closed her eyes. "Please let this be right!"

She trembled with her fingers as she typed. "White hat, Black hat"

She pressed Enter.