Chapter 32 : The Awakening.

Ron Stoppable opened his eyes for the first time. He saw only darkness. The Tomb was pitch black with the exception of a small blue glow from a little mole rat at his side. His body felt a little sore but he was able to move his fingers. It was going to be a little learning curve from having full range of motion in heaven. He managed a small smile when he spoke his first words. "Thanks Little Buddy."

Rufus held his breath and continued to meditate. There was still much more to do before it was all said and done. The light glow dissipated and he closed his eyes. He deserved a break.

Yuri opened her eyes and ran towards the tomb. She knew that this was the last time she'd have a moment alone with Ron and did not want to waste even a second.

Yuri met no obstacles and was able to enter without any resistance. She rushed to Ron's side.

"Ron-Kun…. Please be ok…"

Ron felt a presence nearby but was still too weak to really move. He managed a light whimper which registered his mortality. Yuri squealed in delight. "Oh Ron, thank Kami you are ok. I don't know if you remember anything, but it's been a very adventurous summer for all of us. I love you Ron. I always will, but there's someone that needs you more than I could…" slowly tear by tear dropped from her cheek. "Just know, that if she ever does you wrong, it will take more than Heaven and Hell to stop me from treating you right."

With those words, Yuri sensed a visitor. She leaned over Ron's body, placed her lips on his forehead and gave him a kiss. She rose up, walked towards the entrance and greeted the visitor. "Possible-chan, do take care of Stoppable-Kun." She choked out what she could and made her exit. It was the most difficult thing she ever had to do while on Earth.

Kimberly Anne Possible looked over at the young woman and grabbed her by the wrist. "You are not leaving."

Yuri looked with disbelief. Did she really expect me to witness them? Before she could answer that, Kim took her hand and opened it. She placed a small square device in her palm and closed it. "You are important to Ron, which means you are important to me. Know that I will always be in your debt for what you said. You will always be our friend." Yuri found herself speechless and simply bowed her head and exited the room. She was still in shock and needed time to process this.

Kimberly Anne Possible looked at Rufus with a smile on her face. "You sir, deserve a naco and my gratitude. Let me take it from here." Rufus heard the magic word and scampered to the exit, where the aroma of the plate of nacos awaited him. She walked up to Ron and dropped to her knees.


Ron woke to the sound of Kim's voice. "Kim?..." he whimpered.

He had to gather his thoughts. Everything still seemed like a blur. If this did all happen, why would he be given a second chance when so many more deserving people should have been instead? What made me so special? His head throbbed but he remembered how in just a short amount of time, he would be going back to school, moving on with his life and not as Kim's shadow. He looked up to see Kim over him. "Kim…."

Kim looked at her best friend and could no longer contain herself. She wrapped her arms around him. She squeezed him tightly. She promised from this day forward, she would never let him go.

In her arms was the man she was going to marry. The young, goofy, irrespirable, impressionable, mature, brave, bold and daring Ron Stoppable. Monkey powers or not, he was always going to be her partner and equal. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.