On a platform in front of a huge crowd a man in his late twenties with dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes stood with his hands tied in front of him with rope. How many times had he been in this situation, he could not count. He sighed and waited to be taken away to his next hellhole.

Above the crowd the most beautiful of all Goddess's, Aphrodite, floating in mid air. He long wavy blonde hair wrapped around her slim body. Her crystal blue eyes searched the crowd. Beside her, a young man with the same blonde hair stood. A blindfold was across his eyes and a bow over his shoulder. A quiver with arrows was strapped to his back.

Aphrodite's eyes stropped on a particular man riding a black stallion. His hair the same colour as the horse's mane, with deep green eyes. He wore a soldier's uniform, and had an air of justice about him.

"That one." Aphrodite said as she pointed at the dark haired man.

The youth looked at the man in question. "Are you sure, Mother?" He asked, searching the man's heart. "Do you think he will accept that one?"

The woman looked at the blonde slave, and smiled. "I hope so." The woman turned back to her son. "Please Eros?"

The youth nodded and smiled at his mother. "Of course, Goddess." Eros took out an arrow and placed it ready to launch. He pulled back the string of the bow then let it go, sending the arrow straight to the horse rider's heart. The Goddess clapped her hands and smiled happily.

"Perfect shot as always." She kissed the youth's forehead. "We must go now." With that the pair disappeared.

The dark haired man stopped his horse and looked up to the stage. The first set of eyes he met were those of a blonde slave with dark brown eyes. The man had never seen such a beautiful person in his life.

The spokesperson stopped his talk when he noticed the rider. "Dee, what a pleasant surprise. I didn't think you would be interested in one of my slaves."

Dee glared at the stout man. "I'm just watching, Zacus."

"Shame." Said Zacus. "Well let's start the bidding. Can I have an opening bid for Ryo here?"

[Ryo… Thought Dee. [Such a sweet name.

There was a hand raised. "1,000 minae."

"Excellent. Thank you, Berkeley."

[Berkeley! Damn it, not him. Anyone but him. Thought Dee. "2,000 minae." Shouted Dee.

The man Berkeley looked straight at Dee. A smirk grew on Berkeley's face. "5,000 minae."

Dee wasn't too worried… yet. "7,000 minae."

"10,000." Shouted Berkeley, his eyes never leaving Dee's glaring ones.

Now Dee was stating to get worried. He knew that Berkeley had more money, but he wasn't willing to give up on this slave. All the slaves before, he had never given upon. He bought them all and set them free to live they're own lives. But why did Berkeley want this one so bad? "15,000."

"200 talent." The crowd was in awe. Berkeley was daring De with his eyes to go higher. Dee could have managed 150 talent but not 200. Dee looked into Ryo's eyes one last time before riding off with a growl.

"I see Dee couldn't handle the heat. Well done, Berkeley." Said Zacus happily.

Dee rode his horse straight to his stables were a boy of 15 years was grooming one of the horses. He noticed Dee and stopped what he was doing. Dee quickly jumped off his horse and led it to the brunette boy. "Are you okay, Dee?" Asked the boy.

Dee sighed in frustration and ran his hand through his hair. "Not really. Iason, do you know where Carol and Bikky are?"

Iason nodded. "They're in the kitchen helping to make dinner."

Dee smiled at the boy and ruffled his hair. "Thanks." Dee walked into the house as Iason took the black horses reins and led him into the stables.

"So what happened to him, Nightfire? Only Berkeley can get Dee that angry." The horse neighed and shook its head. The boy smiled and stroked the horse's neck. "I was right then."

Dee stormed into the house, his rage returned tenfold. He pushed open the door to his bedroom and changed from his solider uniform to a simple pale blue tunic with silver embodiment down both side of the tunic. The dark haired man made his way through his house to the kitchen. Inside he spotted his niece and her boyfriend helping the maids make dinner for the evening. Carol was the first to notice Dee's arrival.

"Good evening Dee." She said brightly. Then she noticed Dee's mood and cringed a bit. "What's wrong?"

Dee walked away from the door and sat on one of the wooden stools. "One word: Berkeley."

Bikky looked up from what he was doing. "What does that rich snob what want now?"

Dee sighed. "There was a slave auction today. And he won the slave that I was bidding for."

"Was the slave pretty?" Carol asked curiously.

"Beautiful is more the word." Said Dee smiling softy.

"So what does he look like?" Asked Bikky.

"Why you assume the slave was a he?"

"Give it up Dee. The last few slaves you've bought have been male. Plus I haven't heard you talk about any beautiful women in a long time." Said Carol.

"What are you trying to say?" Dee asked defensively.

Carol held up her hands in defeat. "Nothing, nothing."

"So… what are you wanting us to do?" Asked Bikky.

"I need your help to make a plan to rescue him."

"Rescue? Don't you mean steal? He is Berkeley property now." Carol shook her head. "What's the slaves name?"

"Ryo. Yes I mean rescue. You know how I feel about slavery. I will set him free."

"Are you sure you don't just want Ryo for your own dirty pleasures?" The dark skinned boy smirked.

Dee lightly hit the boy over the head. "No I do not."

"That would be a first."

"I have never slept with any of the slaves I bought!" Dee said defensively. Dee moved closer to Bikky locking his eyes with the boy's. "Unless there's something you want to tell me?" Dee said in a sultry voice.

Bikky's eyes widened. "Yuck! No way! You old man."

"Old man? Say that again monkey boy!" Dee and Bikky glared at each other.

Carol coughed loudly to get their attention. "Okay Dee I have no plan right now. Maybe we can think of something tomorrow morning." Dee and Bikky stopped their glaring match and they helped to finish making dinner then sat down at a large banquet table. All the maids and helpers from around the house came to eat with the three.

All of the people except Carol and Dee had all been slaves before Dee had bought them. He had set them all free and told them they could do what they wished. The ones staying with Dee had nowhere to go so Dee gave them a place at his table and a room in the house. Most of them wanted to pay Dee back for all the kindness he had shown them so they helped around the house.

All in all there was two maids, two butlers, Iason who looked after the horses and Bikky who did nothing but spend time with Carol. They were a few other slaves Dee had freed but they lived elsewhere.

After dinner Dee, Carol and Bikky helped Jessie and Katie the maids to clear up. Dee retreated to his room afterwards his thoughts had been on the blonde slave all evening.

[I will free you! I will!

With that Dee went to bed hoping that tomorrow they would come up with some sort of plan.