Ryo slowly climbed out of the bed he was made to sleep in with Berkeley. He winced as he stood and walked just out to the balcony. The cool night air hit his skin and he shivered. It wasn't too cold. He sighed to himself and with sad eyes he leaned against the stone and looked at the sand below. It was pretty high up.

Ryo had been tempted so many times to stand on the edge of the balcony and just fall off. But he could never bring himself to do it. Death scared him even more then living did. He shivered again as another cool breeze past him, chilling his body.

He couldn't, or more so wouldn't sleep while his current 'master' was sleeping next to him. He shivered but not because of the cool air. Was this all his life had became? He thought to himself. Wasn't there something else out there better than this kind of life?

He remembered the black haired man who had visited him. "I'm here to free you." Ryo's heart beat faster. He remembered the man's promise to not ask anything of him and, "Because I believe that everyone has the right to be free and live they're own life." Ryo smiled softly, he very much liking the idea of living for myself, not answering to someone else.

He had the urge to see Dee. But he had no idea were the man was. He had overheard Berkeley talking so he realised Dee was at the battle in Marathon. But he so desperately wanted to see Dee and tell him that he wanted to be free.

"I can take you to him." Said a male voice just above where he was looking. Ryo looked up and saw a young man floating in mid-air. He wore a blindfold and had a bow and arrows. His image was almost transparent. The young man smiled. "Remember me?"

Ryo nodded. "You were with me when my old master died. You said you had something planned for me." Ryo said. "Your Mother was with you then." Eros nodded.

"Yes, she is busy and I could not ignore your heart calling out." The young man said. "So you would like to see Dee?" Ryo nodded. "Then I will take you to him. Quietly make your way to the front door. I will meet you there." With that Eros's image disappeared.

Ryo followed Eros's instructions and quietly left the bedroom and made his way down the stone steps. His bare feet making almost no noise at all. He reached the front door and as quiet as he could he opened the wooden door and stepped out into the cool night air. Just away from the door was a black and white horse. All set for riding. Eros hovered a little off of the ground. He motioned for Ryo to come closer. Ryo slowly approach the animal and tentatively stroked its mane.

"Climb on." Eros said stroking the horse too.

"O-okay." Ryo said hesitantly. Ryo slowly pulled himself up and onto the horses back. He was shaking a little as he sat on the horses back. He had never ridden a horse before and was unsure what to do.

"Hold on tight to his mane and he will take you to Dee. He will bring you back afterwards." Explained Eros as he continued to stroke the animals' mane. He hit the horses hide and the horse took off. Ryo gasped at the sudden movement and held on tightly and closed his eyes as the horse galloped out of the city and through the sandy no-man's land.

It had felt like an eternity to Ryo until the horse stopped. He slowly opened his eyes and saw in the dim moonlight, the camp set up. He carefully climbed off the horse and peeked inside one of the tents. Inside were make-shift beds and men lying down on them sleeping. He creped between beds and tried to find Dee, but had no luck in that tent. He went to the next one and noticed that these men were injured. He prayed that Dee was not one among them. But alas Dee was there but not as badly injured as the others. All Ryo could see was a bandage around Dee's thigh. He walked closer to Dee's bed and knelt down beside Dee's sleeping form.

"I'm so glad you are fine." Ryo whispered.

"Me too." Came Dee's reply. Ryo's eyes widened and he backed away a little in surprise.

"I thought you were sleeping?" Ryo asked, moving back again.

"Couldn't sleep." Dee turned his head to face Ryo. "It's good to see you, Ryo. But why are you here?"

"I-I wanted to see you." Ryo said meekly as he lowered his gaze. "You had said I could be free and I do want that. But can you help me?" Dee nodded.

"Certainly." He leaned on his elbows as he looked at Ryo. "I'll help you." Ryo smiled a little and Dee felt his heart warm. "Why don't I come and get you? After I am healed."

Ryo nodded. "Yes, thank you." He said quickly. "That would be wonderful." Ryo was feeling much happier than earlier, with the prospect of freedom. He stood up and smiled brightly down at Dee. "Thank you again." He leaned down and kissed Dee briefly on the lips before standing straight again. "Get better soon." He said before leaving the tent.

Dee grinned to him self. If he could he would have jumped around the tent happily. Ryo had kissed him! Dee grinned and tentatively touched his lips. It had been so soft and gentle, like silk.

Ryo slowly climbed back on the horse and let it take him back to Athens. He smiled softly to himself and didn't hold on quite so tightly to the horses' mane. When he got back to Berkeley's house he climbed off and whispered a thank you to the animal before it ran off. He quietly sneaked back into the house and climbed the steps. He slowly opened the bedroom door and gasped a little as he noticed the bed was empty. He was pulled into the room by a very angry looking Berkeley.

"Where have you been?" Rose Questioned.

Ryo's mouth dried up and he couldn't speak. He tried to pull away from Berkeley tight grip on his arm.

"You weren't in the house. Tell where you went?" Ryo started to shake his head. "You won't tell me? Then I'll have to punish you." Ryo took a deep gulp and he tried harder to get away.

"Bad slaves get punished." Berkeley stated as he pulled Ryo out of the room and down the corridor.

Ryo's mind blanked out as Berkeley took him to be punished. He wouldn't tell Berkeley about Dee, about being free. He just prayed that Dee wouldn't take too long to be healed.

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