Wolfram stormed out of his room and in rage. He headed straight to the stables. As of late if he were ever annoyed or frustrated he would go and visit his horse. He walked up to the white creature and stroked its soft mane. He sighed and the horse nuzzled against Wolfram's hand.

"They're doing it again. Talking as if I'm not even there." Wolfram grumbled to himself and to his horse. The poor animal got the full extent of all of the blonde's moaning.

"They think Yuri should marry a girl again. Well what about me? He slapped my cheek first!" He exclaimed.

He horse neighed and nudged Wolfram.

"And he doesn't even do anything to stop them. He doesn't tell them that it's me he's marrying. Nooo! He's quite happy at the idea."

Wolfram started to pace in front of his horse.

"Even Greta, own daughter, wants a mummy rather than another daddy." Wolfram sighed and stopped pacing for a second. His venting leaving him feeling very depressed.

"I sometimes wonder if he would even notice if I left and went to stay at my own castle. My father's castle. Yes I could left the Blood Pledge Castle and go to my own."

The horse whined and nuzzled Wolfram's cheek.

"Of course you would be coming with me." Wolfram stroked the animal's neck and looked into its large eyes. "I would never leave you here."

"Right tomorrow, that's what I will do. Tonight I shall pack."

"No!" Wolfram quickly turned around to find the voice that had spoken. He couldn't see one.

"Who's there?" Wolfram asked his hand at his sword.

There was the sound of movement from the stable next to Wolfram's horse. The blonde went to the stable and look inside. Yuri was standing up at the back of the stable. Wolfram's jaw tightened.

"How dare you listen into my conversation?" Growled Wolfram.

"I'm glad I did. You don't honestly think I wouldn't notice that you had left? Eh Wolfram?" Yuri asked climbing out of the stable.

Wolfram turned his head away his hand falling away from his sword. "You don't act like you care. I even stopped sleeping in your bed and you have never said anything about it!"

"True, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. I had been actually missing you." Yuri said softly.

"Missing me? From your bed?" Wolfram asked raising an eyebrow.

Yuri nodded. "I had gotten used to having you in my bed. Please don't leave Wolfram."

"I wasn't really. It was just a thought." Yuri smiled relieved.

"Good because who would I marry then."

"You would have found a girl. Someone Greta would like." Stated Wolfram as he approach his horse again and stroked the creature's mane, finding the action soothing and calming.

"What if I didn't want anyone else?" Yuri asked. The blonde turned to the dark haired boy confused.

"You're always protesting when I announce I am your fiancé. Why would you want me?"

Yuri took in a deep breath. "Because… I've fallen in love with you Wolfram." Yuri admitted.

Wolfram's mouth fell open in surprise. "Love…" He said unsure what to really say.

"All I really need to know is if you love me too?" Yuri asked warily.

"Of course I do!" Wolfram shouted, slightly angered. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Yeah but I needed to hear it." Smiled Yuri as he walked closer to Wolfram. The blonde froze on the spot as Yuri moved closer to him and slowly and oh so gently kissed him. Wolfram eyelids slide closed and he pressed his lips against Yuri's.

Yuri broke away. "No more ideas of running away, okay?" Wolfram nodded as he slowly opened his eyes again. He licked his lips tasting Yuri on them. He leaned forward to kiss Yuri again but the other boy stopped him.

"What?" Wolfram asked surprised.

"Will you return to my bed?" Yuri asked.

Wolfram smirked. "Just try and stop me." He leaned forward and claimed Yuri's lips this time and smiled happily into the kiss.