Zell Dincht sat on the bus looking out of the window. Everything had been set up for him to live with his cousin Seifer for a few weeks. But Zell had planned to stay a lot long than that. He had even asked Seifer if he could try and enrol him in the school the older blonde was at. Seifer had phoned and said it was all set up for him. Zell was glad to get away from home. His Ma's boyfriend was creepy and the sooner Zell got away from him the better. Seifer was the only one in his family he felt he could turn to. The bus stopped and Zell almost forgot it was his stop. He got up and grabbed his suitcase and backpack. He thanked the driver as he left the bus.

Zell breathed in the air. It was the first time in a long while since Zell had really felt free. Zell inwardly groaned when he looked at his suitcase. The thing was heavy. Zell grabbed the handle and carried as best he could the three blocks to Seifer's house.

When Zell got there he put down the bag a knocked the door. "Just a minute." Came Seifer's voice from inside. Zell smiled and waited for the door to be opened. Seifer opened the door and grinned. Seifer flung his self at his younger cousin. "Zell!"

Zell coughed as Seifer got him in a strangle hold. "Can't… breath."

Seifer let the shorter blonde go. "Sorry. It's just been ages since I've seen you then you ask of you could stay I was getting excited." Seifer let Zell in and took the boys suitcase. "Geez, what have you got in this?" Zell smiled.

"Everything and the kitchen sink." Seifer shook his head and closed the door.

"Follow me to your room." Seifer started up the stairs dragging the suitcase with him.

Zell looked at the lavish house. "Nice digs. How much is the rent on a place like this?" Asked Zell while looking at the curved staircase.

"I don't pay rent." Zell looked confused at this.

"You bought it. Where did you get the money?" Seifer laughed.

"A friend saw I was needing somewhere to stay so he offered to buy this house for me." Said Seifer as they reached the top landing.

"That's a nice friend you got."

"Yeah he's cool. He stays over some nights. He sleeps in the guest room next to my room. You can have the other guest room." Seifer led the way to said room and opened the door for Zell, dropping the suitcase just in the door. "You like it?"

Zell looked around the room. There was a window at the opposite end of the room from the door. The bed was against the left wall, with a wardrobe at the end. On the other side of the room were a desk and a chest of drawers. The room was a nice blue colour for the walls and a dark blue carpet. Zell smiled. He was definitely going to like it here. "Yeah I like it."

"Great." Replied Seifer. "You get unpack and I'll make lunch. You're probably starving." Seifer disappeared out the room and left Zell with his bags. By the time Zell had unpacked his backpack and half his suitcase Seifer shouted that lunch was ready. Zell got up and left the room.

He thought he'd have a nosy about since he was here. The room next to his was a big bathroom. Zell whistled Seifer sure had a very nice friend. The room next to it looked like the other guest room and next to it was Seifer's room, which Zell noticed had a double bed.

Zell started downstairs and stopped half way. He sniffed the air. He knew that smell. [Hotdogs! Zell ran down the remaining stairs and went through an archway. It had led to the living area but there was another archway to the right. He found himself in the dinning area. There was yet another archway to the right again and Zell took it. Zell was glad because this led to the kitchen where a big plate of hotdogs sat on the counter.

Seifer noticed a blur of yellow and blue as Zell went from the archway to the counter. Seifer laughed. There family was messed up but Zell sure seemed to have turned out okay. Seifer slid the Tomato sauce to Zell's plate of hotdogs. "Well eat up." Zell didn't have to be told twice. The shorter blonde ate as if he hadn't been fed in weeks.

Seifer eyes went wide at the sight. Once Zell was finished he smiled. "Thanks Seifer."

"No problem." Said Seifer. "Guess you haven't had hotdogs in while then?"

Zell shook his head. "Not really. Ma's been busy. She kinda forgot I was there for a while."

Seifer's brows knitted together. "Why's that?"

"Brad." Zell said with growl. "Because of him she's totally forgotten I exist."

"She probably hasn't."

"She has!" Insisted Zell. "She's so busy being with Brad that she forgot she had a son. She didn't even notice I had left." Said Zell sadly. Seifer put and arm around Zell's shoulder.

"It's okay. I won't forget you're here." Smiled Seifer.

Zell rested his head on his cousin's shoulder. "Am I safe here?" Asked the shorter blonde.

The question surprised Seifer. "What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"Does your dad know I'm living here?" Zell asked looking up at Seifer.

"No, he doesn't. He doesn't even know where I'm living." Zell nodded.

"Good." Zell smiled. "I can't wait for tomorrow." Seifer laughed at the quick change in emotions in Zell. "I'd really like to meet this really nice friend of yours."

Seifer smiled. "I think you might like him." Seifer's smile turned into a smirk. "You like brunettes right?"

Zell blushed. "You're not trying to set me up with him?"

"Maybe. He's bisexual. With chocolate brown hair and steel blue eyes. And he looks amazing in leather trousers that he seems to wear all the time." Smirked Seifer.

"Stop trying to tempt me. Anyway I not on the look for someone." Said Zell finally.

Seifer sighed. "Then what's Squall going to say. He seemed really interested when I told him about you."

Zell's curiosity picked up at this. "Really?" Seifer nodded and held back a smirk and smiled instead. "What did you tell him about me?"

"Oh just that you liked Martial Arts. You're favourite food is hotdogs. You like brunette guys and I told him what you looked like."

"And he said he was interested in me?" Asked Zell. Seifer nodded.

"But I guess if you're not interested…" Seifer turned and started to walk out of the kitchen.

"Wait, Seifer." Seifer smirked to himself but hid it when he turned to face Zell. "I'll see Squall tomorrow right?" Seifer nodded. "Okay until I see him don't say anything about me not being interested, alright?"

Seifer hugged his little cousin. "Okay."

Zell struggled. "Do you know I think your weird?"

Seifer nodded. "Yip." He let Zell go and the younger blonde went upstairs to finish his unpacking. Seifer leaned against the archway of the kitchen smiling.