Squall was at his locker and changing around his books. The corridor was pretty quiet and he was on his own. It was after school and Zell and Seifer had headed on home ahead. Squall smiled to himself thinking about everything that had happened before. He and Zell were together and doing well. Squall was having a bit of a hard time holding himself back from pushing Zell too much. His hormones were going crazy.

After living with having a new bed partner everyday, moving to having no sex for ages was really taking a toll on Squall's ability to hold back. He had promised to Zell that he wouldn't make him do anything he didn't want and he had planned to stick by that. But he had no idea how long he could last in that state.

He was tapped on the shoulder and he closer his locker as he turned around. He saw a face he hadn't ever seen before. "Hi, Squall." The tall long haired brunette said. "Umm, this is kind of embarrassing but could you give something to Seifer for me?"

Squall watched as the taller brunette blushed a little and dig out a piece of paper and a pen. The taller wrote down something and handed it to Squall. Squall examined the paper and smiled seeing a phone number and name on the paper. "Irvine. I'm guessing that's you?" Squall asked as his brow quirked up.

"Yeah." Irvine said blushing more and nodding. "Mm if he's interested or just wants to hang out or something, he could… call me." Squall smirked at hearing that. Squall looked the brunette in front of him over and knew Seifer would definitely be calling. This Irvine was Seifer's type.

"I'll make sure he gets this, Irvine." Squall said with a happy smirk. "I will definitely make sure he gets this." Irvine nodded once and quickly left his whole face red. Squall smirked wider as he turned and left the school building. He looked at the piece of paper as he walked home. He let himself in a dropped his bag at the side of the door.

"You took your time," Zell called from the living room. He knelt on the couch with his elbows resting on the back of the couch.

"Someone came up to give me something." Zell looked about Squall and saw the piece of paper. He bit the side of his lip in worry. Squall smiled softly and kissed Zell's cheek. "It's for Seifer." Squall smirked playfully. "Seifer!"

"What do you want?" Seifer came to the doorway from the kitchen, while tying his half white apron around his waist. Seifer eyed the piece of paper that Squall was holding up. "What's that?"

"It's for you. From a guy... what was his name?" Squall said tapping his chin. "Irke, Irvin."

"Irvine." Seifer breathed before launching himself at the note.

"Whoo. Boy you really want this note. Why? Got an interest in this guy?" Squall teased jumping out of the way and standing on the couch, one foot on the arm and one on the back.

Seifer stood on the couch to try and grab the note from Squall's hand. Normally he would be able to as he was taller but the note seemed to be just out of reach. "He's just a guy from my chemistry class," Seifer said reaching out as far a he could.

"'Just a guy'? With that sudden movement I don't believe he's 'just a guy'. Tell me," Squall retorted enjoying seeing Seifer uncomfortable. It wasn't often that Squall got opportunities like this.

"He's my chemistry partner," Seifer said before he turned to Zell to see if he would help him. Zell shook his head and moved out the way to watch from a safe distance.

"And from what I seen he looks like your type," Squall commented.

"I don't have a type," Seifer replied looking back to the note.

"You do. Brunette with hair that's long enough to play with. Reasonably tall, not taller than you. Fit and has to be easy to talk to," Squall said smirking wider. "From what I saw he was perfect,"

"Squall," Seifer said glaring up at his friend. "Just give me the note."

"Answer one question first," Squall said getting very close to Seifer's face. "Why didn't you tell me about him?" Squall asked suddenly very serious.

"I," Seifer stopped to think what to say.

"We're best friends, right? So why didn't you?" Squall probed.

"I thought you might have taken an interest in him. I only started talking to him while you were in your 'sleeping with everyone' phase. Then I just forgot to mention him. I didn't do it on purpose, well not later," Seifer admitted. "Can I please have the note?" Seifer held out his hand.

Squall leaned back and handed Seifer the note. "I wouldn't have slept with him."

"Oh?" Seifer jumped off the couch and walked to the telephone. "And why not? Just for curiosity."

"He's a virgin. You know my policy on virgins," Squall replied jumping off the couch and sitting on it. Zell moved to sit next to him. Seifer nodded and dialled the telephone before disappearing into the kitchen with it.

"What was your policy?" Zell asked.

"Not to get involved with them. They get... clingy and sort of infatuated after there first time. Not what I was looking for at all," Squall explained.

"Oh. So I guess you still had principles then," Zell smiled.

"Of course! I'm not some heartless, unfeeling bastard." Squall said nodding once to himself. Squall turned in his seat to look through to the kitchen. He smirked when he turned back to Zell. "Want to listen into Seifer's conversation?"

Zell grinned back. "Sure."

Both of the boys went to the archway to the kitchen and peeked inside. Seifer had the phone held between his shoulder and his ear. He was smiling softly as he make dinner for the three of them. He chuckled. "Yeah I know what you mean. What about next time I'll grab the Potassium and you will the sink in the teacher's desk with water? That will sure distract him for a while," Seifer laughed. "Of course we will but it would be worth it. That bastard deserves it, and you know it."

Squall and Zell looked to each other smiling. This was the first time either of them had seen Seifer so happy looking. Zell watched the side of Seifer's face and saw a small blush at something Irvine must have said.

"Oh come on. That's not true," Seifer replied. "I'm not the hottest guy in that class."

Zell smile at Seifer. He hoped that something good would happen for Seifer. The tall blonde deserved something good to happen to him. Even better if it came in the form of an attractive brunette.

"Okay fine. I'll believe you if... you come on a date with me?" Seifer asked looking a little worried about asking. "Really? Great!" Seifer grinned and put down his knife to hold the phone in his hand. "How does tomorrow night sound? We could catch a movie then go for a meal?" Seifer turned to leaned against the counter top. Zell and Squall quickly moved to behind the archway. "Great I'll see you at seven, here then... okay bye." Seifer click a button on the phone and walked through the archway to see Zell and Squall leaning against the wall trying to look innocent. "What did you hear?" Seifer asked crossing his arms.

"You have a date," Zell said with a toothy grin.

"Well yeah. What else?" Seifer said looking to Squall. "If anything."

"He thinks you're the hottest guy in your class and you plan to make a big boom someday in class," Squall said. "That's all we hear."

"Good. Not much then." Seifer walked passed them and hung the phone back on the holder.

"Was there more? Aw shame." Squall sighed. "Missed blackmailing opportunity." Seifer looked at Squall and raised an eyebrow. "Kidding!"

The doorbell rang and Zell left the two to go and get it. He opened the door and his eyes went wide. 'Oh crap.' He thought.

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