Mom, are you watching? You know, sometimes things are hard and I feel sad and want to cry, but I'm still trying. We're all trying to keep moving forward. And we will. I know we still have a long way to go. Together.

Tohru Honda was quite a happy girl. She had friends that cared for her. A make shift family that she lived with and a job. School was going well and she was almost coming up for her third year in high school. She happily walked down the street to her work.

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shinning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Tohru hummed a tune to herself as she walked down the road. But something didn't feel right. She felt like she was being watched. Like someone was following here. She stopped humming and walked faster.

In an instant there was a stabbing pain in her back. She tried to stream but someone's hand was over her mouth. The person turned her around with their hand still over her mouth. The person was wearing a hooded jacket that was pulled over their face, only revealing their mouth, which was smirking. The attacker stabbed Tohru again in the heart and Tohru scream but it came out muffled. Tears built up in her eyes and fell down her face.

The person's smirk widened and they pulled off their hood. It was Akito. Smirking like the cat that caught the mouse. Tohru's eyes widened in shock at who it was. Akito's face turned angry as he stabbed Tohru again, this time in the abdomen. He smirked as Tohru clutched at her heart and stomach.

"I may not be dead yet." Smirked Akito. "But you are." With that Akito dropped his knife from his gloved hand and ran off to leave Tohru bleeding.

Tohru tried to scream but nothing came out. She collapsed on the street. Her body ached and her throat felt too dry to scream. Flashes of Yuki and Kyo came into her mind. About all the good time the three of them shared together. About who they had been comfortable to tell her things that hey would never tell anyone else.

[I'm so sorry… She thought. [Yuki… Kyo…

Tohru also thought about Hana and Uo and how they would react when they found out that she was dead. [I'm so sorry…

Then thoughts of her mom came into her mind. Tohru smiled slightly. [I'm coming Mom…

Tohru lay there motionlessly with a blank look on her face. It was a while till a passer-by found her and the ambulance was called. But it was already much too late.