Warning Kyo swearing .

A few hours later Kyo returned to the house. He was still unsure about the situation with Yuki and himself. But maybe having some dinner would help him sort things out. As soon as Kyo came into the main room, his eyes met Yuki's for a brief second. Yuki quickly turned and disappeared up the stairs. Shigure watched this with curiosity. He looked between both boys before Yuki quickly vacated the room.

Shigure coughed to get Kyo's attention. Kyo turned to Shigure. "What?"

"What was that about?" Asked the older man, nodding to where Yuki went.

"Well," Kyo thought of not telling Shigure but figured the dog could help out. "He kissed me. And I ran away."

"Oh. I see." Said Shigure nodding in understanding. Kyo faced the staircase with a sort of longing look in his eyes. There was a bit of confusion there too. Shigure smiled softly, like an older brother to a younger brother. "This is probably none of my business but I think you need my advice." Kyo shrugged and sat down facing the older man. "Do you like Yuki? As more than a friend?" Kyo nodded a little.

"But it's weird. I've never liked guys before. Only girls. I don't understand why I like him." Said Kyo sighing. "I ran away because it freaked me out, but after thinking about it, I do really like Yuki."

"Well I think you should tell him that." Suggested Shigure.

"I don't think he'll listen to me. You had seen what happened when I just walked in." Said Kyo.

"I'm sure you could find a way to make him listen." Said Shigure in finality. He got up and took his plate into the kitchen, before heading to his study.

Kyo sat for a bit, thinking it all over. He got up finally and went upstairs to stand in front of Yuki's room. Kyo knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Asked Yuki from inside.

"It's me Kyo." The redhead said hoping Yuki would let him in or he would have to force his way in.

"Go away, Kyo. I don't want to see you."

"I don't care. I need to speak to you." Kyo said preparing to barge in if he had to.

"Then talk. I still don't have to see you."

Kyo sighed and relaxed. He leaned against the side of Yuki's door frame. "I'm sorry for earlier. There was a misunderstanding and I think it was my fault."

"Well I'm glad you figured that out." Yuki opened his door, not looking too happy. "You're a tease. You led me to believe you liked me as more than a friend. But no. You ran away after a simple kiss."

"I am sorry." Kyo said sincerely, his eyes downcast. "But you weren't wrong."

"Huh?" Yuki said confused. It was all he could say before Kyo claimed his lips. On instinct Yuki tried to pull away but Kyo held him still. Yuki quickly relaxed and kissed the redhead back.

They hadn't been kissing very long when Kyo pulled away as an unknown pain shot through his head and down his spine. He screamed as the pain increased and he held his head just in front of his ears. He continued to scream as the pain in his spine increased again, feeling like someone was trying to pull his spine out from his lower back. His head throbbed and he collapsed to his knees. In the back of his mind he registered that Yuki was screaming too.

After a few minutes the pain suddenly stopped as if it had never been there. Kyo stood up and looked at Yuki. His eyes widened just like Yuki's were. "You… you." They both said together pointing at each other.

The pair stared at each other and the extra body parts they now had. Both of them reached up scared that they had them too. Kyo felt the soft fur of cat ears and Yuki felt skin with a thin layer or fur just like rat's ears. They both looked down and behind themselves. Kyo's orange cat tail hung down from just above his backside. He mentally moved the tail and it moved. He jumped scared, as if he could get away from the appendage. Yuki's just hung down and the tip touched the ground.

A moment later Shigure rushed in and the younger two gave him the same look of horror and confusion. "What has happened to us?" They both asked while noticing that Shigure had a pair of dog-ears and a swishing dog tail.

Shigure momentarily thought of Hatori and felt sympathy for him because he would have to explain what was happening to all the other zodiacs minus Ayame. "It's okay, this is err… normal." He said to calm the panic expression.

"Normal?" Kyo asked his voice bordering on hysterical. "This is not normal! We have tails!"

"I know. Just let me explain. Sit down, boys." The pair sat down on the edge of Yuki's bed. Shigure pulled up Yuki's chair and sat down on it in front of the teens. "I'm sorry for not telling you about this earlier, Hatori, Ayame and myself though it was best that everyone didn't know till they needed to know. And it's not just us this is affecting. All the zodiacs have grown parts of their animals."

"So does that mean that Momiji has rabbit ears?" Yuki asked. Shigure nodded.

"What has Hatori got? I mean a seahorse would be strange parts to have?" Kyo asked.

"You can ask him when you see him. We'll all be moving to Sohma house till this is over."

"No way!" Kyo shook his head. "I'm not staying there."

"Why is this all happening?" Yuki asked ignoring Kyo's outburst.

"Ah yes. It's because Akito's dying." Shigure said, soundly if as that's all there was to it.

"What? But Akito's always been dying." Kyo said.

"I mean he's going to die within the month." Shigure said solemnly. The boys were both silent. They had both thought of Akito being dead on many different occasions but now that it was so close neither were sure if they even had meant it. "We're turning into our zodiacs because that's the curse. Akito being alive let us live as normal people, without someone else in his position we're all doomed to live on this planet as animals." Shigure explained.

"But we're not animals." Yuki stated a little confused.

"Not yet but when Akito does die and we're waiting for the next head of the family to be born, we will be. Well," Shigure looked to Kyo with a pained expression. "Except Kyo."

"Why not me?" Kyo asked impatiently.

"You have another stage. You'll turn into your true form." Kyo's eyes widened and he shuffled back on the bed.

"No way." He said shaking his head. "I'm not turning into that other form. I won't do it!"

"Kyo there's no way to stop it." Shigure said insistently. "Anyway I thought you had got over your fear of your other form?"

"I had but the person that helped me is gone now. I bet Akito planned this in his twisted little mind. He killed Tohru I know it. That fucked up bastard is screwing with us all. He gave as all hope by letting Tohru stay with is but when she digs too deep she's taken out of the picture. I don't know what happened that day she went to see Akito but I do know that it didn't change shit. He still has too much power for one person to have. And he killed the only person that could have done anything." During Kyo's speech the red-head's eyes had filled with tears that started to flow down his face in anger. He frustratingly wiped them away. "I don't want to be near that murderer." Kyo said quietly looking away.

Shigure and Yuki went quiet during Kyo's rant, both knowing that most of what the redhead said was right. They had both suspected that Akito was behind Tohru's death one way or another, but they had no proof to back it all up. "I'm sorry Kyo but it's the only way we could make it work out." Shigure said going back to the conversation in hand.

"We?" Kyo asked unsure. "Who's 'we'?"

"Hatori, Ayame and myself. We all knew it would happen again when we were older. Last time we were all about seven or eight years old." Shigure said smiling fondly at the memory. "Anyway when we were teenagers and you were all very little we planned what to do. Hatori has written letters to your schools saying that there's a family disease going around and that you will be off for sometime. Everyone is then to move into Sohma house, because discussions among the zodiacs and the family members that knows about the curse will have to happen. Yuki will be named the head of the family until the next head is born and old enough to take charge."

"Why Yuki?" Kyo asked saying what Yuki was thinking.

"Because he's the rat. Oh and Kyo you have to be at these discussions. I know you have a problem with the family but during this time the zodiac are in control and I know you have no problem with us." Kyo nodded slowly in understanding. "You don't have to come to Sohma house straight away."

Kyo turned to Shigure looking hopeful. "Really?"

"Yeah I guess. Hatori will phone soon once he's sorted everything else out. I'll ask him if it's okay, if you want to, if you can both be taken to Sohma house later." Shigure said smiling, happy to see his younger cousins happy. His tail wagged furiously so show his happiness.

Yuki and Kyo noticed this and chuckled.

"What?" Shigure asked.

"You really are a dog." Kyo said. "And now you look more like one than normal." Shigure smiled brighter.

"Oh Shigure," Yuki started. "Does everyone have their animals ears and tail?"

Shigure shook his head. "I'm not sure about the younger zodiacs but Ayame and Hatori don't have the same things changed as you do. You'll see when you see them."

A moment later the phone rang and Shigure went to go answer it. Yuki and Kyo sat in Yuki's room in silence. Neither sure what to say after everything. Both remembered why they had ended up in the same room.

"So…" Kyo started unsure.

"So?" Yuki repeated.

"That was a lot to take in huh?" He said casually.

Yuki nodded. "Yeah." Kyo crossed his legs as he sat on Yuki's bed. "Kyo?"

"Yeah?" Replied the redhead.

"Do you like me? As more than a friend?" Yuki said cautiously. He had hoped the kiss had really meant something. He just wanted to hear it from Kyo.

Kyo nodded with a small smile. "Yeah." It was then that Yuki hit him on the back of the head. "Hey!" Kyo shouted holding his sore head. "What was that for?"

"For making me believe I screwed up. You couldn't have saved me the pain by telling me this earlier." Yuki said growling a little.

"I didn't fully understand my feeling earlier." Kyo retorted. "Maybe I shouldn't have."

Yuki growled then and glared a little at the redhead. "Stop playing with me."

"Well don't hit me over the head." Kyo said rubbing his head, before dropping his hands. He quickly leaned over and kissed Yuki's cheek. "I really like you. Even if you can be a pain."

Yuki lost his glare. He leaned over and kissed Kyo back. "I really like you to. Even if you are an ass." He said smiling.

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