Author's note: I'm going to be using some Japanese words in this fanfic, so the translations will always be at the bottom of the page. And without further interruptions, let's start the story!


"Sesshomaru-sama, something happened to Rin!!!" screamed Jaken.

Sesshomaru glanced up from his thoughts to see the terrified imp youkai burst through the surrounding trees and shriek to him that Rin was not all right.

"Sesshomaru-sama!," cried Jaken once again, "Rin was in a meadow picking flowers when she suddenly collapsed! I immediately ran over to her and I found her shivering and it sounded like she had difficulty trying to breath!!!"

Sesshomaru was already on his feet and sprinting toward Rin's scent.

When Sesshomaru reached Rin, sure enough, she looked as if she was in pain, and she kept on making rasping noises. As soon as Sesshomaru's shadow fell over her, she glanced up to see the taiyoukai.

"Sesshomaru-sama, gomen nasai, hontou ni gomen nasai." Rin whispered hoarsely.

"Sshh, Rin, it's all right. This isn't your fault." Sesshomaru said back.

Rin nodded once and fell asleep immediately.

"Jaken, go fetch Inuyasha and his friends." Sesshomaru commanded.

"Nani??!!! You want me to go and fetch the hanyou?"

Sesshomaru gave him a cold look.

"It is the miko I wish to see, not my ridiculous brother. However, fetch all of them anyway."

"Hai, Sesshomaru-sama." With that, Jaken was gone.


Kagome yawned and looked over at Inuyasha. He had his eyes closed, leaning on Tessaiga, in a doze. Kagome gave a small smile, and gave Inuyasha a light poke. He awoke at once and immediately unsheathed Tessaiga.

"Where's the enemy?" he growled.

Kagome giggled.

"There is no enemy, Inuyasha. I just wanted to wake you up."

Inuyasha growled, already in a bad mood from the start of the day.

"Ohayo, Kagome-chan," a bright, cheerful voice spoke.

Kagome turned.

"Sango-chan! Ohayo!!"

Sango had gone out to take an early bath with Kirara. Miroku had been spying on them, and as Kagome listened to what Sango told her about the beating she had given Miroku, sure enough, Miroku himself appeared two seconds later with a huge sore on his head.

"Houshi-sama, don't you dare go and spy on me next time, or your sore will be tripled!!" yelled Sango.

Miroku just gave a goofy grin. Inuyasha suddenly stiffened.

"It's Jaken's scent!!"

Everyone rushed outside to see the imp youkai panting and leaning on the Staff of Heads.

"Jaken, what are you doing here??!!" yelled Inuyasha, unsheathing Tessaiga.

Jaken glanced up to see an impatient hanyou with a miko, houshi, taijiya, and two youkais.

"Matte, Inuyasha! Sesshomaru-sama sent me to request your help!! Something has happened to Rin!!!"

"Rin?" cried Kagome, "Is she all right? What happened to her?"

"She was struggling to breath and she kept complaining about her chest!!" croaked Jaken back.

"Hmm...sounds like pneumonia." Kagome stated thoughtfully, "All right, I'll go with you. I want to make sure Rin is all right."

"Matte, Kagome!! What if this is all a trap and that bastard Sesshomaru was the one to set it up??" cried Inuyasha.

"Hentai no baka!! How dare you address Sesshomaru-sama so disgracefully!!" screamed Jaken.

One kick from Inuyasha sent Jaken falling into the bushes.

"What do you think, Inuyasha? I'm pretty sure Jaken is telling the truth and that something is wrong with Rin." mumbled Kagome.

"Fine then. Demo I'm coming with you, just to make sure that Onii-chan of mine isn't plotting something." Inuyasha growled.

"All right then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!!"

Inuyasha planted Kagome on his back and immediately started running, already catching Sesshomaru's scent. Jaken, who had now revived, chased after them, howling at them to wait up.

"Oh, I do hope Rin-chan will be all right." Sango said worriedly.

"Don't worry, she probably will be." said Miroku comfortingly.

"Well, maybe." Sango glanced one last time at the direction of Inuyasha and Kagome's disappearance, and headed back into the hut.



-chan: used for young people, close friends, classmates, etc.
demo: but gomen nasai: I'm sorry hai: yes hanyou: half-breed(to be specific, half-human, half-demon)
hentai no baka: stupid pervert hontou ni gomen nasai: I'm really sorry houshi: monk houshi-sama: monk(honorific)
matte: wait miko: priestess nani: what ohayo: good morning(informal) onii-chan: big brother -sama: used for extremely respected people taijiya: demon slayer youkai: demon


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