Sora couldn't keep still. He rubbed his hands together and hopped from foot to foot. "Nervous?" Came a voice from behind him. Sora turned to the teen that was around his age with long silver hair and startling green eyes.

"Is it that obvious?" Sora asked smiling a little.

The teen smiled back and nodded. He held out his hand. "I'm Riku."

Sora shook the boy's hand. "Sora. So what part are you going for?" Sora asked curiously.

Riku pointed to the guitar on his back. "Guitar."

Sora lightly hit his own head. "Silly question." Realising how obvious the guitar was.

"What about you?" Riku asked with a friendly smile.


"Cool." Riku said. "Would you mind singing for me?" The taller boy asked.

Sora blushed embarrassed. "I don't know."

"Well I could play along with you, if you want?" Riku suggested.

"Okay." Riku took out his acoustic guitar. "Do you know any of Tidus's songs?" Sora asked.


"What about 'I do it for you'?" Sora asked hopefully. Riku nodded. He started to play the introduction to the song. Sora came in right on time.

Look into my eyes,

And you will see,

What you mean to me,

Search your heart,

Search your soul,

And when you find me there,

You'll search no more.

Don't tell me,

It's not worth tryin' for,

You can't tell me,

It's not worth dyin' for,

You know it's true,

Everything I do,

I do it for you.

Sora stopped there and Riku finished a second later. The other people in the queue clapped and Sora blushed. "Thank you." Riku nodded his thanks at them.

"You're really good." Riku said with a side smile.

"Thank you. You're very good too."

"Cheers." Riku put his guitar back in its case. "So is that the song you're singing for them?" Sora nodded.

"Yip. I just hope I can impress them as much as I did you." Sora said as he began to rub his hands together in nervous excitement.

"I'm sure you'll knock there socks off."

Sora grinned brightly. "What song are you going to play for them?"

"Mmm… not sure. I'll probably just pick one when I get in there." The queue they were standing in moved forward a lot and Sora and Riku followed it and found them inside the warm building.

"I'm curious." Riku said once the queue stopped.

"About?" Sora asked turning to Riku.

"Your age. No offence meant but you look to young to be here."

Sora giggled a little. "Everyone says I look really young. Like 15 or 16, but I actually turned 18 two weeks ago."

"Oh Happy Birthday for two weeks ago."

"Thanks. How old are you anyway?"

"18 too." Riku smiled.

"Cool. You know I was so glad I turned 18 in time for this. If I get through it would be a dream come true."

"Have you anyways wanted to be a singer?"

Sora nodded smiling. "Since I was tiny. I even got lesson in singing and dancing."

"You can dance? Cool."

"What about you? Have you always wanted to be in a band?"

"Nah. Originally I wanted to be a pilot, to travel around and fly aeroplanes, but when my uncles started teaching me guitar and bass guitar I got really into it. When this came up I thought I'd give it a shot. No harm in trying." Sora nodded in understanding.

A woman was going past with numbers on stickers. She handed one to Sora and Riku and they stuck them on their shirts. The queue moved again and Sora's stomach did a flip then got butterflies. His hands started to shake and he gave a nervous glance at the door down the corridor where everyone auditioned.

"You'll be fine." Riku reassured having noticed Sora's expression.

"I'm not too sure anymore."

"You've wanted this since you were little. Are you really going to give up that dream because of nerves?"

Sora took a deep breath and puffed out his chest. "No I won't." He said bravely.

"That's the spirit." Riku said patting Sora on the back and grinning.

Sora smiled, he was still a little nervous but he would give it all he had. The queue moved again and Sora noticed it was almost his turn. When it was finally the brunette's turn Riku squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "Good luck." Sora nodded and went into the audition room.

Riku hoped that his new friend did well. He wanted the brunettes dream to come true. It wasn't too long before Sora came out, grinning brightly. "I'm guessing you're in." Riku asked with a happy smile.

Sora leaped at Riku and hugged the older boy. "I'm in!"

"Whoa there." Riku said surprised.

Sora giggled nervously. "Sorry I'm just so excited that I got a call back."

"I'm happy for you. Will you wait for me here?"

"Sure." Sora said still smiling happily. Riku nodded and headed in.

In the audition room was a full set of drums, some guitars and bass guitars and a few amps. He turned to face the judges he had to impress. "Name, number and what part you're here for." Sephiroth Gin said who had previously been Tidus's producer before moving to making a new band which he would producer of.

"Riku Kusa. Number 232. I'm going for either guitar or bass."

"Okay, start with the guitar then we'll hear you on the bass before we decide." Tia Mocha, who was going to be the manager of the new band said.

Riku nodded and got out his guitar. He took a deep breath before playing 'Break Away' by Tidus. When he was finished he picked up one of the bass guitars and plugged it into an amp. He played the bass notes for the same song. Once he had completely finished he looked up to see the two judges whispering to each other.

After a moment they nodded to each other. "You're exactly what we're looking for. Some that can play both instruments well. More than well, very well. You've got a call back for Friday. See you then." Tia smiled.

Riku grinned "Thank you very much." He quickly packed his guitar and left. "I got a call back." He announced to Sora.

"That's fantastic!" Sora said hugging Riku.

The silver haired boy didn't say anything this time and just hugged Sora back.

Everthing I do © Bryan Adams

Break Away © Kelly Clarkson