Title: Carol Who?
Author: SimplyKelp
Rating: pg-13 for minor language
Pairing: Michael/Ryan
Summary: Ryan is inspired by Oscar's accidental Coming Out to do something bold. MichaelRyan. Slash. Set directly after Gay Witch Hunt.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I only play with them.
Author's note: Stayed home sick today, and I re-watched "Gay Witch Hunt." I noticed that Ryan looked extremely uncomfortable the entire episode (I may be reading too far into things, but O well, my story), and thought that this would have made the perfect ending to the episode. Intended as a one-shot, but I might continue it if you like it.

Ryan could hear Michael talking through the wall as he stood at the door to his office. He was saying something about Oscar, and his roommate. Ryan braced himself as he prepared to knock. Three small taps. "Come in," came Michael's voice. Ryan opened the door to be faced with the cameraman looking at him expectantly. He hadn't thought about the cameras being there.

"Uh, Michael," he began tentatively. "Can I talk to you privately?" The cameraman didn't move. They did that often. "Um, alone?" Ryan continued. Thankfully, the camera left.

"So, Ryan, my man!" Michael began animatedly. "What's on your mind?"

Ryan ignored the question for the moment. Instead he went about closing the blinds with deliberate purpose. The office was nearly empty, but he didn't want to take any chances. He turned around to face a very confused Michael. "I've been thinking a lot today… and I talked to Oscar earlier- he thinks I'm crazy…" Great. He was babbling like a lunatic now. With each word, he was inching closer to Michael, something that Michael didn't seem aware of. "I hope I'm not reading too far into things…"

Ryan took hold of Michael's tie, and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips were soft. Ryan vaguely wondered if Michael used the same lip stuff as Kelly. Michael didn't react. Ryan was hoped it was out of shock, and not disgust. His thought was answered when Michael's lips parted, and his tongue thrashed into Ryan's mouth.

It definitely wasn't the best kiss, but Michael was enthusiastic. The kiss ended (partly- well, mostly- because Ryan was gagging on Michael's tongue). "'Bye, Michael," Ryan whispered. He took a scrap of paper out of his pocket, and set it on the desk.

He left the office, and walked past Pam's desk. Kevin was standing near the exit, next to Michael's open side window. Shit! He forgot about that one. He was giggling at Ryan.

Ryan tried to ignore the weird look Kevin was giving him, and the mixture of embarrassment, and nausea in the pit of his stomach. It didn't work too well. "What?" he asked, trying his hardest to sound nonchalant. Kevin was too amused to answer.

Michael stared at the door after Ryan left. His hand instinctively reached up to touch his lips. Ryan just kissed him. Ryan just kissed him.

It was different than the other kisses he had experienced (granted he didn't have too large of a frame of reference to draw from). It was so much… better. Did that mean he was-? No. He didn't like Jim, or Dwight, or Stanley, or Oscar- he definitely didn't like Toby.

Michael remembered the piece of paper Ryan left. He picked it up, and opened it. On it, in Ryan's tidy print, was written an address. Ryan's address.

Didn't he have a date with Carol tonight? A small voice in the back of his head asked him: Carol who?