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Avoiding Confrontation

"Stupid monkey king, with his stupid smirk, and stupid roses!" Ryoma directed his rage on his English homework. It was almost certain that he would get a failed mark on his English homework for the first time, once the teacher got one look at his paper that was full of holes he'd made with his pencil.

And once again, it was all Atobe's fault.

They'd been having a nice day, to Ryoma's thinking anyway.

He and Keigo had been doing what they did every Saturday. They played tennis, went for a walk in the park, and stopped at a coffee shop, before heading to Keigo's home, because his parents were never home on Saturdays, for some strange reason.

Only this time, they never made it to the coffee shop. They spotted Fuji near the park they'd just left, and Keigo just had to go and talk to him.

His pencil snapped, but Ryoma couldn't care less. Anyway, it was a gift from Keigo, and as such, deserved his wrath.

Atobe had congratulated Fuji, since he'd gotten his picture's published on a magazine. But that was alright. Ryoma was also happy for his sempai. He really was.

The paper ripped. He'd have to start all over again.

Atobe bought a bush of roses. And handed them to Fuji. To Fuji!

After that, Ryoma pretended he'd gotten a text message from his mom, telling him to come home. He left Atobe with Fuji, and couldn't care less what they did. Not one bit.

"Oi seisshounen! Your weird friend with the buffed up ego is here! Says you're going to the movies!" His stupid father yelled from downstairs.

"Tell him I'm busy! I have homework!" Completely true. Since he'd just shredded his paper.

"Tell him yourself! I'm sending him upstairs!"

Ryoma wanted to yell his father not to send weird people up to his room, but knew it would do him no good. So instead, he hid the evidence of his emotional turmoil, formally known as his English paper.

Atobe entered his room without knocking, like normally. Jeez, with his upbringing, you'd think they'd have taught him some manners.

Atobe was wearing a smirk.

The smirk never changed. Only the way it affected Ryoma changed. It used to piss him off, then it started to turn him on. It still turned him on, only it was pissing him off much more right now.

"Ryoma-chan." Atobe smiled, closed the door behind him, and leaned on it. Ryoma heard a click, and knew Atobe had locked the door. He always did, when they were in Ryoma's room.

"I told you not to call me that, Monkey King."

"Likewise." Atobe answered, and strolled across the room to give him a hello kiss.

Ryoma whirled his chair around, so the kiss landed on the back off his head.

Atobe was confused for a while, but brushed it off soon. Someone else would have been suspicious because of his behaviour, but Ryoma acted like this all the time.

"So, you still have homework left? I am surprised. You usually have it all done by the time I get here." Atobe draped his arms around him, leaning his chin on top of his head.

"What are you doing here? We saw each other on saturday." Ryoma tried to ignore Atobe's presence, but it was difficult, had been ever since the end of his first year in high school. That was almost four month's ago.

"You left early. Remember?" Atobe whispered in his ear and moved his other hand under his shirt.

"So?" He grabbed Atobe's wrist, with the intention of removing it, but he ended up caressing the hand, when Atobe nibbled on his ear.

"So, I didn't get my recommended dosage of Ryoma-chan."

Oh shit! "Not here!" He yelped when Atobe turned the chair around, so Ryoma was facing him.

"Why not? I locked the door." Ryoma would have definitely given him a million good reasons, if Atobe hadn't pulled him off the chair, and on to the floor, on top off Atobe. "Besides, it's not like it's the first time."

"Che." Ryoma commented, before proceeding to kiss Atobe breathless.

He was still mad at Atobe. No, make that furious.

Atobe had no right giving roses to Fuji. If he was giving roses to anyone, it should be him. Not that he wanted roses. Who'd want roses from the Monkey King?

Fuji, apparently.

Ryoma punched Atobe in the gut, getting an 'ugh' out off him. It made him feel a little better.

"What was that for?"

"Just felt like it." He answered, still lying on Atobe's chest, who was twirling his fingers on Ryoma's hair.

Ryoma moved, so he could rest his head on Atobe's shoulder, and Atobe encircled him with his arms, pulling him in tighter. Ryoma closed his eyes and returned the embrace, by placing his hand at the side of Atobe's neck. It was a familiar position for them. Though usually, they were on Atobe's bed, not on the floor of Ryoma's room.

In the months they'd been together, Ryoma had grown attached to Atobe. He might even go so far as to say that he liked Atobe, a lot. But he wasn't ready to tell all that to Keigo, not when he wasn't even all that sure that the other felt something more for him.

If Atobe was flirting with Fuji, it wasn't likely that he was all that serious about Ryoma. And that was just fine. Really, Ryoma didn't care, not one bit. Atobe could go and fuck Fuji, for all he cared.

"Ryoma, you're choking me!" Atobe declared in a strangled voice, clutching at Ryoma's fingers that were burrowing on his neck.