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I haven't actually read any Naruto past the time-skip and I've only watched the first hundred episodes or so. That means my story is probably not accurate cannon-wise, but it's how I imagine it.

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It had started when she had knocked on his door. No, actually she had assaulted his door, banging against it so hard she almost knocked it off the hinges. Knowing it was her (I mean really, who else would bang on his door like that?) Kakashi opened the door to see a very angry Sakura, and an angry Sakura was never a good thing. Brushing past him, his former student stalked over to his bookshelf filled with Icha Icha books and bent over to scan the titles.

"Come in Sakura." The silver-haired shinobi said with a touch of sarcasm as he closed the door and turned to face her. "What can I do for you?" Oh, please god, don't let it be him she was mad with because she was scary when she was mad.

Kakashi watched the pink-haired kunoichi as she ran a finger along the spines of his books, finding the irony in her searching through the books she so often enjoyed teasing him about. Intrigued, he leaned against the door and waited for an explanation, knowing if he waited long enough she would tell him. She turned, still looking rather upset and stared at her former sensei. Okay, he was pretty sure he wasn't the one she was mad with or she would have just hit him when he opened the door, but he definitely pitied the person who had angered her, whosoever that might be.

With an exasperated sigh, she moved to stand in front of him, reached around behind him and pulled the most recent Icha Icha book from his pouch. Holding it so he could see, she stabbed at the cover angrily with a painted fingernail. It showed a scantily clad pink-haired kunoichi leering suggestively at her companion, who bore a strong resemblance to Genma.

"Jiraiya! That dirty old pervert! Will you look at that picture! He put my image on the cover of his latest porn novel! And I'm with Genma! I'm looking at Genma like that! Like I was going to eat him for dinner."

A small amused smirk appeared on his lips at the thought of how Genma would probably enjoy being eaten for dinner before quickly taking the book from her waving hands as she ranted and paced in the small confines of his apartment. Slipping the book back into his pocket he realized she was right. It did look like her and Genma; it was rather amazing he hadn't seen the resemblance before. With the way the female figure was looking at the male, it was entirely possible he didn't want to see a resemblance; everyone knew Genma's reputation with women and she'd been on several missions with the man so she had to know what he was like, too.

His thoughts strayed back to the image of Sakura on the cover. If it was based on her, and the resemblance really was quite good, this could also explain the handwritten dedication in the front of his book.

I wrote this one with you in mind, Kakashi. Enjoy it!--Jiraiya

Damn it. He was an idiot not to notice the connection until she pointed it out; there was no doubt the woman had been modeled after Sakura. A small part of him wondered just how accurate those images were, but recalling the fire and gleam of revenge in her eyes, he easily pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. For now, at least.

He'd noticed Genma's appearance because he'd shown up in a few books before this. But now as Kakashi finished his book, he would only be able to picture Sakura and Genma. As disturbing as it might be, there was no question that he would finish the book, he'd read every Icha Icha book written and he wasn't going to let a little resemblance to his friends stop him, even if one of them was Sakura.

But, back to the angry woman now pacing in his apartment.

"I need to borrow one of your Icha Icha books," she said.

"Oh?" he replied with a smirk she could see through his mask.

"Not for that, you pervert." She scowled at him. "I'm looking for a picture that resembles someone."

"And who might that be?"

She told him.

"Hnn… I believe I can help you with that, provided you don't let Jiraiya know I had anything to do with it." He said conditionally. "I don't want my Icha Icha privileges cut off." As soon as she had told him who he was looking for, he knew exactly what she had planned. It would be quite an effective plan, too, guaranteed for a painful revenge.

She nodded her head in agreement, her eyes glowing with a malicious gleam that again sent a cold shiver down his spine. He had just come to realize that Sakura had a vindictive side, and that, when combined with her high intelligence, well, it was scary. Once again, he was glad he wasn't the one she was mad at and how it would be in his best interest for him to stay on her good side.

He selected several specific volumes from the shelves and settled on the floor, his back against his bed and legs stretched out in front of him. She sat down next to him mimicking his position as he leafed through the well-thumbed pages of the first book. Quickly finding the right picture, he handed her the book and watched the expression on her face as she looked at the images.

Her eyes widened and a blush spread across her face. He couldn't help but lean over to get a better look at her face and to grin at her. He may not have wanted to get on her bad side, but he wasn't above teasing her.

"That's not who I'm looking for!" She dropped the book into his lap with a sniff. "Good god, my eyes are burning! It's just like him to put his own image in his book! I have a feeling a good portion of his physique was exaggerated."

"Oh, my mistake… I thought you might like seeing that picture." Kakashi was already flipping through another book. She grumbled and bumped him playfully with her shoulder, almost tipping him over.

"Kakashi! Stop making fun of me." she whined.

"But you want to see pictures of this other person nude?"

"I'll survive looking at those."

"Here, how about these? There are a couple of pages of them."

She glanced quickly at the pictures, trying to ignore the acts depicted there and concentrate on faces. Well, they were possibilities, but she had hoped to find a more accurate image.

"I suppose they'll work, but the facial resemblance isn't very good. Are there any more?"

Kakashi swiped the book from her fingertips, not even letting her close it. "You know, Sakura, you've always told me these are disgusting books and now you want me to share them with you. What kind of friend would I be to force you to look at such vile things?" He said with a teasing tone, setting the book on the floor on the other side of his legs, just out of her reach.

"They are disgusting books. I just decided to come to the expert because I ended up on the cover of one of them and I want a bit of revenge!"

"But by just glancing at a few random pages you're overlooking their artistic value! You really need to read the whole thing to get the overall effect and see the genius behind them."

"Kakashi, these books don't have artistic value and any man who would put my likeness on the cover of a porn novel is definitely not a genius." She stated emphatically and reached for another book from the stack. Opening the book to a random page, her eyes once again widened. She held the book open to show him the image. "Can that even be done?" she asked in surprise.

"Oh, yes." He confirmed with a glance. "This one's even better." He passed the book to her, watching intently for her reaction from the corner of his eye.

"Eeep!" She blushed and her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as she quickly closed the book, setting it in her lap. She momentarily opened it again to get a second glance and closed it just as quickly. Kakashi's warm laugh filled the room.

"You showed me that on purpose!" she exclaimed indignantly, her face flushed almost to the same color as her hair.

"Of course I did. It's cute to see you blush like that."

"I didn't come to you to be teased, I need your help!" she said with a huff, looking rather put out.

"Very well, I'll stop teasing." He said and handed her the next book he opened to the pages with another potential candidate.

By the time they had searched through all the books from the pile and a few select ones still on the shelves, Sakura found one that best suited her need. Because Kakashi refused to let her borrow the book, she wrote down the title and headed off to the bookstore he told her had the best selection and would be most likely to have the one she was looking for. He had a good reason for refusing to lend it to her; it would most likely be damaged beyond repair when Sakura gave it to the person she had in mind.

And the person she had in mind? The Hokage herself.

When the Hokage saw her likeness portrayed in one of Jiraiya's 'perverted' books, well, let's just say Kakashi was very glad he wasn't Jiraiya.

But this had been the start. This was when Kakashi realized she'd really grown up. Grown up into a very smart, very resourceful woman. Not to mention a very well-developed woman. And while he tried to turn his thoughts away from the how his former student had been bent over to look at his bookshelf, he realized just how dangerous she could be to him. And he most definitely didn't want to be in Jiraiya's place in the near future.

Sakura dumped the shopping bag on the coffee table, spilling its contents across the polished surface. Three orange books stared back at her. After visiting Kakashi, most of her anger was gone, leaving only a slight irritability. How that man could calm her down was something she would never understand. Maybe it was because he generally didn't take everyday life seriously, something she hadn't learned to do yet. Or at least, he managed to appear that way.

But it was no wonder she had trouble not caring when she had to deal with people like the clerk of the bookstore. Yes, she had verbally snapped at him but at least she hadn't injured the man. Even though he deserved it. The way he looked suggestively at her, like he was undressing her with his eyes made her feel like she needed a shower after merely speaking with him.

The books on her table right now didn't help with that feeling any. How could Kakashi read these things, much less be seen with them in public? There must be some sort of attraction or appeal that she didn't see, but then again, she hadn't actually read any of them either, she'd just looked at the pictures in a few of them. But now she was the rather ashamed owner of three of them.

One book was for Tsunade-shishou. That should fulfill Sakura's need for revenge while keeping her hands reasonably clean. She had learned that when working with Tsunade, the older woman's easily enraged temper could be useful at times. Especially for things like payback.

The second book purchased was the most recent one with her and Genma on the cover. Well… of course she had to buy it - she was on the cover! If that was what was pictured on the outside she couldn't help but wonder what had been written and depicted on the inside and if she was part of the story, she wanted to know about it. Call it morbid curiosity - well, actually, the only thing relatively morbid would be Jiraiya's state if the book got too bad.

The third book purchased was one that merely caught her eye, it was an impulsive purchase, picked up for some odd reason. It was also one of the orange Icha Icha series but there was something about it that made her purchase it as well as the others. Maybe it was the desire to figure out what Kakashi saw in them. Or maybe it was the image on the cover. Or the title. Who knows, she might never read it, depending on how the other one was.

Ah, well, she needed dinner before she could even think anymore about those books. She had to be at work early in the morning, so she wouldn't have enough time to completely read the one about her tonight although she could start it. But dinner first.

Rummaging through the cupboards, she found some of the instant ramen she kept around for Naruto. For some odd reason, ramen actually sounded good. Probably because she knew there was nothing to eat in her fridge. She had sauces and seasonings to put on food if she ever got some, but that would require going to the grocery store and in her fury, she'd forgotten about going to the grocery store until after she'd already gotten home.

So ramen it was.

Waiting for the water to boil, her mind was drawn back to the books. With a sigh, she picked up the most recent book and brought it back into the kitchen. She looked at the cover. Icha Icha Confessions. Strange. She hadn't looked at the title before, she had been too focused on the images.

Hmmm. The pink-haired figure wasn't exactly like her, but the style of the clothes and the cut of the hair gave a general impression of her. Jiraiya had been kind enough to give her a more voluptuous figure than reality had graced her with. And Genma, well, it was the long-ish hair and the fact he was sucking on a senbon that completed the resemblance. There were a great number of things she'd heard about Genma over the years. She'd also been assigned a few missions with him and all the rumors of his perverse personality were correct. She'd turned down all his propositions, although she wouldn't deny she had momentarily considering taking him up on one of those offers once or twice before. He really was a good looking man.

Damn it. The water was boiling over. Turning down the flame, she added the noodles and returned to checking out the book.

Genma had never been forceful, merely suggestive. But, she had to admit, he had a certain appeal. He was older, but still quite fine with the wiry strength and body of a shinobi. Ah, maybe one day when she just needed a good lay. She had heard wonderful things about his skill with his lips and mouth.

She gave the noodles a stir, leaned back against the counter and opened the book to start reading.

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