Sakura woke up the next morning somewhat surprised by the arm that was wrapped around her, holding her against another warm body, her cheek pressed against a man's well muscled chest. With a soft sigh, she inhaled deeply, enjoying the smell of him. Her lover. Her Kakashi. She smiled and turned her head to place a kiss on his bare chest.

It had all happened so fast. In less than a week she'd not only realized how lonely she'd been, she also found someone to change that feeling, someone who had been right in front of her for so very long. And it had taken one of Jiraiya's books for both of them to recognize it. Yes, things had progressed quickly, but he really was what she was looking for. He'd been the right one all along. She felt so good with him. Unlike her kiss with Genma, this felt right, being with him, waking up next to him.

She turned her head a little further so she could look up at his maskless face. Without it and his hitai-ate he looked so different, almost enough to be a completely different man. That mask was what separated this man from her former teacher and team leader. Seeing the two sides of him would make it easier for her to differentiate between the times he was her team leader and times he was her lover. There was one thing she was sure of, she would never grow tired of looking at his bare face and those lips. Lord, the things he had done to her with those lips!

It was an incredible feeling waking up next to him, curled up against his body. She hadn't slept this well for quite some time. Of course, she hadn't been as tired as she had been last night for quite some time either and she couldn't forget how safe and protected she'd felt in his arms. He would allow her to do this again, wouldn't he, waking up next to him? A small twinge of fear ran through her. She'd tied him up to get him to listen to her and he'd obviously had reservations about being with her. What if she had merely pushed him beyond his breaking point last night and now, when he woke up, he would tell her again a relationship wouldn't work? What if he didn't really want her? There was an uncomfortable ache in her chest with these thoughts.

Barely touching him, one of her hands slid up his body and stroked his cheek, the stubble from his unshaved face prickling her fingers. He wouldn't turn her away, would he? Would he return to hiding his face from her with that mask? Last night, the indifference usually seen in his half closed eyes was gone. They had opened wide, flashing with emotion, filled with hunger and passion and his need for her. She wanted to see that again. She wanted him to look at her like that over and over, making her feel wanted and needed.

Her fingers passed over his lips, tracing them gently, enjoying their softness while he slept. She could feel the tears prickle behind her eyes, but forced them away. If he did have second thoughts, she would just have to convince him again.

Kakashi awoke the minute he felt her touch his lips, remembering immediately what had happened the previous night. Before she could pull her hand away, he grabbed it with his own and uncurled her fingers to kiss her palm. Opening his eyes he looked down to the brilliant green ones of the woman lying so close beside him. A small frown formed when he noticed her biting her lower lip and the troubled look on her face. She was regretting this, wasn't she? He hadn't been good enough to convince her to stay and now she was trying to come up with a polite way to leave without hurting him.

He'd known from the beginning she was just looking for someone to have sex with. After all, that was what they'd discussed in the bar a few nights before. She must have wanted it enough to do anything, willing to say anything just to have sex, and now that her desperate need had been filled, she would go back to the sweet, smart, woman he knew. She would turn back into his former student and a much younger woman for him.

But what about him? There was no way he could forget last night, what they'd done, what he'd said. Forget all of it and continue as things had been for so many years. A lot of things can be said in the heat of the moment, things that may not be necessarily true, but he had meant every word he'd said last night, every kiss, every touch. Did she?

He'd woken a few times during the night to watch her sleep, her hair a faded shade of pink, almost lavender in the moonlight, and her skin incandescent and pale and smooth. She moved around quite a bit, first sprawled across him, then curled up around a pillow, and finally completely wrapped up in all the covers, all things he really didn't mind, he thought, even as he got up to get himself his own blanket and another pillow which she promptly stole. Each time he woke up, he was surprised to see her there, thinking she would have left as soon as he'd fallen back asleep.

But now it was morning, and she was awake, staring back at him with her vibrant green eyes, her lower lip still caught between her teeth and an indecipherable look on her face. He wrapped her tighter in his arms, pulling her farther up his body to the point their lips almost touched.

"Sakura…you aren't having second thoughts are you?" Just saying the words made his chest hurt, not knowing what she was thinking. Please don't let her say she is.

The determined look that appeared over her features as she shook her head lifted his spirits. "No, never. You?"

"Not in the slightest." At his words she flashed him a hesitant smile, something he happily returned as he bent his neck for a quick kiss, his heart swelling at her words. "Were you worried that I did?" He whispered. She nodded her head slightly and flushed.

"You don't believe I love you?"

"It's not exactly that. You were just so hesitant and tried so hard to refuse me. I was afraid I'd only pushed you hard enough that you gave in just that once and when you woke up, you'd be angry with me."

"Then why did you stay? If you thought I'd be mad, why didn't you just leave before I woke up?"

"It felt too good. I didn't want it to end. I couldn't bring myself to leave." Her hand stroked his chest, tracing the scars. "I wanted to know what it felt like to wake up to see you and touch you."

"And how does it feel?"

"Not enough words to describe it." She said and snuggled closer.

"You know, we've woken up together before."

"Sure, with Naruto and Sasuke wrapped up in their own blankets next to us. I've never woken up when you were this close and without a mask, and I've definitely never seen or felt this before." She said as her hand closed around his erection. "Oh no, I can't say I ever noticed this before." His groan and closed eyes pleased her greatly. "Do you always wake up like this?" She asked.

"Only when I wake up with a beautiful naked woman laying on me." His brain went a little fuzzy as she continued to stroke his shaft, her fingers pausing momentarily to circle around the head before moving downward again. He lay there in silence for a few moments before his hand closed over hers and stopped her movements.

"There's a few things we need to discuss before we go any further." God, he loved the mischievous gleam in her eyes telling him she was only willing to stop for a few minutes before she would force him to continue with their foreplay. And they would definitely continue. By his calculations, she had at least ten hours before she needed to report to the hospital and he intended to use every minute he could.

Her hand stopped moving, but she didn't release his cock. "And what is it we need to discuss?"

"I meant it when I said I didn't want this to be a one night stand. I want a relationship of some sort." He studied her expression to see her reaction to his words.

"Me, too." She whispered, looking back at him with a smile.

"I've never had a long term relationship before. I never wanted one or felt the need for one before. So how do we go about it?" He sighed softly, admitting his lack of knowledge about such things.

"Well first off, this isn't a mission, Kakashi. We don't have to plan everything out. Second, we take things as they come. It's best to just let it go and enjoy spending time together. Whatever happens, happens. And third, lots and lots of sex." Her hand slid lower to cup his balls, rolling them gently in her hand. His responding groan made her grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Sakura…" He warned, his voice a low growl as he tried to concentrate on what he wanted to say.

"I'm only trying to keep you in the mood." She said with the pout of a small child. "You just need to talk faster."

"Are we going to tell people? About us I mean."

"The other option would be letting them find out eventually on their own." Sakura rolled the thoughts around in her mind. Well, letting Naruto and Sasuke hear about it from someone else could be disastrous. Sasuke would probably take it well. He'd probably just be annoyed, but Naruto on the other hand… "We need to tell Naruto and Sasuke directly. Naruto will throw a fit if he hears it from someone else."

"True. He tends to overreact with things like this. And the Hokage should be told directly, too. Technically, I think we need her approval before anything like an official relationship can happen."

"Wouldn't stop me." She smiled and nuzzled his cheek.

"Me neither, but we'll need her approval to go on missions together and, as her student, it would generally be a good idea to let her know. Anyone else?"

"Do we have to tell Jiraiya? He'll be such an ass about it…"

"Let him find out on his own."

"Okay, that's settled. Anything else?" She smiled evilly as her hand returned to caressing his cock. If Kakashi had been thinking of anything else, her actions definitely drove them out of his head. Pulling her knees under her, she sat up and let the covers fall to her waist, giving him a good look at her well-rounded breasts and flat stomach, her hand continuing to stroke him.

Not even bothering to reply, his hand reached up and ran along her side, his rough fingers tickling her slightly, drawing a soft giggle from her. "Ticklish? Why, Sakura, why didn't you ever tell me you're ticklish?" He said as he again ran his hand over her ribs. She giggled again and swatted at his hand.

"I never told you because then you'd do this."

"You thought I'd tickle you or drag you into my bed and fuck you until you beg for mercy?"

She smiled. "If I thought telling you I was ticklish would get you to sleep with me, I wouldn't have had to kidnap you last night."

"Okay, maybe you wouldn't have, but I still want to hear you beg for mercy." He reached up, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down, kissing her chest and neck while she stroked his hair.

"Better get started then, I've only got nine and a half hours until I need to be at work…"

Sakura yawned on her way to the Team 7 practice session. Kakashi was beside her and merely glanced at the girl with a small smile.

"Wipe that smirk off your face. It's your fault I'm so tired."

"I know that. Why do you think I'm smiling?"

She rolled her eyes and ignored the tall man next to her. She still hadn't decided on how to tell the boys she and Kakashi were now a couple. They may have read Jiraiya's book, but to them, it was probably just something the old pervert had come up with in his head, not something based on reality. Vaguely. Well, maybe Sasuke could figure it out, he was a bit more insightful than Naruto, but neither of them were very good at hearing things they didn't want to hear.

She could always just clap her hands to get their attention and make an announcement, but that seemed rather silly. Telling them one at a time would have turned it into a competition (but they told me first!). If the boys took this the wrong way, she had no doubt that they'd try to beat the crap out of Kakashi and if they both ganged up on him she was uncertain of the outcome other than knowing she would spend hours and hours healing them.

"Kakashi? Have you thought of a good way to tell them?"

"Not really. Can't say I've actually been thinking about it."

"What?!" She stopped walking to stare at the man still strolling at his lazy pace. "I asked you to help me find a way to tell them! What do you mean you haven't been thinking about it?! They're going to freak when they find out!" By now he'd turned around and was standing in front of her.

"My mind has been elsewhere." He bent forward to whisper in her ear. "Specifically, I've been thinking about what you'd look like naked, face down on your desk at work, begging me to fuck you from behind, your beautiful ass pushed back toward me and wiggling in anticipation. I want to hear your voice begging me-"

"Stop that!" She whispered harshly, her face flushing a pretty pink. "This is not the time or the place for that!"

"Admit it. That's all you can think of right now, isn't it?"

"Damn you, Kakashi!" She grumbled, annoyed at the tingle between her legs and the thoughts now going through her head, imagining such a situation. The only way she could stop thinking about it was to put those thoughts into the "To Do Later" file. Dammit, now she'd never look at her desk at work the same again!

Now that he'd brought up the subject of sex at work, she couldn't help but feel annoyed with herself for calling in sick to work yesterday. The day before, after their little relationship talk, he'd done his best at getting her to beg for mercy and in less than an hour, she'd been doing just that. Another hour later, it had been his turn to beg. By the time it was time for her to leave for work, she was exhausted. She hadn't really intended to call in sick to work like she jokingly said she would, but she knew she wouldn't be any help if she went in. Besides, she hadn't called in sick for more than a year. Even rationalizing didn't completely help with the guilt of knowing she should be helping people instead of staying home in bed with her lover.

That extra time did give them the opportunity to spend another evening and night together, this time with a bit less sex and with more talking. He told her about his eye and Obito and Rin. He told her about his family and his life as the youngest Leaf Village jounin, a record he still held. And she'd told him about how she felt when, after the two boys had left, he'd also left her only a few months later. How weak and lonely and helpless she'd felt.

When they'd finally rolled out of bed this morning, it was time for their team to meet for the first time after this whole thing started. It was time to tell the boys about the changes between the former teacher and former student.

This brought her thoughts back to where she started and she noticed that, not only had they continued their walk, they were almost at the team's usual meeting place. From where she was, she could see a spiky blond head nodding enthusiastically while a black haired head remained motionless. Oh god, they were already at the big rock where they usually met and she had no idea how to tell them about her and Kakashi! They would know something was up when they came together and on time, so what was she going to say to them?

Naruto's face lit up when he saw them, waving and calling a greeting. When Kakashi gave his usual greeting, a confused look crossed the boy's face. "What are you doing here, Kakashi-sensei? You're…on time."

"Ah…I ran into him on the way here and dragged him with me." Sakura spoke up quickly. Naruto nodded and seemed satisfied with her answer, but Sasuke's expression was unreadable. She glanced back at Kakashi, but he had his book out and was leaning against the rock. I guess I'm not quite ready to tell them. Maybe after they've fought each other and before I heal them, that way they're in no shape for physical anger.

Under the guise of reading his book, Kakashi studied his teammates. Sakura looked uncomfortable and had skirted the issue of them arriving together. He'd already decided it would be better if Sakura broached the subject with their teammates. The boys would react better to her saying it aloud, whereas coming from him, they might believe he'd coerced her into something she didn't really want. There was no way around it. Yes, he would leave the decision of when to tell them up to her.

He put his book away and motioned for Sasuke to follow him, leading the younger man a bit further into the forest and leaving Naruto and Sakura to fight where they were.

Naruto and Sakura were leaning against the large rock, waiting for Sasuke and Kakashi to return. Sakura was listening silently as Naruto chattered happily away about how he was planning to take Hinata to dinner now that she was back from her mission. Sakura was fiddling around with a kunai, rolling it across the back of her hand, her slight nervousness showing.

Sasuke settled next to Sakura and she handed him a water bottle from which he drank deeply. Kakashi remained standing, but pulled out his book and leaned against the rock. Sasuke turned to look at Sakura and pointed at her neck.

"Sakura, is that a hickey I see on your neck?" Sasuke's voice held a teasing tone as she reached to adjust her shirt to hide it. "I assume you finally had your date with Genma?"

Sakura had flushed to a bright red as she tried to find a tactful way of telling the boys what had happened. "Ummm…Not exactly." She said quietly.

"So you found someone else?" Naruto piped up.

"Umm…yeah?" She had almost answered him with her own question, unsure if yes was the right answer.

"So do we know him?" Sasuke asked.


"So who is it?" Naruto asked excitedly. All the men in Konoha ran through his mind as he ticked off who it might be. Neji? No he was dating TenTen. Kiba? He had a girl in another village who he was dating. Shino? No he was already married. Lee? Probably not because he had a tendency to annoy her…He was running out of people. If it wasn't Genma, had she started dating one of the older jounin? The thought of Sakura and Gai left a very disturbing image in his mind.

Sakura remained silent.

"You can tell us, Sakura. We won't tell anyone. We're your teammates after all." Naruto prodded. Sasuke, too, looked rather interested in knowing, but Sakura couldn't find the words. How do you tell your teammates that you're dating a much older man who had once been their teacher and was now their team leader?

The hesitant look on her face told Kakashi she'd lost her nerve and it prompted him into action. Before she realized what was happening, he'd bent down, drew her to her feet, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her through his mask. At first she was hesitant, but quickly warmed to the sensation, her tense body slowly relaxing against his, her hands moving to the back of his head and neck, not ready to stop that chaste kiss. Just his touch, the feeling of his hands, and even that of his lips through the cloth of his mask sent a shiver up her spine and a tingle from where his hands had been.

One of her hands reached to pull his mask down to kiss his bare lips, but his hand lightly smacked hers away before she could.

"Not in front of the children." He mumbled and she sighed, finally pulling away far enough to turn and look at Naruto and Sasuke, but still close enough for Kakashi to still have his hands resting on her hips.

The stunned looks on their faces, their mouths open, and their eyes bugging out of their heads made her giggle softly. "Naruto? Sasuke?" She bent over to wave a hand in front of their faces. "You guys okay?" It had been a surprising way to tell them, but apparently somewhat effective she thought, seeing as she hadn't heard a word of protest from either of them. Maybe they could do the same with Tsunade-shishou.

At that moment, Naruto launched himself toward Kakashi, swearing at him. "You bastard! How dare you touch her?! That's perverted! You're perverted!" Sakura immediately tried to step in front of him, but it was Sasuke's hand on Naruto's arm that stopped him. Sasuke's expression had returned to one of cool indifference, but she could see how tight his grip was, his fingers digging into the skin of the other boy.

"Shut up, Dobe." Sasuke growled. "In case you hadn't noticed, she doesn't seem to be protesting."

"I'm not. It was my idea in the first place." Sakura said confidently.

Naruto fell back down limply, his back slumped against the rock. "So…was it just a one night sex thing or is it more?" He stared up at the couple.

Sakura glanced over at Kakashi's smiling face, her hand coming to rest over his where he held her hip. "It's more."

"Kakashi-sensei's really the one you want, Sakura-chan? I mean, he's awfully old." Naruto asked skeptically. Sasuke merely smirked at the couple.

"He's not old!" She said, reaching over to smack Naruto on the head.

"Oww! Sakura-chaaaaan." He whined.

"Naruto does have a point Sakura. Isn't he a little…worn out?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura gave an unladylike snort and scowled at them. "Anyone would be worn out after having sex for two days straight."

Sasuke closed his eyes and rested his head on his hand, shaking his head back and forth ever so slightly, but Naruto felt the need to comment. "Ew, Sakura-chan! I didn't need to know that! I didn't want to know that!" He covered his ears momentarily before pointing a finger at Kakashi. "And wipe that smug smile off your face!"

"What smug smile?" Kakashi asked, his eye half closed in his usual expression.

"The one under your mask – Hey wait! Does that mean you've seen his face, Sakura-chan?"

The smug smile had moved from Kakashi's face to hers as she gave a nod. "Yep."

"Well? Does he have bucked teeth or is his face absolutely hideous?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Sakura said evasively.

Naruto grumbled. "You're going to have to show us eventually you know?"

"Ah, the key word is eventually. Maybe I will someday, but until then, how about lunch?" Kakashi suggested.

"Ichiraku?" Naruto perked up at the thought.

"I suppose it is lunch time." Sakura agreed. Naruto jumped up and took off running, the others following behind at a slower pace, Sasuke on one side of her and Kakashi on the other.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Sakura?" Sasuke asked, studying her face.

"Absolutely." She replied, her hand reaching for Kakashi's, her fingers interlacing with his. She turned her head slightly and smiled at Kakashi.

"If you hurt her… well… Naruto and I will… Just don't hurt her." Sasuke said the warning tone in his voice clear to both.

"I won't." Kakashi said and returned Sakura's smile.


"You guys took that better than I thought." Sakura said. "I was afraid you would all try to kill each other."

"You don't give us enough credit, Sakura." Sasuke said. "There wouldn't have been any doubt that we would beat him to a bloody pulp."

Kakashi showed his doubt with a snort of disbelief.

"As I said, at least you didn't try to kill each other..." She reiterated strongly. "Yet. Now if Tsunade-shishou can take it just as well, too." She sighed, hoping the Hokage hadn't started with the sake yet.

"Mind if we duck out of practice early?" Kakashi asked Sasuke. "We should probably speak with her before she hits the bottle."

They walked in silence to Ichiraku where Naruto was already waiting for them, waving from a table. As they took their seats, Sasuke gave Sakura a strange look. "That's why you wanted the rope, isn't it?"

Sakura's smiling face turned a bright red, knowing immediately what Sasuke was referring to.

"What?" Naruto shifted his gaze back and forth between Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi just watched and smiled. "What rope?"

"I saw Ibiki yesterday and he asked me what Naruto did to make you ask him for chakra-reinforced rope?" Sasuke smirked. "It wasn't for Naruto, was it? It was for Kakashi."

"You told Ibiki that just to get him to give you rope for sex?" Naruto looked appalled.

"You know, I'm not feeling very hungry and we should probably get to Tsunade-shishou before it gets much later…" Sakura grabbed Kakashi's hand and dragged him out of the restaurant before the boys could say another word.

Naruto turned to look at Sasuke. "That has to be the most disturbing thing I've heard since she said she wanted to have sex with Genma."

"Well, at least we didn't have to pay for his lunch before they disappeared." Sasuke said. "Hope she doesn't pick up that habit."

"Think we're going to have to kill him?" Naruto asked as lunch was set down before them.

"Let's hope not."

Sakura stood in front of the Hokage's office door and for once, Kakashi's presence next to her did little comfort her.

"How do you think she's going to take this? Is she going to object?"

"Won't know until we talk to her." Kakashi replied. In all truthfulness, he was a bit nervous as well. This was the person who could stop them from going on missions together and the person whose approval Sakura truly wanted. How would she see their relationship? Team leader, team member, ex-teacher, ex-student, old man, young girl. They would only know once they asked. "Are you ready?" He asked as he turned to look at her, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

She nodded silently, feeling anything but ready. Releasing his hand, she knocked on the door and waited for the Hokage to answer with her usual resounding call to come in. At her yell, Sakura glanced at Kakashi for one last reassurance before opening the door and entering the office.

Tsunade was at her desk almost hidden by the paperwork Izumo and Kotetsu kept bringing her. Sakura's sharp eyes glanced around looking for an open bottle of sake and she sighed silently when none could be found. It wasn't that the Hokage was a drunk, she just enjoyed a good drink when the stress started getting to her, something that happened almost constantly as the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Not many would blame her for relieving her stress in such a manner as long as she did it after hours, something Shizune and Sakura were always struggling to force her to do.

"Tsunade-shishou, I – we need to speak with you for a moment." Sakura said, the butterflies in her stomach annoying her more than anything else. She hadn't been this nervous around her teacher for a good number of years, but she hadn't asked for her approval of this sort of thing before. Sure she'd dated other ninja, but none of them were serious enough for her to officially notify Tsunade about. And none of them had been team members or had been so very important to her. She didn't even want to imagine what would happen if Tsunade disapproved.

"Certainly, Sakura, what's on your mind? And why did you drag Kakashi here with you?" Tsunade said with a sigh as she set her pen on her desk next to the stack of papers she was working on and leaned back in her chair. "Let me guess…Sasuke and Naruto have killed each other during training and you two were unable to stop them. Hmmm…No, your chakra levels would be much lower from trying to heal them and your clothes aren't covered in blood, so that couldn't be it.

"Maybe you took pity on Jiraiya and healed him just to get him out of your care at the hospital? No, if you'd done that why would Kakashi be here with you? And that would have completely defeated the point of leaving that Icha Icha book on my desk last week." Tsunade smiled at Sakura's shocked look. "Yes, I knew who was responsible for that gift. I also knew a long time ago Jiraiya had used a likeness of me in his smutty books, but you had reminded me that I never paid him back for that, so I went ahead and finally took my revenge. That was the intention, wasn't it?"

Sakura nodded her head quickly.

"Ok, so if it wasn't healing Jiraiya, perhaps you two have finally started a romantic relationship and came to ask me for my approval?" A knowing grin spread across the woman's beautiful face when she saw the astonishment in her prize pupil's expression and even the slight surprise Kakashi momentarily showed with his single visible eye. Tsunade shook her head and crossed her hands on her desk. "It is that, isn't it?"

Sakura nodded dumbly as Kakashi's facial expression returned to that of his usual indifference.

"Couldn't you two have waited another six weeks? Another six weeks and I would have won that bet with Jiraiya." The Hokage finally looked annoyed.

"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, did you just say you and Jiraiya had a bet on us forming a romantic relationship?" Kakashi asked incredulously. He had never even considered that anyone other than Jiraiya had noticed their subconscious emotions that might have shown in their body language.

"Yes, yes. He said you would be together in six months and I said it would be longer. But then he went and wrote that Icha Icha book and had it published so quickly hoping it would push you two to action, which it apparently did. And while it wasn't in the rules that he couldn't do that, I still think he cheated by influencing you. The rules did clearly state there would be no outside help from either of us, so I believe he most definitely cheated."

Sakura was finally able to speak. "You mean, you saw this coming?"

"Of course, and I think it's a good match. There will be some ground rules, you understand? You can continue missions together, but any teammates that work with you will be instructed to specifically report to me if anything unprofessional happens during those missions. If there are missions that involve seduction of a target that you don't think you can handle because of jealousy and other emotional issues, I expect to be informed immediately and I will assign someone else. You are taking one of the birth control potions, are you not?"

Sakura nodded mutely.

"Good. If you become pregnant or you progress to marriage, I expect to be one of the first you notify."

Sakura nodded again, still too surprised to speak.

"A relationship such as this does have its good points. You are more likely to be assigned to undercover missions where you need to behave as husband and wife. It tends to give a touch of sincerity when the couple has no problems displaying affection, so I'm sure you can handle that. Unless you wish to stop the field work and be reassigned solely to the hospital, Sakura…"

Sakura shook her head and reached for Kakashi's hand, giving a brilliant smile and her eyes glowing with elation that Tsunade couldn't help but return. "Very well, consider your relationship approved and get out of here so I can get back to my paperwork." She sighed. On second thought, maybe she should have told them her approval was granted only if they helped her find the surface of her desk.

"Oh, and Sakura…"

The pink-haired head turned back to the woman behind the desk.

"I don't want you calling in sick like you did yesterday to become a regular thing." Tsunade said with a knowing look.

Sakura's face blushed to the color of her hair and she averted her eyes. "Just keep that in mind, okay?"

"Yes, Tsunade-shishou. I won't."

"Good, now get out." Tsunade said, picking up her pen and returning to her paperwork. Ah, young love. She of all people knew the problems and difficulty of loving a shinobi and she prayed Sakura never had to suffer the pain of losing hers. Or of Kakashi losing her. She had been surprised when Jiraiya had pointed out the relationship potential of the couple and she had to agree. Despite the age difference and possible disapproval of regular villagers with an ex-teacher and ex-student relationship, they made a good fit. The best of luck, you two.

Dammit, now not only did she have to heal Jiraiya, but she owed him dinner and drinks and would have to listen to his insufferable boasting for a night. Ah well, she'd do it after she got through some more paperwork. It wasn't like he was going anywhere for a while…

The moment Sakura closed the door behind them, Kakashi turned and wrapped his arms around her to kiss her, pushing her back until she bumped against the wall with a solid thump. Her hands reached up towards his face and this time, when her fingers weren't slapped away, she pulled down his mask and returned the kiss.

"For God's sake," Tsunade's voice bellowed from her closed office. "Do that somewhere other than in my hallway!"

The kiss broke as they both laughed softly.

"Well, you heard the woman. Shall we take this somewhere else?" Kakashi whispered in her ear, his hot breath and husky voice turning her on all the more.

"Most definitely. My apartment this time?"

"No, I left the rope at my place and if the boys think we've used that rope for sex, I wouldn't want to disappoint them." Kakashi grinned suggestively.

"I knew there was a good reason I didn't cut it off you." Sakura whispered, the mischievous look back in her eyes.

Kakashi pulled her closer and in a puff of smoke, they were gone.

The End

So much for the upbeat, sweet, fluffy fic without a lemon. Damn it, those smutbunnies get everywhere, don't they? I swear there's 8-10 of 'em hiding under my bed right now just waiting for me to get close enough for 'em to jump me. (they're playing with the dustbunnies that have been born because I've neglected cleaning as well while writing this fic) I just can't seem to breed plotbunnies as well as smutbunnies. (yes I know smutbunnies are more likely to breed because of their dirty nature, but still, bunnies are bunnies.)

I want to thank you all for reading my fic and making it all the way through to the end. And a special thanks to those who reviewed and added me to your favorites lists. I guess I tend to gauge the improvement of my writing by the comments/reviews I receive from others so I really appreciate everyone kind enough to let me know you like it. Maybe it's not the most accurate gauge, but it makes me feel good to hear its worth posting my stuff. I suffer from a bit of low self-esteem and all those reviews I received from people absolutely make my day and keep me writing. You also had to put up with my indecision, waffling back and forth between adding a lemon or not adding a lemon, and you suffered with the length of time between my postings, specifically the last two. (oops)

I also appreciate the beta skills of ShipperTrish. Thank you so much for your help!

So thanks everyone and maybe you'll take the time to read some of my other stuff and maybe the next SakuraKakashi fic I write – I've got something close to a plot but not enough is written to start posting. Thanks again and leave a review for old time's sake?