She woke up early unable to sleep with all the excitement going off in her head. Finally giving up sleep, she kicked back the covers tuning the side lamp glancing at the clock to see it was only three in the morning. Her eyes traveled around the room that she had pretty much all packed up over the last couple weeks. Most of her stuff was already in the moving van probably halfway to New Hampshire by now along with her car. A single suitcase sat by her bedroom.

She showered and changed into an outfit she had left out of the suitcase. Grabbing the suitcase, she left the room. She hurried down the stairs trying no to make any noise with the suitcase on the way. Getting to the bottom of the stairs, she noticed the light in the kitchen was on.

"What are you doing up?" She asked as she walked into the kitchen to see Richard drinking coffee.

"My step-daughter is going away to college. Did you think I would sleep all night?" He chuckled. "I've already called the airline once and checked it three times online." She giggled at her step-father's anxiety as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"Did you think I would?" She sighed settling into a seat. "I can't believe it's really here."

"Me neither." He sighed putting his cup in the sink. "You're flight is at six thirty. Believe me I've checked."

"Well we have to pick up George too."

George O'Malley was her best friend that she met soon after she moved to Seattle when she was four. They were heading off the Dartmouth together.

"I know." He said.

"I'm going to go put the suitcase in the trunk." She called back as she walked out.


"Why do we even have to be up?" Ronny mumbled walking down the stairs.

"Because you're brother is going away to college," Louise snapped as she walked by laying her hand on her son's back. George was staring out the window waiting for Meredith to get there. The truth was he was getting annoyed with his family this morning. Ronny and Jerry were constantly complaining and making fun of him. His mother, Louise, was being overprotective. His father, Herald, was making those annoying man to man comments from across the room.

"So what?" Jerry said. "He'll be back in two years."

"I'm going to medical school. You know eight years." George snapped looking at his brother.

"Oh, I know what you applied for. How long you're going to last is different." Jerry smirked. George rolled his eyes turning back to the window.

"And always be nice to women." Herald added to a previous comment.

"I know, Dad. I get it." He sighed.

"What wrong, Georgie?" Louise asked stroking his back.

"Nothing, Mom. I'm just… nervous or something." The car pulled up in front of his house. "Mer's here." He said standing up throwing his backpack onto his back.

"Oh, my you're really going." Louise cried throwing her arms around him.

"I know. I'll call and visit and all." George said hugging her and kissed her cheek. He tried to pull back but she wouldn't let go. "Mom."

"Louise, time to let go." Herald said touching her should. She nodded letting go of her youngest son. "We'll be hearing from you, son?"

"I'll call." He hugged his father before opening the door. Louise stepped out after George and the others followed. "Hey Mer." Meredith was standing by the street waiting for him.

"Hey Everyone."

"How are you, Dear?" Louise asked.

"I'm fine. You?"

"Same." Louise shrugged. "Now you be good you too."

George nodded kissing her cheek. "I'll see you guys." He stepped off the stairs and started towards the car.

"Now, don't go and get some STD." Ronny yelled.

"No, Ronny. You actually have to be getting laid to get one of those." Jerry said causing both the boys to start laughing.

"Shut up." George yelled getting in the car. "You too, Mer." He called noticing she was laughing as she got in beside him.

"Sorry." She giggled. George waved to his family as they headed down the street.