He banged on her door once again. He had been over three times that day, and every time, nobody answered. He knocked and knocked, but she didn't open the door. This time, the door did open, but his beautiful angel didn't stand in front of him. Instead a fuming George O'Malley stared at him.

"Get the hell away from here, Sloan." He growled.

"Where is she, O'Malley?" He asked looking around the living room only to find her not there.

"None of you damn business."

"Please, let me see her."

"Go to hell. You hurt her really badly."

I sighed mentally kicking myself. "I know, but please you have to believe me. I love her more than anything. She wasn't like that to mean."

"Get the hell off our porch, Sloan."

"Please, I beg you. You have to let me make this up to her."

"I have no sympathy towards you. Mer has been crying for four hours. She won't talk to us. She won't eat. You did this to her. You fucked up, not her. So like hell, I have to do anything for you."

"I love her."

"Goodbye, Sloan." He said before shutting the door in the other man's face.


Two days passed, and she never spoke to him even Derek and Burke had come over in attempt to convince her she wasn't like that to him. But she didn't listen. She had even come into work when he wasn't there and told Mitch that she quit. She hardly came out of the house and avoided anywhere and everywhere he could possible show up. She missed him a lot. She had trouble sleeping without him even. But she knew she was nothing but a piece of ass to him. He didn't respect her. And he sure as hell didn't love her.

At six in the morning, George and she headed out to the airport. They were heading back to Seattle just as they had planned. They'd stay the whole summer and return for the next semester of school. George had told Richard about Mark and what he had done, and he was fuming with anger. He had even asked Meredith if he could kill him, but she told him 'no.' In all truthfulness, regardless of how he felt towards her, she was in love with him, and it would take quite awhile to fall out of love with him.

The plane ride was long and boring. Meredith was uncharacteristically silent. George knew she was in pain but didn't say anything. When the plane landed, they got off and got their bags. Richard was waiting for them in the front of the airport.

Wordlessly, he pulled his stepdaughter into a tight hug. "It'll be okay, Mer." He whispered.

Tears flowed from her eyes for the first time that day. "I love him, Dad."

"It'll be okay." He whispered again.

Eventually, she pulled herself together, and they got into the car. They dropped George off at the O'Malley's and headed home. Silence hung in the air. He didn't want to push her. And she simply didn't want to talk.

Her phone rang. The shrill cut through the thick silence. She looked at the caller id and sighed before stuffing it into her pocket. Richard looked at her as he pulled onto their street. "Him?" He asked. She just nodded. "Stupid son of a bitch."


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