Lady Fluorite: I've made a new spark, those day's when ff

Lady Fluorite: I've made a new spark, those day's when was out I had nothing to do but think about future stories. And here's a new one.

Hyalite: Fluorite doesn't own Dragon Ball or Seera Muun. Takeuchi-sama and Toriyama-sama (in her eyes) do. Otherwise she would be charging you for reading this.

Chapter 1

Problems with the Alliance; Selenity's decision

By Lady Fluorite

"You have to marry Prince Endymion of Chikyuu-sei, Selenity, it is your destiny." Those were the same familiar words of Queen Selenity.

"But..." Princess Selenity began. How could her mother understand, Endymion was in love with another, his heart was black to her, frigid. She could vividly remember the day they had met, he blew her off without another thought. "Mother, I don't want to marry the Chikyuu-sei Prince." How could Selenity tell her mother about Beryl, Endymion's girlfriend, it would get him into a heap of trouble?

The Suukian Queen's eye's sparkled as her knuckles whitened. "You will marry Prince Endymion, Selenity, it is all a part of the Silver Alliance."

The future Queen stared at the ground and back up, fighting against the welling tears. "I will mother. May I go, Princess Makoto was going to show me her newest ice skating move?"

"I'm glad you have chosen the correctly, Selenity," her face warmed. "I'm sorry to be so angry and firm with you, but it is for the good of the--"

"Silver Alliance. Many years ago you created the Alliance with only the Moon, now it has grown to all of the planet's but Chikyuu-sei, and my marriage will include the planet." Selenity smiled. "I know, mum. See you tonight!"

But Princess Selenity did not go visit the Jupitarian Princess, she went to her room and packed her clothes. 'I will go somewhere-somewhere where I find people who respect me and where I can marry as I please.' She snuck into her mother's sacred sanctuary and pulled a small glowing stone from it's pedestal. "The Ginzuishou! It's beautiful!" But when her finger's touched it, the glow vanished, Selenity let out a cry of confusion and pocketed it.

Selenity snuck into the shuttle room, her hood up.

"I'm sorry, Miss. I'm going to need some identification and your clearance codes. This is a restricted area by order of her Majesty, the Queen," said a guard, barring her way.

"I am Princess Selenity, sir. I am going to visit my dear friend, the-the Princess of Mercury. Mother has already given permission and apologizes in advance for not telling you. She received an important call from Chikyuu-sei a few moments ago." Selenity wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead.

A young girl walked towards them both. "Selenity-chan, I'm right here, we didn't schedule anything." It was Princess Ami.

The Suukian princess winked several times at Ami. "But Ami-chan, when did you arrive *wink wink* I thought I was coming to Mercury-sei *wink wink*."

"Oh, right, the messages must have messed up. Let me help you with that bag," they waited until the guard had left. "What are you doing, Usagi? Are you out of your mind?"

"Almost. I'm leaving Ami, and I can't take you with me. Mother has settled it, I'm to marry Endymion. He's cold and heartless. I refuse to."

Ami stared in shock. "So you're just, leaving?"


She straightened herself with a determined look. "I'm coming with you, Usagi. Pardon, but you have a one-track mind, you won't survive in space, Makoto-chan and I blew off course once. You'll need all the help you can get."

"Iie, Ami. I don't want to pull you in too. I can't let you get hurt," Selenity said.

"Alright, I didn't mean for it to come to this, GUARDS!"

"Ami! No!"

"Then take me with you, there's still time," she said urgently.

"Fine. But I'm not responsible."

"Agreed." Ami chose a shuttle without any Suukian markings and hurried into it. She typed in the control's and blasted off, she didn't have time to check anything, the guards were coming."

"General. We have picked up an unmarked alien vessel in the YR section, it is alone. Awaiting orders, sir."

The Saiya-jin general scratched his smooth chin. "What do scanner's detect?"

"Two life-form's, one is said to be from the Mer-cure-sei, the other is unidentifiable."

"I see. Blast them, His Majesty has sent us no information about these two."

"Yes, sir!"

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