Chapter 12

Recollections and Encounters

By fluorite katara


Wiping his forehead, Trunks sighed with relief. Thank god for Midol! He arrived at Capsule Corp. just as the company helicopter landed. Out came a very cheerful looking Bulma followed by a confused and uncomfortable Hina, carrying what looked like a million bags and packages.

"Mirai, my man!" Bulma said in a chipper voice. "How did it go?"

"Fine." Trunks said sarcastically. "Just fine."

Bulma smiled and showered him with Hina's shopping bags. "Great!" She exclaimed, oblivious to his sardonic tone. "Come on, Hina, let's get dressed for dinner. Coming Mirai?"

Vegeta was standing in his newly repaired graviton going through his vigorous training regime when he felt a spasm of power at the edge of his mind. The door opened, disturbing the aura of strenuous working in the room. Vegeta caught a glimpse of sweeping blonde hair and the scent of moonflowers as he turned to see the intruder.

"Hello?" Hina whispered cautiously, stepping into the room. Immediately she fell to the floor, her ribs baulking under the pressure. She cried out in pain as she felt her body forced down.

Instinctively Vegeta hovered over and placed his boot upon her back as he would with any trespasser. Vegeta's mind wandered. Where had he done this before?

~~Usagi opened the door and stepped inside, immediately falling to the ground. "Aaah," she moaned. It felt as though her organs were being pulled out. Her body was ripping apart.

A man in the armor came towards her, she couldn't see his face. He put his foot on her back and applied pressure. Usagi screamed out in pain. "Get off!" ~~

Hina tried to scream but the pain was too intense. She knew she was going to die and silvery tears fell from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks onto the ground.

~~"Ha! So you're the idiot girl Father sent to me to spar with. If you can't even stand up, much less fight, you're no opponent and I should kill you now."

Usagi bit her lip and pulled her hands together. "I will not- be defeated by the likes of- you." She slowly and painfully pushed herself an inch off the ground, the boy still standing on her back. The moon on her forehead glowed yet brighter at her efforts.~~

"Please." Hina cried, her hands hung uselessly at her side, crushed, like her, against the marble floor.

Overwhelmed by the sudden rush of memories, Vegeta stepped backwards and off of her, confused. 'Usagi is gone. Vanished by her own hand.

~~Selenity stood up with glassy eyes and glared at Beryl. "Beryl. I give up. You win. Too many sacrifices for me have taken place. All of my senshi are now dead for me. I give up. But you won't have the satisfaction of killing me, EVER!" With that the greatest senshi of all times plunged the sword harshly into her heart. ~~

Thoughts rushed at light speed through Hina's mind. And one of the first was 'what the hell? I've only been here one day and someone's already going to kill me? What did I do to deserve this?' Just as the pain had reached its climax and Hina felt her life ebbing away like the tide, instinct set in.

With one quick, fluid motion, Hina shot up and slammed a fist forward, catching Vegeta in the jaw. She jumped up and launched herself into the air and a series of acrobatics landing with another punch and a jump kick. She finished with an elbow that just barely grazed Vegeta's stomach. She flipped backwards and landed in a fighter's stance a few feet away, unconcerned by the greater gravity.

The uninjured man stared in shock, he hadn't expected *that*! Vegeta watched as Hina looked at her fists in absolute awe of her feats.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Hina whispered, in shock as well. "I didn't know I could hurt you like that."

A small smirk crept onto Vegeta's face. "You? Hurt me? The prince of Vegeta- sei? I'm shocked because you're so weak, little girl." He was indeed shocked she was so weak. If anything he had expected a full onslaught of powers that could rival his own, and this was nothing even close.

Whatever Hina had been expecting it wasn't this. Her fear at harming him vanished as it blossomed into unquenchable rage. "How dare you?!" She screamed, advancing on him. "You lousy-" she punched him in the stomach with a ki-filled fist- "jerk!" Her other fist flew up and nailed him in an uppercut making him fly up at the intensity of her blow. "You better-" She flew into the air above him and brought both fists crashing down over her head onto his slamming him to the ground with such force that he went directly through the floor and ten feet into the ground. "Apologize!" She slumped to the ground in a heap as the full effect of her hate-filled actions set in. She put her hands in front of her eyes and cried.

Wincing and breathless, Vegeta crawled painfully out of the ground and sat next to her as sobs raked through her body. He moved his hand right above her shoulder, about to gently comfort her but thought better of it and withdrew his hand. He watched as she cried her pain away.

When Hina was done she looked up into sparkling ebony eyes set into a handsome but stern face. as night that captured her heart and soul.they came closer and then closed as hers did. She felt soft warm lips catch hers and then she was lost in the flurry of loving emotions that was this man.

"Who are you?" Hina asked, drying her tears.

Vegeta's already broken heart cracked a little more at these words, shattering like fragile glass. This was the one girl he had loved. The one person he had cared about more than his own life. The one helping hand that was always there when he needed it no matter how many times he pushed it away. She was the one person who he had warmed to and would never forget no matter what. And now that hand had finally given into his pushes and left.

She was back to torment him for his now obviously misplaced affections. She was an enchantress. Ensnaring him and toying with his emotions then throwing him away as she no doubt had countless others. She had faked her death and now didn't even remember him. He hated her.

Rage burned and hate festered inside of him. Vegeta scowled and turned away. "Doesn't matter."

"It does! Have we ever seen each other before? Please tell me!" She begged.

"I've never seen you before in my life." He said painfully. "Leave now." He could not bring himself to look at her any more than he had to. He tried desperately to forget what this seemingly wicked girl had done to him. His eyes still stung at the memory of Usagi, her soft blonde hair between his fingers as his eyes drank in the sight of her flawless beauty.

When the sound of her footsteps receded and her presence in his mind had vanished, Vegeta curled into a ball. This was worse than death. Worse than Kakarotto endlessly defeating him. Worse than the death of his planet. Worse than his shattered ego. Worse than anything.

He tilted his face to the sky and roared a scream of lost hope. The cry ripped through his throat and the wind carried his voice all around the world. Everywhere people stopped in their tracks at the sound.

Outside, walking towards the main CC building, Hina heard the desperate noise and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

~~A hand reached out before his line of vision from the floor. No one had ever offered him a hand, let alone any sort of assistance. Whose hand was it? He felt like blasting it to the next dimension, but he felt odd, almost giddy. He took it, feeling himself being lifted up.

Music filled his ears, a sound like nothing he had ever heard, light and airy with such an uplifting tune it was impossible to describe. He seemed in awe, enchanted by it. Curious, he played along.

As he was pulled off the ground, he felt all his concerns leave him, all he saw was a pair of bright, shining sapphire eyes and the most dazzling smile he had ever seen. And the eyes, they made him feel like he was looking at sunshine through ice. "Hello Usagi." He nearly jumped at his voice, it wasn't tainted with sarcasm or anger--it sounded almost, no, it wasn't possible--it seemed friendly.

He kissed her, his tongue slipped out to explore her soft mouth. It lasted about a minute, but they both enjoyed it.

"You talk too much." ~~

Hina shot up in her bed, sweat rolling off her body. He had lied to her. The man with the ebony eyes and hair had lied. She touched her burning lips in shock at the thought of her dream. She and him had had something together. Were they lovers perhaps?

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