Chapter 1: Shawn Spencer

Shawn Spencer flopped down on the sofa in front of the TV in his apartment and started flipping through channels too fast to actually see what shows were on. He seemed to be impatient and he kept looking at the door every few minutes as if waiting for someone to come in. After he had flipped through all five hundred and twenty nine channels four times he flipped on his videogame system and tried to get his mind off of who he was waiting for. it did not take long, though, for Shawn's character in the game to be defeated as he continued to be distracted.

Finally, Shawn gave up and took to walking circles around the apartment. What he really wanted was to walk down the street and get a pineapple smoothie to help him relax. He was not going to risk being out when he came though. Besides, Shawn knew that as he came he would have no need for a smoothie.

After what seemed like years, at least to Shawn, the door opened quietly.