Chapter One

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Just five more minutes.

Shikamaru Nara was currently staring at the clock like what it was about to do would end his life. He wasn't the only person, either. Basically every other student in the classroom was staring intently at the digital clock mounted on the wall. The teacher had already given up on teaching and was currently sitting at his desk, grading some last minute extra-credit papers.

In three minutes, the day would end. It was not any old day, mind you. Today was the last day of school. The last day that Shikamaru was a stupid sophomore. Next year he was going to have to be a stupid junior, but he would deal with that later. He could have probably been halfway through college already, but skipping all those grades was way too troublesome.


After the bell rang, all hell broke loose as students abandoned their clock watching to jump up and run screaming and yelling out of the classroom. Papers were thrown, promises to visit were made, and Mr. Chosaku got dozens of rude faces made at him.

Once most of the students were out of the room, Shikamaru stood up, grabbed his single notebook and walked out of the room.

Thankfully, his sixth period class was the closest to the school's main entrance, so it wasn't that long before he was lazily walking across the campus, intent on walking to his house a few blocks away. Even though a bus for the high school came through his neighborhood, his mom still insisted on him walking. Troublesome lady.

"Shikamaru! Wait up!"

Turning his head, Shikamaru saw his friend Takashi running up to him. Oops. Looks like he forgot to wait for him again. They normally walked home together seeing as how Takashi's house is right down the street from Shikamaru's.

"So, what are you going to do when you get home?"

Shikamaru sighed and tilted his head back so he could admire the clouds through the thick layer of trees as he walked. "Sleep. That's it."

"Sounds like a good idea," Takashi replied with a laugh before smiling sheepishly. "I can't hang out with you at the skate park this weekend."

Shikamaru turned his head slightly to look at his friend. "Oh? Why not?"

Takashi moved in front of Shikamaru, walking backwards as he talked. "My girlfriend is coming down for a few days, so I am gonna be busy for a little while. Is that going to be okay?"

Shikamaru sighed. "How troublesome. We'll just hang out the next weekend. Don't need to make a big deal about it. Hey, this is my house."

Takashi turned and looked at the house that they had stopped in front of and realized that it was indeed Shikamaru's house. Which meant that they had already passed his house. "Crap! I'm going to be late! See ya next weekend, Shika!" Takashi yelled before he started running back the way they had come.

Shikamaru sighed again and walked up the driveway to their front door before opening it and stepping inside.

"Mom, I'm home!"

Frowning when he didn't receive an answer, Shikamaru closed the door behind him before dropping his notebook on the floor by his unused book bag and walked down the small hallway and into the kitchen.

On the fridge was a dry-erase board where the family scribbled nonsense about whatever. Right under the date of his cousin's baby shower which his dad had so conveniently (sp?) forgotten, was his mom's message.

I went to the market. Be back around 5

Remembering that his mom's car was still parked in the driveway, Shikamaru figured that she still must have been going along with the idea that cars were for lazy people. That means she walked to the market. Which just happens to be five miles away. Troublesome.

"Well, she won't be home for awhile. Might as well go to sleep."

Seeing as his dad didn't get home from work until nine, Shikamaru had a few hours to burn.

Sighing, Shikamaru walked back down the hall and up the flight of stairs that were nestled in between the coat closet and the doorway leading to the lounge room.

After walking down the hall at the top of the stairs, past his parent's room, the spare room, and the bathroom, he finally got to his bedroom door. Fishing the key out of his pocket, he pushed it into the keyhole and unlocked the door.

Ever since his mom insisted on snooping around his room, he had always kept it locked. Not that he had anything to hide; he just didn't like people going through his stuff without his consent.

After locking the door behind him, Shikamaru kicked off his shoes, shut the window and flopped down on his bed. He just laid there, sprawled all over his red sheets that his mom gave him (she said that the color red made people more energetic), staring up at his bland, white ceiling before drifting off into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.


Tap Tap Tap


Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap


Knock Knock

"Shikamaru, it's time to get up."

Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

"C'mon. I know you're awake. Get up."


"I'm not kidding. Get. Up. Now."



Shikamaru blearily stared at his marvelous ceiling as he listened to his mom's annoyed screaming, not at all doubting that she would break down the door. Oh well. He never liked that door anyway. Too big.


Shikamaru heard his mom's hurried footsteps thumping down the hall a bit before quickly coming back to stop again in front of his door. Also known as his last line of defense against the wrath known as his mother.

'Hm. This should be interesting.'

Shikamaru rolled over onto his side so that he could have a better view of the soon-to-be-demolished door. He sighed again, wondering what his mom had ran and grabbed out of her artillery closet this time. The last time she had gotten into that closet was when their cat, Orangey, got stuck in the tree in the backyard. She had gotten out the chainsaw so she could cut down the tree. Of course, she got that brilliant idea after she walked by the ladder over five times.


Hmm. Looks like she got the Viking War Hammer.

His mom was angrily staring in through the beach ball size hole in Shikamaru's door.

"Boy, you had better get up now. I have some important things to discuss with you."

"Huhh. So troublesome. Be down in five."

His mom nodded firmly before briskly walking off. "Damn straight."

Shikamaru slowly sat up and glanced at his clock. It was currently 8:47. Wow. He didn't realize he had slept that long. Two hours turned into five way too fast. Whatever. It's not like anything exciting happened when he was asleep.

He stood up and stretched for a bit before walking over to his deformed door, turning the knob and walking out. He didn't even bother locking the door behind him.

Taking his time, Shikamaru slowly walked down the hall and stairs and into the nearby lounge room where he took a seat on the small black couch. His mom walked in a few moments later, looking strangely pleased with herself.

Taking a seat in the recliner across from her son, she folded her hands in her lap and cleared her throat before initiating the conversation.

"So, Shikamaru. Looking forward to the summer?"


"Good. I hope you don't have any plans."

He raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Well. I have decided to send you to camp," she answered cautiously.

"...Okay. What camp and for how long?"

"It is a boot camp and you will be there all summer."


More silence.


"Ha ha. Very funny. If this is to get back at me for the door...-"

"I'm not kidding. You are going to this camp."

Shikamaru studied his mom's face, only to realize that she really, wasn't kidding about anything.


"I feel that it would be for the best if you went to this camp."

"But a boot camp?! Why a boot camp?! Why!"

It was at that moment that Shikamaru's dad came walking through the door with a soft yell of "I'm home."

Instead of being greeted by a small kiss on the cheek by his wife and some sort of grunt from Shikamaru, he was greeted with two relieved faces, but both for different reasons.

Shikamaru's because he thought his dad would rescue him and Mrs. Nara's because her husband would support her on this matter. [A/N: If Shikamaru's mom has an actual name, please tell me.

"Um. Hello. What's going on?"

Shikamaru took this chance and stood up before addressing his father. "She is trying to send me to a boot camp! Can you believe it?!"

Shikaku looked over to his wife with a questioning look on his face. "What is this about?"

She smiled before answering. "Well, I have found this great program for over the summer that I thought would be great to send Shikamaru too. I feel that he would learn many lessons there that would benefit him in school and life in general."

Shikaku realized that if he took part of this conversation, he was going to end up in deep shit no matter what side he took. Dammed if he did, dammed if he didn't. So, he decided to do the only other thing he could do in this situation. Run. And run he did. Before his wife decided to speak up.

"Shikaku Nara! You get your butt back here or you are sleeping on the couch for the next three months!"

Shikaku stopped for a few moments, just to try and figure out if it was really worth it, and just when he decided the couch had never looked better, his wife had snuck up behind him and punched him in the back of the head.

"Sit down, NOW! This is for your son's well being. If you don't take part in this, he is going to end up just like you! I don't want that!"

Shikaku looked at her incredulously. "I resent that."

"I don't care if you resent that! Sit down!"

"Fine, fine."

Shikaku reluctantly sat down next to Shikamaru before looking at his wife calmly. "So. What is this whole 'boot camp' thing?"

"Well, when Shikamaru was sleeping, I was looking through the mail and I found this pamphlet for a boot camp."

"I don't want to go to a boot camp. Doing endless amounts of sit-ups and drills all day does not sound like fun to me."

His mom looked at him like he had grown a second head. On his butt. "It's not that kind of boot camp. It's a boot camp for socially inept teens."

"Great. That makes it a lot better. What do you mean 'socially inept'? I have friends."

"Yes, Shika, you have, what, three friends? But that's not the point. The point is that I am sending you to this camp so you can get over your laziness. Don't you agree that this is a good decision, honey?"

Shikaku looked at them uneasily. "Well, maybe this would be a good idea."


Mrs. Nara looked very happy. "Exactly. It is final. You will be going to this camp, Shika."

"Huhh. When do I leave?"

"In two days."

"What?! C'mon. You could have told me earlier."

"I just found out about it today. Even if you said no, I have already sent in the money, so they are already expecting you."

Shikaku looked at his son apologetically before getting up and walking out of the room.

"Okay, Shikamaru. You need to go pack. I have to drop you off at your high school tomorrow because of how long it takes to drive there. Oh, you are going to love this!"

"Right. Love it."


Two Days Later At The Camp

Shikamaru and a bunch of other teens were standing in front of the main building for the camp. Now, when you think of camps, most of them have the log cabins and are surrounded by huge trees. But that wasn't really the case here. The main building was at least two stories high and was nice and painted and most likely air-conditioned. A bit better than log cabins. When Shikamaru was standing in front of the building, he could see many different large buildings behind the main one as well. 'This doesn't seem like a boot camp. This looks like some sort of get-away place.'

Shikamaru's attention turned to the set of double doors on the building in front of him when one of them opened and a man stepped out. The man looked nice enough. Silver hair slanted at an odd angle. A casual black t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting jeans with a pair of black combat boots. What was strange to Shikamaru was the folded bandana covering his left eye and the mask covering the bottom half of his face. Yeah, this guy looked nice.

"Yo. You people must be the batch of kids. Welcome to Camp Tanoshimi. I hope we can all be friends. Now that that is thankfully over, follow me." Turning around, the man walked back into the main building, still talking as he walked. Shikamaru and the rest of the teens were forced to follow if they wanted to even catch a bit of what the man was saying. "I'm Kakashi Hatake, but call me Kakashi, not Mr. Hatake. Makes me feel old. Once we are all seated, I'll give the welcoming speech that I have been oh-so kindly forced to give, and then you guys can go figure out where you will be sleeping." Finishing the little talk he was giving, Kakashi continued leading the group of bored teens to a large room with a small platform at the front, the rest of the room mostly filled with those foldy seats you find in theaters. Walking onto the platform, Kakashi made a gesture with his hand, motioning for everyone to take a seat.

Shikamaru made sure to get a seat in the back, away from all the other teens. If his mom sent him there to get rid of his lazy-ness, then he was going to become even lazier, just to spite her. Not that doing it would be hard.

"Just to get it out of the way, no one will be picking room mates. That has already been decided and what not."

Kakashi was cut off as a skinny blond girl raised her hand and started talking. "Where are our bags?"

Apparently, this thought had been on the mind of another girl, pink hair this time, who also spoke up. "Yeah! I want my stuff. It has all my make-up in it!" Shikamaru could already tell these two would be troublesome in the future.

Kakashi sighed before answering the girls' question. "All of your luggage has been taken the your rooms."

The pink haired girl spoke up again. "But I thought you said we would figure out where we were sleeping after you finished the stupid speech?"

"No. I said that you would figure out where you were sleeping. I already know where you are sleeping. I was the one who decided who slept where. Get it?"

The two girls nodded their heads before settling down in their seats.

Kakashi had the decency to look a little frustrated as he continued to talk.

"Okay. Welcoming speech. Right," Taking a deep breath, Kakashi continued. "WELCOME!"

Everyone, including Shikamaru, jumped a bit in their seats as Kakashi bellowed his 'Welcoming Speech'. Obviously thinking that the single word was sufficient enough, Kakashi briskly walked off the platform. He got about halfway to the door before something came running and tackled him.


That 'something' had been another man, though this time he looked slightly stranger than Kakashi. Clad in an atrocious green spandex jumpsuit with bright orange leg warmers, the guy was quite large and had a lot of muscles, so Shikamaru didn't doubt that Kakashi was in pain right now. Seeing as how the green man still hadn't released him form the tackle/bear hug.


Gai looked down and found that he was indeed crushing Kakashi's lungs, and immediately let go and stepping back.

"Sorry about that, Kakashi. Though I can't help but say you should have seen that coming."

Kakashi coughed and walked back to the platform before addressing the teens.

"Maybe I should try that again. Welcome to Camp Tanoshimi. This is Gai-sensei, one of the instructors that work here, among others. The other staff members you will meet later."

Kakashi looked like he was about to say something else, but Gai roughly shoved him aside and took over the speech. Not that Kakashi cared.

"Oh youthful students! I am sure that you will absolutely LOVE it here! If I love it, you will love it. LET THE FLAME OF YOUTH BURN INSIDE YOU!! Thank you."

And with that, he stepped of the stage and sat down in one of the seats in the front row.

Shikamaru groaned. If all the teachers here were like that, he was going to kill himself.

Kakashi reluctantly walked back over to the center of the platform. "As I was going to say, you will meet the other staff members later. This camp has many different programs that you should probably take advantage of. Some of which would be the gym, the arcade, lounge room, pool, and garden, mini theatre, among other things. We will normally have one field trip a week, if not, one every two weeks. Along with field trips, there will be two one-hour classes that everyone will take a day. One in the morning and the second in the afternoon that are required. Not everyone will be taking the same class, each person will take the class that we feel will best help them get over whatever reason they were sent here for. Hm. I think that is it. So why don't you all get up and I will lead you to your respective dorm buildings."

As Kakashi walked down the isle, Shikamaru and the rest of the teens got up and followed him out of the room. A lot of the other people looked a bit happier after hearing about all the benefits that came along with being here. Shikamaru, on the other hand, only looked forward to getting some sleep and maybe spending some time in the lounge room or garden. 'I don't get what everyone else is getting excited about.'

Taking the time to look at the other people around him, Shikamaru noted that he wasn't the only person who didn't look excited about this thing. The guy looked about a year older than himself, and a bit stuck-upish, too. He had long black hair, tied off a few inches from the bottom with a folded white bandana folded across his forehead. His eyes were a creamy white color and he had a smooth, angular face. Nice enough except for the fact that he scowled at anything and everything. So troublesome.

But not as troublesome as the two girls who had spoken up about their bags during Kakashi's welcoming speech. They were huddled together and talking quietly and quickly. Shikamaru noted that they would repetitively look to their right at a dark haired boy before giggling. When said teen looked over at them, they squealed loudly and their chattering continued.

The raven looked slightly peeved, but it was almost like he was used to it. He just stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept on walking, ignoring the blonde boy who was rapidly talking to the raven as if he was actually listening. Great, so we got another emo dude and a blonde hair hyperactive weirdo.

Taking another look around him, Shikamaru noted that there was also a shy looking girl with purple hair and was wearing a huge parka, there was a brown haired boy who looked almost as hyper as the Blondie over there, but he had two red triangles going down his cheeks. A little to Shikamaru's left was a tall, boy with spiky black hair and a ridiculously large white coat on. The black sunglasses didn't help with making the teen look friendly. More like a creepy guy you would find in a dark ally way.

Taking a glance behind him, Shikamaru saw that there was only one person behind him. A redhead that glared harshly at him when he saw Shikamaru looking back at him. Hm. Someone didn't take their happy pills today.

Walking a little to his right was yet another black haired boy. He looked a little like the one up ahead that was being bugged by the Blondie, but this one's hair was shorter. Shikamaru could tell that this was a bit different, and the shirt the guy was wearing really contributed to the thought.

All the way at the front by Gai was a boy who looked exactly like the older man. Same haircut, same clothes, and the same exuberance. He was sure to be a load of fun. Walking beside the Gai look-alike was a girl who looked a little more normal than the people she was walking with. Her hair was tied up in twin buns on the top of her head, and she seemed like a pretty nice person. 'Well, she has to be in order to be able to put up with those two.'

And lastly, walking a few feet away from Shikamaru was a large teen who seemed to be eating a bag of potato chips, just minding his own business. When he looked over and saw Shikamaru looking at him, he smiled and waved before walking over.

"Hey. I'm Chouji. Who're you?"

Shikamaru sighed before answering. "Shikamaru Nara. This place is so troublesome. I'd rather be at home sleeping."

Chouji nodded in agreement. "Yeah. Though I would rather be eating my chips and watching the Cooking Channel."

Everyone stopped as Kakashi and Gai stood in front of two almost identical buildings. One had a sign over the door saying Liore Hall; the other building had a sign saying Crowe Hall.

"Okay. The Liore Hall is the boy's dorm, and the Crowe is the girl's. Once you get inside, your dorm mother, or father, will show you to your respective rooms and explain the ground rules. You will have 45 minutes to unpack and get to know each other before your dorm mother will show you guys to the Food Hall so you guys can have dinner. Well, off you go."

Kakashi and Gai walked off towards the main building, leaving the teens to figure out what to do themselves. The guys all migrated into the Liore Hall and the four girls went into the Crowe Hall. Shikamaru and Chouji walked into their dorm building together and stopped with the rest of the group inside of the building. Looking around the room, Shikamaru noticed that there was a man sitting at a desk in the far right corner of the room. There was one staircase leading up to what Shikamaru assumed to be the dorm rooms to his left and five or six couches to his right.

The man sitting at the desk stood up as he heard the group of teenagers walked into the room and hurried over to stand in front of them.

"Ah. Hello. I'm Iruka Umino and I am your dorm mother. Or father. Just call me Iruka, okay. Anyway. If you would please follow me, I will show you to your rooms."

With a smile, Iruka beckoned the group to follow him as he walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a very long hallway with multiple doors on wither side. Iruka turned to them and pulled a folded piece of paper from his pant pocket. Unfolding it, he skimmed over the contents before looking up at the group.

"Okay. I need to make sure everyone is here and then I will tell you who is bunking with whom. Okay. First up is... Shino Aburame."

The strange boy with the rather large coat on raised his hand. "I'm here."

Iruka smiled. "Okay. You will be in room 3. Okay. Chouji Akimichi?"

Chouji also raised his hand, though he did not reply because he was chewing a mouthful of potato chips.

Iruka frowned at the bag of chips. "Okay. But you aren't allowed to have any food in my dorm room past 10 pm. You are going to be in room 7 with me. There aren't an even amount of boys, and the instructors also use these dorm rooms. Okay. Next is Neji Hyuuga?"

The stuck-up looking raven with the long hair and creepy eyes raised his hand and quietly answered. "Here."

"M'kay. You are going to be in room 9. Since you are the odd one out, you get the room to yourself. Let's see. Kiba Inuzuka."

The teen with the shaggy brown hair and the red triangle tattoos raised his hand and yelled, "Here!"

Iruka grinned at his enthusiasm. "Good! You are going to be in room 3 with Shino. Okay, next is Shikamaru Nara?"

Shikamaru sighed and lazily raised his hand. "Here."

"Okay. You will be in room 1. Next, Gaara Sabaku."

The emo redhead raised his hand but didn't say anything.

Iruka's smile didn't falter as he chirped out the room number. "Okay, room 4. Oops! Seems like I overlooked someone. A Rock Lee?"

The Gai look-alike instantly raised his hand. "Here, sir!"

Iruka looked at him apologetically. "Sorry about that, Lee. You will be in room... 4. With Gaara. Next is Sasuke Uchiha? Oh! Are you Itachi's little brother?"

Sasuke flinched when Itachi was mentioned. "Yes, he is my brother."

Iruka grinned and continued. "Oh, that's great. I'm sure he will love to know that you came this year. You will be in room 2. Next is Naruto Uzumaki."

The hyper blond raised both of his hands and jumped around. "I'm here, Iruka!"

Iruka smiled at Naruto's antics. "Yes, I see you Naruto. You will be in room 1 with Shikamaru. And last but not least, Sai. Do you have a last name, Sai?"

The strange, raven haired teen looked up at Iruka as if seeing him for the first time. "Yes, I do. I just don't like it so I didn't tell you. What room am I in?"

Iruka's smile faltered a second before returning full force. "Okay, you are in room 2 with Sasuke. Now that everyone knows which room they are in and whom they are rooming with, you can go to your rooms and unpack your stuff. You have about 45 minutes as Kakashi probably told you until I take you guys down to dinner."

As Iruka went back downstairs, Shikamaru and the rest of the guys went into their respective dorms.

As soon as he went into his room, he instantly liked it. It was at least three times larger than his room back home. There was a queen-sized bed in the right corner of the room and one in the left corner, both had light blue and white sheets on. There was a desk a few feet away from each bed and a small dresser at the foot of each bed as well. A mirror was hung above each dresser and a small laptop was sitting on each desk. In between the desks was a large window and a few feet away from the door Shikamaru was standing in was another door that led to a bathroom. A TV was on another desk in the corner to the right with two small lounge chairs in front of it. A small refrigerator was nestled by the TV stand. Oh yes. He could really get used to this.

As he was standing in the doorway admiring his new room, Shikamaru was suddenly pushed aside as his roommate decided that he also wanted to see the room.

"Jeez. Do ya think you could actually step inside the room instead of just standing in the doorway?"

Shikamaru's mood was suddenly knocked down a few notches as he remembered who he was actually rooming with. Looking over to the bed on the left, he realized that the luggage on the floor by the bed was his, and the bags on the opposite side of the room were Naruto's. That is, until Naruto decided he wanted the bed on the left and picked up his bags and dumped them on the bed before kicking Shikamaru's over to the bed on the right.

"Oh. How nice. Think you could have asked, Naruto?"

Naruto looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. I didn't realize it mattered which bed you got. If you really want this bed, I'll move my stuff."

Shikamaru sighed and walked over to the bed on the right, picking up his abused bags and dropping them on the bed before yanking them open. "No, no. It's too troublesome to switch back. Just tell me if you suddenly decide to trade again in the middle of the night."

Naruto nodded before turning to his own bags. Instead of taking them out and neatly putting them in the dresser like Shikamaru was doing, he was just grabbing handfuls of clothing and whatnot and just shoving them into the open drawers. Not even bothering to close them when they were full.

Shikamaru looked distastefully at the messy dresser before shutting his once all of his belongings were where he wanted them. Glancing at the digital clock on the desk, he realized that they still had about 20 minutes before they had to meet Iruka downstairs.

"We still have at least 20 minutes before we have to leave. What do you want to do, Naruto?"

Naruto looked up at him from the chair he had plopped down into. "Hmm... Oh! I know! We could play a game!"

Shikamaru sighed. "No. Games are too troublesome. Why don't we just sit down, and converse."

Naruto looked at him questioningly. "Converse?"


"Oh! Okay. I can talk. What do you want to talk about?"

Shikamaru sighed again. This kid had too much energy for his own good. "Anything. What do you like?"

Naruto's face brightened. "Ramen! I really, really love ramen! Do you like ramen?"

"Kind of. I like to sleep. A lot."

"Hmm. That sounds like... fun. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No. Love is troublesome."

"No it's not! I love ramen and ramen isn't troublesome."

Shikamaru looked at him incredulously. "Ramen isn't troublesome, but you are. C'mon. I don't care what time it is, I am going downstairs." At this, Shikamaru got up and left the room.

Naruto hurriedly ran after him, barely remembering to shut the door as he left.

"Aren't you happy that you came here? I'm happy. I think that I will have a bunch of fun. I'm here because my foster dad, Iruka, is here. Isn't that cool. Well, I'm also here because people say that I am really hyper so I came here to try and calm down a bit. Why are you here?"

The scary thing is, he said that all in one breath. Just hearing him made Shikamaru tired. Or even more tired than he was before. "I'm here because my mom got tired of my laziness."

Reaching the bottom of the staircase, he took a turn and saw Iruka sitting at the deck in the corner.

"Hey, Iruka. We got bored so we came down here."

Iruka looked up from the paper work he was trying to finish. "Oh, hey Shikamaru, Naruto. You two getting along good?"

Naruto nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yeah! We are getting along just fine! We already finished unpacking and stuff. Is there anything we could do to help?"

Iruka looked down at the papers before glancing at the clock. "Well, it's almost time for me to bring you guys to dinner. I need to finish filling out this form, so could you two go back upstairs and get the others? I would really appreciate it. Oh. And get the other teachers, too. Just knock on all the doors and tell them to come downstairs."

Naruto nodded again before dragging Shikamaru back upstairs and knocking loudly on the first door they came to, which happened to be door number two. "C'mon, guys! Iruka told us to come get-"

Naruto was abruptly cut off as the door was suddenly yanked open by an angry Sasuke. "Would you stop?"

Naruto frowned before pushing his way into the room. "Jeez, Sasuke. Don't have to get all pissy about it. Iruka told me and Shika here to come up and get you guys 'cause it was almost dinner."

In the middle of Naruto's explanation, Sai walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed closest to the bathroom door. Shikamaru supposed that it was his. Smirking, Sai turned to look at Naruto before adding in his two-cents.

"Hey, dick-less wonder. What's going on?"

Naruto's attention immediately turned from Sasuke to Sai. "Hey! Who are you calling dick-less. With the crap you're wearing, you would probably get dragged into an ally way and get raped by some dude 'cause he thought you were a girl. At least I look like a guy."

"Oh. So are you admitting that you have a small dick?"

Sasuke sighed and walked out the door, grabbing hold of Shikamaru's arm and pulling him with him. "C'mon. From what I can tell, they are going to be at it for the next few minutes. You get room 3 and I'll get number 4."

Shikamaru sighed. He couldn't help but agree with Sasuke about Naruto. Though, if he were given the chance, Naruto probably would have stayed there to argue with Sai for the rest of the day. "Sure, whatever."

Shikamaru waked down the hall to room 4 and knocked on the door twice. Only a few seconds after he knocked on it was it opened quickly as Lee stuck his head out into the hall to see who knocked. "Oh, hello! You are Shikamaru, yes?"

Shikamaru nodded his head slowly. "Yeah. Iruka wanted me to come and tell everyone that they needed to come downstairs. It's almost time for him to take us to dinner."

Lee's face brightened as he heard the news. "Okay. I'll come out, just let me go get Gaara-san."

Shikamaru sighed again as Lee ran back inside his room, calling Gaara's name the whole time. Shikamaru walked over to Sasuke who was standing in the hall with Kiba and Shino, waiting for Shikamaru to finish up. "Lee is getting Gaara. What about the other doors?"

Sasuke looked around, then back to Shikamaru. "I already tried room 5 and 8, but no one is in there. You get room 7 and 9. I'll get room 6 and wait for Lee and Gaara."

Shikamaru frowned when he heard he had to get more people, but he walked down the hall until he came to the door with the number 7 on it. Seeing as there were only 10 rooms, the hall should have been rather short, but sense the rooms were huge, the doors were farther apart making it so Shikamaru had to walk farther then he normally would have had to. And, Shikamaru being Shikamaru didn't like this. "Why do they have to make the hall so long? I have to walk forever just to be able to get past three doors. If this is part of trying to get rid of my lazyness, it really isn't going to help."

Shikamaru knocked a few times on the door, waiting for someone to open it. As soon as he was about to walk away and go to the other room, Chouji opened the door and peered out into the hall. "Oh! Shikamaru. What's up?"

Shikamaru turned back to look at Chouji before sighing and walking back. "Iruka told me to come and get you guys. It's almost dinner."

Chouji's face brightened as he heard the word dinner. Hurrying out into the hall, he just the door behind him before walking over to where Sasuke and the others were trying to help Lee get a very stubborn Gaara out of the dorm room and into the hall with the rest of them.

Shikamaru walked to the very end of the hall and knocked on door 9. Seconds after he knocked it was opened quickly as Neji came to see who was trying to break down his door. "Would you stop? I would like to finish unpacking in peace, not with someone trying to break into my room."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out how Neji got the idea that Shikamaru was trying to break into his room when he only knocked twice. "How troublesome. Iruka wanted me to come and get you. It's almost time to go to dinner."

Neji scowled and reluctantly stepped outside, shutting the door quickly so Shikamaru couldn't see anything inside. The both walked down to the group of boys ant the end of the hall, Shikamaru noticing that they managed to get Gaara out of the room and that he was now leaning against the wall and scowling at anyone who looked at him for more than five seconds.

Joining the rest of the mob, Shikamaru saw that Naruto and Sai had taken their argument outside. Walking over to Sasuke, he checked to make sure that they had knocked on all the doors before walking down the stairs, everyone else walking behind him.

Stopping in front of Iruka's desk, he cleared his throat to get his attention, suppressed that he hadn't heard the racket the rest of the guys were making.

"We got everyone down here. There weren't any other teachers up there, though."

Iruka frowned when he heard that no other adults were on the building, but he stood up anyway and yelled to get everyone's attention. Once he had it, he started talking. "Okay. We still have about five minutes before I have to take you guys to dinner, so let me explain the rules. I understand that you guys like to visit each other, but everyone has to be in their own rooms at 11. Kakashi and I will be coming around and checking to make sure. You can have food in the rooms, but try to keep it clean. There is a cleaning closet at the end of the hall with a vacuum cleaner and a few other supplies that you may use. Lights are off at 12. You may stay up later if you want, but try to be quiet; other people are most likely trying to sleep. No boys are allowed in the girls' dorm, and no girls in here. I do believe that is it, but if I think of any other rules I will tell you. Okay, follow me."

With that, Iruka walked out of the building, not even checking to make sure the boys were following him, as he was sure they were hungry.

It only took a few minutes to get to the food hall, seeing as how it was only two buildings down.

It was a huge white building, and above the door was a large sign that said Rosemary Hall. There were large windows all the way around the building, and you could see large tables placed neatly around the large room.

Iruka opened the door and held it open for the guys to walk in. "Okay. It doesn't matter where you sit. Get in line in the back; the cooks there will serve you. Today I believe it is barbeque pork, rice, and then some cake for dessert. Enjoy."

Chouji was the first in line, followed by everyone else. Shikamaru was the last in line seeing as how he was extremely lazy. That and he really didn't like pork.

Once everyone had gotten their food, they chose the largest table available that was by a window and sat down and started eating. Chouji sat down next to Shikamaru and immediately wanted to know why he had only wanted rice. When Shikamaru told him that he didn't like pork, Chouji nearly had a heart attack.

"B-But why?! Why don't you like pork?! It is the best meat in the world! Especially barbeque pork!"

"I just don't like it. Too fatty."

"But that's one of the things that makes it taste good!"

"And that is why I don't like it."

In the middle of their conversation, the small group of girls walked into the dining room, led by their house mom, Kurenai.

Kiba immediately perked up when he saw Hinata. "Hey, Shino. Do you think she would go out with me? I don't know, but she seems really shy. What if she just passes out when I walk up to her?"

Naruto looked up from his rice. "Why? Because of your nonexistent macho-ness?"

Kiba glared at him and chucked a grain of rice at Naruto. And Naruto, being Naruto, picked the grain of rice up off the table and ate it before glaring at Kiba. "Don't waste food."

"Dude! It was a grain of rice!"

"So what?"

Shikamaru sighed as Naruto started up another argument and turned back to his almost empty plate. Looking to Chouji, he shoved his plate over before sighing again. "Hey, I'm not hungry. You want it?"

Chouji smiled before finishing up the rest of Shikamaru's rice in a few bites. Propping his head up on his hand, Shikamaru lazily looked around the table at everyone else who was still eating. Naruto was still arguing with Kiba about wasting food. Chouji was getting seconds. Or thirds. Sasuke was listening in on Naruto and Kiba's argument, shaking his head at the pair's pointless conversation. Sai was too busy picking at his pork and staring at Naruto to realize that Lee was spouting of information about different healthy meals that he could eat. Gaara was sitting by Lee and apparently hadn't even touched his food and was just leaning back in his chair and glaring at the food. Guess he doesn't like pork either. Shino was sitting by Kiba and quietly commenting about how he just needed to let it go or he would be there with Naruto forever. At least he was being smart about it.

Iruka came bustling back into the building, not that anyone had even realized that he was gone. "Okay. Is everyone done eating?"

Getting multiple affirmative answers and noises, everyone got up to leave the building and go back to the dorms.

Shikamaru walked up to Iruka and tapped him on the shoulder. "Um. Can you show me where the bathroom is? I know where the dorm building is so I can just go back there when I am done."

"Sure. It's over there, to the left of where you guy's lined up to get your food. Don't take too long though. I really don't want to get into trouble."


With that, Shikamaru walked over to where Iruka had pointed and easily found the sign for the restrooms. Walking into the men's bathroom, Shikamaru walked over to the sink and turned on the hot water, vaguely noticing that there wasn't a mirror above the sinks like usual, but behind him on the wall next to the urinals. Weird. He didn't need to use the bathroom; it's just that his mom is a neat freak so she made him wash his hands after every meal. And if he didn't, would decide to play soccer, and his head was the soccer ball. Even though she wasn't there at that exact moment, he knew she would find out somehow.

When Shikamaru walked over to the paper towel dispenser, he was suddenly grabbed from behind and slammed into the wall by the door. Before he could retaliate from the unexpected assault, a warm mouth quickly covered his, cutting off his yell.

Shikamaru's eyes widened when a pair of hands grabbed his wrists and spred them out to his side, immobilizing Shikamaru temporarily while a soft, wet tongue swiped across his bottom lip before forcefully pushing past and into his mouth. In his stuggle to figure out what was going on, Shikamaru failed to notice who was actually kissing him.

Shikamaru's eyes slowly slid shut as the intruding muscle soothingly stroked his own, and before he knew it, Shikamaru was shyly kissing back. Touching the other's tongue with his own, the stranger hummed in delight and tried coaxing Shikamaru's tongue into his own mouth.

Shikamaru moaned quietly before tentativly running his tongue over the other's teeth before more thoroughly exploring the other's hot, wet cavern.

After a minute or so of raping each other's mouths, the stranger slowly pulled back, releasing Shikamaru's arms and allowing him mobility.

Shikamaru hazily opened his eyes, still trying to process what had just happend. When his eyes gained some sort of focus, Shikamaru slowly looked over to the person who had just ravashed him against the wall, immediatly gasping when he saw who it was.



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