Because OF You Chapter 1: What the Hell?

It was midnight when a young blonde was running away from this creature. The blonde had blues eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks. He was walking home from his girlfriend Sakura Haruno's home. His name was Naruto Uzumaki and he was in high school his second year. He took the short cut threw the park when he had meet up with this giant creature who was covered in blood and had a couple of human heads in his mouth, a blood soul eating human monster. He was chasing after Naruto, but Naruto had tripped on a rock.

Shit- thought Naruto.

He closed eyes when the monster was about to eat him when he saw a girl who had long indigo hair with a staff in her hands fight of the monster. She was wearing these weird clothes they had kimono sleeves in purple, pink and blue the dress reached up to her thigh and had some while thing that blocked some part of her body but you can still see her legs. She had brown boats on. She was fighting the monster off when she had used her staff to make a Porto. When she had finished it off she had whipped away a few sweat drops and had turned around to face Naruto, she thought he couldn't see her so she just walked right pass him. But he grabbed her wrist and said, " What the hell was that?"

"Huh you can see me?" asked the young girl.

"OF course oh and my name is Naruto Uzumaki,"

"My name is Hinata Hyuga,"

IT was silent for a while when Naruto started laughing.

"What your not a Hyuga, Hyuga's are gods,"

"Okay well since you don't need me I'll be going," said Hinata.

"No you're going to tell me what that thing was," said Naruto holding on to Hinata's wrist tightly. She had fainted on top of Naruto. He placed his hand on her forehead and it was hot. He decides to carry her back to his home. When he had entered his apartment he didn't expect any home since he is alone expect his girlfriend Sakura. He placed the girl on his bed. He placed a wet cold rag on her forehead. He then started playing around with he staff. It didn't do anything. When he saw Hinata wake up he gave her back her staff.

"Thank you," said Naruto "For saving me back there,"

"Sure no problem," said Hinata with her soft voice; it was hard to imagine her fighting of that creature.

"So are you going to tell me know about those creatures?"

"Those creatures are the peoples sin," said Hinata.

"People's sin?"

"Yup, and they appear in huge amounts, that one was lust, which means someone near by is sinning," said Hinata getting up. Naruto was still sitting and noticed by accident that she wasn't wearing underwear and started to blush. Hinata noticed him blushing and asked him, "What's the matter Uzumaki-san?"

"Nothing," said Naruto looking at Hinata try to open the door but when she opened it she was being blocked by a shield.

"What? How come? Could it be that Naruto is the one?" said Hinata.

"Huh? What about me?"

"YOU, I can't get out because you must be the One," said Hinata.

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Naruto when he heard a loud screech from a monster.

"Oh another one and this one is lust, Naruto your coming with me," said Hinata.

"Hell No," said Naruto.

"Please I'll explain everything later but I can't leave unless you leave with me," said Hinata.

"Fine," said Naruto following her out. She had lifted him up and started jumping on the roofs of the house. She had reached the location of the monster.

"Hey this is where Sakura-Chan lives," said Naruto.

"Do you know her?"

"Yeah she's my girlfriend,"


"Hey you look out," said Naruto. Hinata had placed Naruto down and started running after the creature. She had jumped and then kicked it in the face. The creature flew back.

"Naruto-san please follow me," said Hinata. Naruto had obeyed her and ran with her. Hinata had used her staff to open another Porto. She had opened it perfectly.

"Yeah you did it," yelled Naruto. When Hinata had fainted again and had lost most of her powers. Naruto noticed that glow that she had disappeared. He staff lost its glow.

He took her back home, not wanted to take her into Sakura's home.

When they had made it to his home he did the same thing like last time. But this time Hinata looked pale.

"Oh what the hell did I do?" said Naruto.

When the sun was rising Naruto was sleep on the ground while Hinata woke up.

"Oh my head, huh? what am I doing here still?" said Hinata getting up accidentally stepping on Naruto's hand.

"Ow," yelled Naruto, "Nice wake up call!" When he heard someone knocking on the door.

"I'll go and get it," said Hinata.

"No," yelled Naruto tackling Hinata, knocking her down on the floor.

"Okay," said Hinata.

"Go hide in the bathroom," said Naruto pushing her into a bathroom. He then went running towards the door. He saw Sakura threw the little hole, and he opened the door. Sakura had wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and told him, "I thought that I would come early and have sex with you,"

"Yeah?" said Naruto kissing her lips.

"Yeah," said Sakura closing the door behind her and she had taken his arm and took him to his room. When Sakura noticed how the bed wasn't as messy as usual. But then she didn't give it much thought. When she had lied on the bed and Naruto took her top off, he heard the monster screech. Hinata had ran out of the bathroom.

"Uzumaki-san we need to go," said Hinata.

"What?! Who is she Naruto?" demanded Sakura.

"I saved her from dieing at the park and she needs to go somewhere," said Naruto kissing Sakura's neck. Giving it a nice sucking on it.

"Naruto-san please that monster, lust its coming back," said Hinata pulling Naruto away. When Sakura had gotten up she had pushed Hinata and yelled at her, "Stupid Bitch don't you see we are in the middle of something,"

"Ah, I can't leave unless he follows, you're the cost for its appearing," said Hinata. IT was too late the monster had appeared.

"Damn it I lost my power," said Hinata. When a young man named Sasuke had come to there rescue. He had started fighting of the monster and opened the Porto with his eye. When the monster was gone he ran to Hinata.

"Sasuke what are you doing here?" asked Hinata.

"That's the thanks I get for saving you," said Sasuke. "Plus what's this about you losing your power,"

"Damn it, not in front of them," said Hinata looking at Sakura putting on her shirt and Naruto amazed.

"Come were leaving," said Sasuke pulling her arm.

"I can't go I am bound to that human over there," said Hinata pointing at Naruto.

"Did he take your power?"

"I don't know," said Hinata.

"Here I'll scan," said Sasuke checking her to see if she was okay. "I see the problem your energy is only trapped, the one needs to kiss you,"

"What?!" yelled Naruto.

"Oh I forgot to mention his the one," said Hinata.

"Oh Hinata what's your father ganna see of this we are suppose to get married in two earth months," said Sasuke taking Hinata's hand. She jerked her hand away and looked away from him.

"I know you don't want to get married," said Sasuke.

"Then don't," barked Hinata.

"Why would I," said Sasuke sucking her neck when Naruto pushed him away.

-End Of Chapter 1-

Ohhh Sasuke your, such a pervert sorry Sasuke fan girls. But I couldn't resist. Don't worry still a NaruHina. But first it's a NaruSaku and a HinaSas no matter how she doesn't want to.


Naruto: Damn what did you do?

ME: I added a cliffhanger.

Jasmine: Hey I am her friend and Sasuke.

Sasuke: What?

Jasmine: You dick asshole, why the hell did you leave Naruto and Sakura mostly Sakura

Me: Jasmine, that's the original anime this is my story

Jasmine: So what (cry, sob)

Sasuke: Drama queen.

Jasmine: You bastard, you don't want any more problems (Takes out sword and starts chasing him)

Sasuke: Oh shit

Jasmine: Yeah you better run.

ME: Jasmine give me back my sword!

Jasmine: After his died.

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