Hey for the asshole who told me to burn in hell, I say go fuck your self. If you simply don't like my story don't comment, don't read, and shut the fuck up. Damn, it's very frustrating getting shitty comments like that, and if you want to insult me or any of my story grow some balls and get a fanfic account and then talk shit to me. Fuckā€¦

Sorry everyone who had nothing to do with this, pero people like that should learn if you don't like something just stay quiet and leave me be. Now I might end up deleting my stories because this isn't the first time I get comments like this and it's really something that just gets me mad. Especially those cowards who don't own a fanfic account and they start bashing other people's work. If I get just one more comment like that I don't even know what I would do .

Again sorry for the descent people out there who know how to be respectful, and nice people; and for those who say stuff like, "It was only criticism," then I'll reply, "That's bull shit!" As an artist I've learn a lot about how to comment people's work, and for the idiots who don't know what criticism is then I'll teach you. Saying stuff like "This Story Was ** . I Do Not Like It . It Made No Freakin Sense. You And This Story Can Burn In Hell" (A/N: the asshole's name is Trixie_1234 well at least the guest name thing, wrote this.) This is something an ignorant person would say now a critique would be, "Oh I like this setting and character profile, but I think that you should extend your ideas so that your stories plot will be more out there," see stuff like this is a critique. Now I hope the asshole Trixie_1234 learned some Fuckin manners.

Also on the good side I might make another Naruhina story, so stay alert on that ^^