A/N - Short introspective piece - Megatron's thoughts on Blackout.


Megatron watched Blackout and Bonecrusher leave, smirking at their backs. He knew Blackout would start baiting the volatile Bonecrusher again as soon as they were out of earshot, but he honestly didn't care. His Decepticons were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

And if they weren't, well… the strong ruled, and the weak became Blackout's toys. The big mech's unconventional hobbies were an asset in more than one way; after a few years living in close quarters with Blackout, the most strenuous Autobot interrogation would seem like a vacation.

Blackout was one of his favorites, he had to admit. His loyalty was a perfect foil to Starscream's treacherous nature. Despite their constant fighting – or actually, because of it – the two made an excellent pair. Each strove to out do each other, pushing them to excel. It was a never-ending game of one-upmanship that had proved devastating to more than one Autobot.

Blackout – massive, powerful, cunning and dedicated. Well worth the trouble of acquiring him.

His creator had designed him as a field medic; strong enough to pull even the largest of the wounded to safety. Unfortunately, Blackout was more interested in taking things apart than putting them back together. He was fascinated by pain and fear, and used his knowledge of medicine in ways his surgeon creator never would have approved.

Even so, Megatron had had to put a great deal of effort into taming his hound. Blackout had not been inclined to listen to anyone, not even his creator, and certainly not some stranger.

When words failed to convince Blackout to join his cause, Megatron ended up dragging the impertinent mech out of the sky and beating him into stasis lock. Blackout had come out of it disorientated but furious, and not at all inclined to obey.

So Megatron beat him back down, and stood over Blackout's barely-conscious form, speaking quietly to the shivering mech of his vision for Cybertron. It took several repeats of this before Blackout started to listen, but finally he looked at Megatron with guarded respect, keeping his mouth shut and his weapons offline. The Lord Commander had smiled, and so began Blackout's real education.

Tactics, combat, aerial maneuvering – turning Blackout from a hulking bully into a sophisticated monster; channeling his fascinations into a terrifying weapon.

Yes, Blackout was certainly one of his favorites, now that he'd learned his place.

Kneeling at Megatron's feet.