Blackout, Blackout,Blackout.

Why does everything have to be about Blackout?! Just for once, I'd like to have a conversation with my glorious leader that doesn't involve slagging Blackout. He's not even in the room, and he's still in the conversation.

What does he have that I don't, anyway? I'm faster than he is, a far better shot, and my kills outstrip his by so much that it's ludicrous! But who is it that Megatron pets and cossets? Blackout. Slag it, Megatron practically fawns over him, praising him and rubbing it in my face.

I hate him.

And the slagger isn't shy about it, either, shooting me smug looks whenever I have the misfortune of being forced to attend Megatron. And then laughing while Megatron ridicules me!

He's even worse in private, never shutting his slagging mouth. I am the ranking officer! Me! And he shows me no respect. I can't even shut him up like I would anyone else, because he's Megatron's slagging pet. So he just runs his vocalizer and gets away with it, calling me traitor to the cause and worse. The bastard doesn't even know what the Decepticon cause is! Ambition, cunning, self reliance – these are Decepticon virtues! Virtues that I have, virtues that I used to claw my way to my rank. I earned my place, and he has the nerve to call me traitor?

What use is he to the Decepticons, anyway? What does he do that's so slagging valuable? He questions a few prisoners, plays fetch for Megatron, and stands around looking ugly. Smelt it, even Brawl could do his job better than him, and Brawl's got all the intelligence of a lamp post.

No, he just follows Megatron around, prattling about how his 'loyalty' to Megatron makes him somehow better than me. Loyalty, feh... an Autobot virtue. His programming betrays his origins. Once and Autobot, always scum. Megatron should know that, but he insists on keeping that slagging stray around, insists on giving him the credit that I deserve.

I am the second-in-command of the Decepticon Empire, and someday, I will be first. And then Blackout will die.

But first, I think I'll make the bastard beg.