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Kingdom Hearts: Roxas

Title: I Want to Be Somebody

by: Mist Lionshade

p.s. This is my first poem. Tell me how it is! Also, this poem inspired me when the scenes of Roxas walking out on Organization 13 ,wanting to find Sora, and the battle with Riku (and Sora.), especially the 'Roxas Pissed Off Moments!'. This made me really think how Roxas feels. Please review!

I Want to Be Somebody

It starts out with my name


Spelled backwards it Sora

without an 'X'

I don't have a heart,

I'm just half of a person,

Not even suppost to exist!

I am a Nobody

But I don't want to be a nobody,

I'm not gonna be a nobody!

To fade in the dark,

with all the dusk and heartless running amok!

I want to be Somebody!

And thats gonna change!

I'm standing up!

Gonna find a way to light,

not fade in the dark!

Gonna walk out on Organization thirteen,

become a new person,

Find new me.

I've been living a lie all my life,

the life of a Nobody!

No one can stop me at all!

I hold two keyblades,

because, Sora holds half of who I am,

Im gonna find him someday,

Gonna find the light!

I dont want to be a Nobody!

Im gonna become a Somebody!

Find a new life,

Find the real me

No one can stop me.

Time to become a somebody.