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Love, even Stavros deserved that.


"Good morning Mr. Corinthos."

Sonny opened his eyes, and looked across the room at the man who woke him. He sat up on the couch, slowly reining in his anger before he spoke.

"You tell me right now where Alexis is and I just might let you live another five minutes Stavros!"

Stavros laughed at Sonny's threat and turned away from the glass doors, that looked out over the garden.

Sonny started to get up off the couch; he'd beat it out of Stavros if necessary.

Stavros put his hands on his hips and looked Sonny up and down. Finally he shrugged his shoulders at the angry man.

"My Alexis, is safely with my son. They have much to talk about as do you and I. I'm sure when they're done, Nikolas will bring her here to get her children." Stavros unlike most men had no fear, of an angry Sonny Corinthos..."Now, sit back down Mr. Corinthos. There are a few things I need to tell you and I don't have much time to do it in."

Sonny was about to argue, but something about Stavros made him sit back down. Max was right, this was not the same man. Sonny still didn't think he was to be trusted, but the over powering sense of evil that used to emanate from him was gone.

"Start talking Stavros, you're on borrowed time after all." Sonny warned him.

Stavros shook his head at Sonny still attempting to scare him; he wanted to say to him..."I am a Cassadine do not forget that!" But he did not, this was the man he was about to give his whole life to it wouldn't do to threaten him. Besides that would displease Alexis.

"From all I've heard from Alexis, about you and I still have trouble grasping the concept that she felt you worthy of her." Sonny gripped the cushions of the couch trying to keep a tight rein on his rising anger at Stavros mocking of him..."You aren't. You know that don't you? No one is worthy of Alexis. She deserves so much more than what the world has ever given her. What her family and friends have ever given her."

Sonny had to agree. He was guilty more than most of mistreating Alexis. After all Alexis had given him what he'd believed, she gave no one else. Her complete trust. He'd stomped it into the dirt.

"How very odd isn't it, that after so much heartbreak, my little one still has not only the capacity to love but to forgive. I assure you she did not learn that from the Cassadines." Stavros was quiet for a moment giving Sonny a chance to speak.

"She learned from her mother. You know the one that your mother slit open her throat in front of Alexis"
Sonny snapped at him.

"Helena is no longer a problem for anyone. My mother learned a very hard lesson quite sometime ago."

Sonny raised his eyebrows at Stavros, wanting an explanation.

"Breed anger and hate and one day you'll find, that it can turn on you as easily as it turns on those you've taught it to hate." Stavros let out a sigh, Sonny thought well it's what the old bitch deserved. Sonny thanked God that he'd never known a day when he'd have hated his own mother so much he could kill her. Sonny had no doubt that Helena was really truly dead. Sonny was just as sure that it hadn't been a quick death either. No, Helena had paid for her sins. Maybe because that payment had come from her most loved son, Helena really understood what those sins were before she took her last breath.

"Today is your lucky day Mr. Corinthos. Today I'm giving you my whole world. You have no idea how lucky you are. I'm giving you my son, my grandson." For the first time Stavros looked away from Sonny's eyes before he spoke. While he might be able to hide his eyes from him, he couldn't hide the emotion that filled his voice at his next words..."My nieces and most of all I give you my...my Alexis. You shall watch over them for the rest of your days Mr. Corinthos. You shall see that no harm comes to them. You will do everything, everything in your power to make sure their hearts are filled with love and laughter, not anger and hate. If you are half as intelligent as my Alexis says you are...well you'll get down on your knees every night and thank whatever gods you believe in that you will never walk a day on this earth alone. That you don't have to pay for sins, that you didn't even know you'd committed, because of lies told by your parents. Sins that..."

"Sonny? Have you heard anything about..."The two men turn to look towards the entrance of the room. Sam stands there for just a moment, looking at the two men. Suddenly recognition fills her eyes and she rushes at Stavros screaming..."WHERE IS ALEXIS? WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?"

Sonny leapt up off the couch, grabbing Sam around the waist, just before she can reach Stavros.

"Sam, calm down." Sonny spoke into her ear calmly.


Suddenly Stavros was standing mere inches in front of Sonny and an outraged Sam.

Sonny glanced up at him and could see his face was filled with anger.

In as deadly a whisper as Sonny has ever heard; Stavros started to speak to Sam.

"You can call her Mom, Mother, Mama...you don't ever ever call her Alexis again! You have no idea how lucky you are. Absolutely none, that you can call her your mother!"

Sonny felt Sam flinch where his arm was wrapped around her waist, she seemed to push back against him now wanting more space between herself and Stavros. For some reason Sonny planted his feet more firmly on the floor and held her in place.

Stavros was quiet for a moment while he pulled his anger back inside, he let his eyes travel over Sam. From head to toe his eyes scanned her. Stopping for a long moment at her eyes, another at her mouth. Down to her elbows then her fingers. Down over her chest, past her waist over her thighs and stopping for a moment again on her ankles and toes peering out from the satin pajamas she wore.

Sonny let the thought go through his head, that he knew Stavros was in no way looking at her as the sexy beautiful woman she was. There was something else in that look. For the life of him Sonny just couldn't figure out what it was. Before he could come up with it, Stavros was once again looking Sam in the eyes, easily holding her own with his as he started to speak...

He seemed to shrug his shoulders just a bit..."You are beautiful. But your beauty doesn't even come close to that of your mother's."

Sam gasped at his words. While Sam thought Alexis beautiful, she didn't consider her own beauty below that of her mother's. If anything she probably felt she was more beautiful, considering how much younger she was.

"Yours for now is on the outside alone. Your mother's comes from within. It always has. Alexis was blessed by having inherited more Bergman genes than Cassadine ones.

She was blessed with the gift of truly knowing what a real mother's love is.

You should be down on your knees at night, thanking god that her heart has never forgotten that love! A love that taught her; the welfare of her child is more important than anything else.

You should be even more grateful for the fact, that she spared you the experience of being raised in the House of Helena!

For I have no doubt you would not have taken a breath, past your first birthday."

This even made Sonny gasp as he felt Sam shiver beneath where his fingers still held her in place.

"She wouldn't!" Sam whispered.

Stavros let out a low chuckle at her shock at his words..."See. You can't even comprehend such a thing as being true. I assure you it is.

The things she did to Alexis. " He looked at her, holding her gaze again before he spoke..."You have no idea do you? I'm not surprised. If Alexis learned anything at all, at the hands of our family it's that most times it's best not to share information.

There is much you can learn from your mother. We can hope in the days and years to come, you will learn how to have the grace she possess. I fear though, you shall never have the heart full of love and forgiveness Alexis has.

You have too much Cassadine in you for that. It will not serve you well. I fear it will control you, instead of you controlling it."

Sonny finally let loose of Sam and stepped away from her and Stavros. He needed a moment to himself. His mind was racing, trying to put all the pieces of a puzzle he didn't even know he had, together.

Sonny had always thought that Stavros wasn't capable of speaking the truth. Sonny found himself believing each word the dangerous man had just spoken. He was sure Stavros was right when he said Helena would not have allowed Sam to live. Sonny had no doubt the vile old woman was capable of ordering a baby dead. While he had been under the impression that Stavros didn't care and didn't think much about Alexis, Sonny now realized he was very wrong. Sonny found himself having the unimaginable thought, that it was Stavros Cassadine who knew Alexis better than anyone else in the world.

Better than even he or Stefan had ever known her. Sonny was dragged out of his own thoughts by Stavros last words to Sam...

"Be very careful how you sin little one. Some things can never be forgiven, no matter whether you knew it was sinful or not!

The worst way one can pay for their sins, is to walk this earth alone for the rest of your days. I would truly hate for that to happen to you."

As Sonny stood to the side of them, he was sure Stavros eyes had watered up for just the briefest of moments, before he ran his index finger down the side of Sam's cheek.

Turning back to Sonny, Stavros spoke to him a final time..."I have given you everything, any man needs to be happy in this world One rarely gets the chance to have a fairytale ending. Don't turn your back on it just because it came from me. "

Then before Sam and Sonny could even blink, Stavros was gone.


There will be a brief epilogue in the near future.

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