Made yet another story, but it's Itahina :DD Enjoy. Also, correct my Japanese if I'm wrong And correct me if I use the wrong Naruto terms! This somewhat feels like the plot of my first story...

Itachi was sent on a C-ranked mission. With his annoying little brother, who tagged along.


"Uchiha-sama." Tsunade said.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" Itachi bowed.

"You are ordered to go on a C-ranked mission to the Land of Water to retrieve a scroll from the Mizukage." Tsunade tossed the scroll to Itachi who caught it perfectly.


Itachi quickly dashed home and clenched his teeth. 'A C-ranked mission, huh? Konoha must not have many ninjas.'

He silently walked through the front door, took off his shoes, and was greeted by his mother and brother.

"So, Itachi-oniisan! What mission do you have?" Sasuke asked eagerly.

"Retrieval mission." Itachi walked to his room, but Sasuke wouldn't let him.

"Ooh! Can I come with you?" Sasuke asked.

"Aww," Mikoto said, "Let him go. It's probably low-ranked."

Sasuke looked up at Itachi. "PLEASE NII-SAN!"


And here they were now. They were just almost at the Land of Water, just 30 more miles.

"Look Itachi!" Sasuke was running all around the place amazed by basically everything.

As they got closer to the valleys, they heard a soft voice humming, and it echoed through the valleys.

But they couldn't hear the voice over the rush of the river, and the voice was somewhat tantalizing to their ears. "Nii-san! The voice... it's beautiful..." Sasuke was in a dreamy like state as he neared toward the source of the noise along with Itachi. And Itachi couldn't help but agree. The sound was quite lovely.

As they were coming closer to the sound, they started becoming silent. And then they saw what awed them. She was beautiful. She had short almost-shoulder-length indigo-ish hair, which was soaked. But the thing was, she was sitting on a flat rock, and she was definitely not human. She didn't have legs. She had a tail. A mermaid's tail. It was a really dark blue-purple color.

And that's not the only thing. She had large whitish eyes with the slightest tint of purple. 'Like a Hyuuga's.' Itachi thought suspiciously.

"Wh-" Sasuke started, but Itachi put his hand over his mouth to shut him up. So with an angry little Sasuke, he broke a twig with his foot so he could get Itachi's attention.

It got Itachi's attention all right. As well as the mysterious girl's.

Itachi looked down a Sasuke and tried his best not to glare or shout. So instead, he sighed silently. When Itachi looked up, she was immediately gone.

Itachi decided it wasn't time to get side tracked off of his mission so he went back to going to his destination.


Sasuke and Itachi waited on their boat while going to the Land of Water. Sasuke was just ranting on to Itachi about things he didn't even care about.

So Itachi just stared out into the water immensely bored. Then he saw a flash of dark indigo. But when he blinked, it was gone. 'Could have been my imagination.'

Then he thought about the girl with the pretty voice. 'She could have been just my imagination too. Must've been dreaming.'


After the mission

'Itachi-nii sure is meaner. Lemme go bother him some more!' Thought Sasuke.

2 Years later...

"Why?! Why'd you do it?" Sasuke screamed at the emotionless teen in front of him.

"To test my power. My strength. I needed a challenge. Not just some damn stupid retrieval missions." Itachi spat. Then he thought about flashes of purple and a certain girl.

"I'll even show you." Then Itachi's eyes started spinning into the Mangekyou Sharingan. "I maintained something you couldn't. Something stronger."

Sasuke saw his dead bodies that once belonged to his clan. 'NO! No! No... Itachi! ... How could you...'

He then feel on the floor with his hands clutching his hair. And passed out.

Some time later.

Every now and then, his mind just kept thinking about the 'mermaid'. Until he completely took her off of his mind by drowning himself in missions.

And today he was sent on a lone mission to the beaches of the Land of the Waterfall to kill a small clan that only consisted of 10 or 11 people. Easy peasy.

He left three/ four days ago. He saw the grainy white sand beaches, then he saw some certain commotion a bit further from where he was.

'Why the hell should I care about what's happening? I shouldn't get sidetracked again.' Itachi thought while straining his eyes to see what was happening.

But being a bit nosy, he got closer to see what was happening.


'Hinata! Run away!' Her mother screamed as she got pulled upward toward the surface.

Hinata had tears in her eyes. She couldn't bear to watch this happen. 'Okka-san! ...G-gomenasai...' She said and darted up.

Hikari looked at her with soft eyes. 'Always wanted to be the hero.'And let out a loud noise as she got pulled into the boat.

Hinata got pulled onto the surface of water by the net that was supposed to be used for catching fish; not mermaids.

She thrashed around in the net and struggled to get out to her mother.

The drunken fishermen/sailors/wasted men just laughed their drunken laugh. And one of them even started touching Hikari's body, seemed like mermaids never aged.

He ran his calloused hand over her body and when he reached her tail, he said, "W-hat th-the hee-eellll? O-Ohh weehhhll..." (What the hell? Oh well...)

"Nnghh!!!!" Hikari screamed and tried to flop out of the boat and back into the ocean.

"Heehhee -hic- hee." The drunken man ... giggled? And he just grabbed her and dragged her back.

As well for Hinata, she never really was on the surface this long before, so she just passed out. But before she passed out, she saw all the good memories she had with her mom. But then, they turned bad... like nightmares. And before she saw those memories, she saw someone coming toward the ship.

Yay. Don't think I made any grammatical errors or anything, I hope. Oh yeah, if your confused about the whole apostrophe thing going on between her and her mommy, it's just that I can't imagine talking underwater, so they talk, like, ya know... reading lips pr their own thoughts or some thing... Be creative:D (And review)