"A Maximum Ride Fanfic!"

Ep.1: Intro
(Cloe's P.O.V.)

Don't you dare put down this fic! Yours and our lives depend on it! Have you ever heard of rumors of mutant kids or weird human-like beings most with wings?! How about seeing or reading of big buildings in the western world known as ITEX with NO ENTRY signs? Well that's where we came from; me, my big bro, big sis, and the rest of the gang (max, the flock, and a bunch of other genetically altered kids). The Name's Cloe, Cloe Jaffords to be exact & this is not made up! We are genetically altered kids, I for one am half dove and half human or somewhere along there, my sis is half vampire and my bro? He's half angel. The rest are of different species but we all have one thing in common we're all partly human. Worse, were being chased down by wolf-like beings known as Erasers and ITEX minions (such as whitecoats) plus we've got to save the world! But from what? Survival is hard enough but at the same time trying to find answers and go with the crowd (making sure our wings, etc. aren't noticed) is harder! Each of us came from different ITEX buildings all over the world (some the same); most of us escaped and found others like us or and joined "the flock" (Max, Fang, Iggy, the Gasman, Nudge, & Angel) Well it's been 2 years since me, my sis, and bro met oh and of course my other sis Pulse too. We're not real brothers and sisters we're not even related but our relationship is somewhat like it. Pulse like my brother is half angel; she's the one who brought together or at least my bro and other sis (Nic) that is. We've been living with the flock and a bunch of other genetically altered kids all of us under one roof. Cramped? Well not really, for the past few months we've found this big abandoned mansion-like villa it's 50yrs. old and pretty much run-down but all in all a nice livable place, well at least for us anyways.