Ep.2: Eraser trouble! Disperse!

(Cloe's POV)

The sun's rays dawn down on my bedroom window awakening me to another new day. "Good Morning!" I yawned, stretching and getting up from bed. I did my early stretches, this I do everyday, well…everyday since we got a place. Opening my window to take a dip of the morning breeze, I extended my wings, flapped them, and then through the window I went! Flew circles around the whole villa, and then landed once again in my room. After shutting the window, I quickly got ready and left, heading for the kitchen downstairs.

"Morning!" greeted a yawning Max seated on the table, "Iggy just cooked some scrambled eggs." "Great I'll have one!" called a hungry Gasman running through the kitchen door. Iggy slapped a couple onto a plate and swung it straight to the middle of the table. Gasman took the plate and just cut a big piece when we heard a…scream!

Max quickly scrambled off her chair and ran towards the sound with everyone following. "Not while I'm eating!" wailed the Gasman as he brought his plate, bit the egg, and followed. The scream came from one of the doors on the second floor most probably the one of the ones near the stairs. Up we went and soon we heard a 'PANG!' as if a fight was occurring.

Max rammed the door open revealing girl in her PJs and a flock of winged erasers! 'BANG!' shot a bullet from behind me killing one of the erasers. "Headshot!" said a dark green haired teen. "Sis!" I shouted. Excited I gave her a quick hug before going into attack mode. My "sis", Nic, fired at 5 more erasers before reloading, and now she equipped 2 revolvers into her hands and fired once again. Dropping the plate, Gasman flew, and slammed 4 erasers out of balance, pushing one out the window.

"Whow! There's like a thousand of them outside!" he exclaimed as he dodged an attacking eraser. Iggy too lunged through knocking several erasers down and another two out the window, joining the Gasman. "Here!" he yelled as he threw a bomb at the flock of erasers "thought you might need some help." "Yea I do. A lot!" replied the Gasman. Nic fired 3 more cartridges killing all the erasers in the room, and then she took her machine gun, kept her revolvers, and zipped through the window shooting!

"Cloe get the others out of the house!" Nic called as she shot 70 erasers in less than a minute, killing more than half and injuring all. "Roger!" I replied as I dashed through all the doors knocking on each one and shouting "Erasers!" In less then ten minutes all of the kids got out of the house, ready for battle! A shuriken zipped past Nic straight at a lunging eraser, killing him, and plunging him down to the ground. "Headshot!" said a maroon haired teen. "Ark!" Pulse, a friend of mine, called, getting a glimpse of him before slashing an eraser hard with her claws. "What took you hun?" Nic turned and asked. "Got a little eraser trouble down the road" he replied pointing behind him. "There's like a thousand more coming." "What?!" shouted Max. "Bombs away!" Iggy and Gasman called throwing 2 bombs at the remaining flock of erasers, leaving only 300 at flight left, injured. Max was fighting 4 erasers at once, when Fang swooped down from above relieving her of two. "Hey guys they're coming!" yelled a hawk-eyed kid "and looks like they brought reinforcements!" "There's too many of them! Disperse!"