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"D-do you remember everything Haruhi?" Tamaki asked his violet eyes wide.

She titled her head. "Yes, somehow I do"

"Eh!" he cried out his face red. "D-don't tell it just took us to uh...last night..uh.." his face turn redder. Haruhi rolled her eyes. "No" she crossed her arms.

"But then..." he now looked lost.

Suddenly the phone began to ring. Tamaki picked it up.

It was Kyouya.

"Hey Tamaki" he replied, his voice a bit hoarse as if he had just woken up.

"Oh Kyouya, what's up?" he asked looking briefly at Haruhi who was staring at him with those big brown eyes.

"Is everything fine with Haruhi?" he asked.

Tamaki nodded happily. "Yes"

"You seem quite happy" Kyouya replied, "I bet something happened last night" he added dryly.

"Ky-Kyouya..." he giggled making Haruhi roll her eyes.

"Anyways, thats good. I guess what I am about to tell you doesn't matter" he said. Tamaki's eyes widened. "What is it?"

Haruhi noticed the change in Tamaki's expression. The boy became very pale.

"Y-you're kidding me right!" he exclaimed. "That can't happen. Its not possible Kyouya!"

"Tamaki" she began to call touching his arm. He stared at her in surprise and hanged up.

"Hey, what happened?" she asked him. He blinked back, "W-well..."then all of a sudden Tamaki stood up, and ran towards the door forgetting the fact that he was naked.

"Hey!" she yelled when he opened the door. "Stop right there!!"

He paused and looked at her. "What?"

The maid's scream seem to answer his question. "oh my dear heaven" he whispered in embarrassment and shut the door.

"And I thought I was the only one who was suppose to see you like that" Haruhi muttered with an amused grin in her face. And threw his robe. "What is going on with you? What did Kyouya say?"

He put on his robe and ran one hand into his blonde locks. "I'll tell you later" he said and darted out.

"Idiot" she muttered and quickly changed into her pajamas to followed him out.

"Lady Haruhi" Shima called in a low voice as they met in the carpeted hallway.

"Good morning" she bowed.

"Shall you be taking your breakfast?" she asked. Haruhi, "In a while. Have you seen Tamaki?"

"Master Tamaki ran pass me towards his study" she answered her. Haruhi let out a loud groan. What was going on this time? She walked inside and found him standing nears his common folk collection, in his hand was an odd looking wooden object.

"Tamaki, could you stop running around and tell me what is going on?" she demanded and closed the door. He looked at her, and bit his lower lip.

"Uh Haruhi. Do you believe in magic?" he asked her. She folded her arm. "Magic?"

He motioned her to come near him and presented her the wooden object. "This was given to me by Kyouya from his trip to Africa. And its said to be magical" he explained.

"Magical?" Haruhi asked and scratched her head. "Are you sure Kyouya senpai isn't pulling your strings?"

Tamaki shook his head, "No, I doubt he would make a joke out of it. He woke up just to tell me this. And you know that Kyouya hates waking up if its not important"

Haruhi nodded, he had a point. Kyouya was certainly not the type to do so. "So, whats up with its magic?"

"Well" he shifted. She noticed the uneasy look in his face.

"This can grant you one wish" he blurted out watching her expression closely. Haruhi frowned. "Your kidding me right?"

"We share the same thoughts" he said, "but part of me is telling its real because I have already used up that wish"

Haruhi stared at him, her gaze steady on his stricken violet eyes. "Wait, don't tell me..." her face faded.

"That night before your memory loss, I wished that you would forget everything. I just blurted it out unconsciously in frustration" he explained to her slowly.

Haruhi clutched his arm. "T-then... you mean that's what caused all these?"

"Y-yes...I'm afraid so" he lowered his head and refused to look at her.

"I came home, you were already fast asleep. I followed then, but I wanted to tell you the next day that I knew the truth behind the affair" she said breathlessly.

"That's what I mean" Tamaki sighed, "me and my stupid mouth. This could have save us all the trouble"

"Well" Haruhi scratched her head, "Although its hard to believe that its based on that thing" she glanced down at what looked like a wooden statue, "I don't know any other explanation that can support my memory loss. I'm pretty sure I didn't hit my head or anything"

He looked at her and returned the statue in the shelves. "I wasted one good wish" he pouted.

"Don't tell me you wanted to wish for something else?" she looked at him suspiciously.

"I know!" he exclaimed his eyes dancing in delight. "I'll go to Africa and buy all those wooden statues! You want to come with me Haruhi?" he asked her.

Haruhi snorted, "what does a boy who has practically everything want more?"

Tamaki placed one hand in his chin, "Hmmm, I want world peace, every commoner should be at least able to eat a feast during Christmas, save our environment, stop all the crimes..." he began to talk nonsense.

Although Tamaki's wishes were a bit far fetched Haruhi felt the sincerity in them. Tamaki was truly innocent and kind despite at times he was a bit crazy.

"Oh well. That's a nice thought Tamaki" she patted his arm warmly, "You don't need magic to do such. Just put your heart to it, all right? But while your still dreaming and thinking I'll go have breakfast first" she said turning around.

"Wait Haruhi" he caught her arm midway. "There is one wish I really want too" he said meekly. He was starting to blush furiously.

"What is it?"

His other hand caught her slim waist and brought his lips into her ear. "I want us to have a child Haruhi"

"T-tamaki" she shivered involuntarily. He looked down at her lovingly and traced her lips with his finger.

She smiled at him. "Yes" she whispered, tiptoeing she kissed him. Tamaki began to deepened the kiss, his hands wandering around her petite body. She could feel him trying to pull away her pajama top.

"Eh.." she broke the kiss and looked at him. "Not here..."

He did not reply but instead lifted her to the couch and began to kiss her neck. Tamaki's robe was slowly falling off.

"It's fine. You already said yes" he said his eyes twinkling. "Let's start now" he said between kisses causing her to moan.

"B-but the m-maids.." she struggled to say.

"Shima will take care of that" he said and kissed her hard on the lips firmly removing her other garments.

Meanwhile a maid walked by Tamaki's study. "Master Tamak, Lady Haruhi?" she called about to knock when Shima caught her hand and shook her head.

"What about breakfast ma'am?" she asked the head of the household help.

"A little later. Do not disturb them" she said in a calm voice, the maid nodded with a slight confusion in her face and walked away.

Shima let out a quite smile. "Love does find a way" she whispered.



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Side note:

Huni: "wait, what was happening in that room Takeshi?"

Takeshi: Erm... (silent)

Haruhi and Tamaki: ... (faces are all red)

Kyouya: "Well, why don't you come with me and I'll explain that Huni"

The twins: "Let us explain!" ...evil grin...

Haruhi: "No!" turns to Huni, "Seriously Huni, your suppose to know everything with your age. "

Tamaki: "I like Huni that way. He is cute, I want our kid to be like that Haruhi!" Runs to hug her.

Huni: "Takeshi!"

Takeshi: "this has become an R-18 fic. Lets go" he said and lifts him up to his back.

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