"Blah" talking

'Blah' thinking

Blah whatever

(Blah) me/translation

'Blah' different language

Blah Change of time, place, and POV


Normal POV/ First Period:

"Hoi! Hoi! Fuji! Nya, FUJI" called out a tennis acrobat to his fellow tennis prodigy that was currently was sitting down at his desk.

The acrobat dashed into their Homeroom/English class and right at his desk, which was coincidentally next to the tensai. (I hope those two paragraphs made sense)

"You did the homework that was due today right? Right? Can I copy you? I forgot to do it! PLEASE! Nya, I'm begging!" Eiji cried out frantically to a very amused Fuji.

Fuji chuckled, he was tempted to say no just to torture him, but he handed his notebook over to the acrobat.

"Yes! Thank you! I owe you one! Nya, I'm so lucky!" Cried a relieved Eiji and started rapidly copying down the answers to last night's homework.

"Oh my!" said a mocking, but authorative voice. "Is that CHEATING I see, Kikumaru-kun?"

Eiji stood up straight and gulped. "A-ah, no Yamada-Sensei… Nya." He added unsurely.

"Oh really?" the teacher boomed. The corner of her mouth twitching with the humor of it all. "Then what, Kikumaru-kun, are you doing with Fuji's Homework?"

"Ah, ah- hmm… Nya, that's a good question. Let me think about it." He replied and sat back down.

Just as the teacher was about to say something she heard a soft knock on the door.

"Come in!" The teacher called out.

And in stepped a pale thin girl their age with black Mid-back length hair and big soft chocolate brown eyes, she was unconsciously tugging the skirt of her uniform down. She stumbled a few times but walked over to the front of the class and smiled.

"Everyone!" Yelled out the teacher to the noisy class. They were still talking. "OH, WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!" It was dead silent. "Okay, everyone! We have a new student so I want every one of you to be nice to her." The girl's face a bit pinker because of the attention. (Just to tell you, she's not shy. In case that gets to you.)

'She seems nice!' Eiji thought happily.

"Go introduce yourself sweetie" the teacher told her nicely.

"A-ah hai, My name is Ame Lee, I'm 14 years old and I'm half Korean and half Japanese. I lived in Seoul, Korea up until last week. I visited Japan a lot, but my Japanese still needs improvement, and I hope we become good friends!" She rushed out and bowed.

Everyone stared at her. She looked up, confused at the silence.

"Ano, my Japanese isn't that bad, is it?" she asked while pointing cautiously to herself.

"Sugoi!!! She can speak another language?! That is so cool! NYA!!!" Yelled out the auburn haired tennis acrobat. The girl's, Ame's, face turns a bit pinker but she smiled at him.

"Kikumaru…" the teacher started dangerously, but just sighed. "Since it seems you've already made a friend... You can sit next to Kikumaru-kun. Eiji, you're now her official tour guide."

Ame took her place next to him silently and smiled at him before taking her books out of her bag.

"Ohayo Ame-chan! I'm Eiji as you already know!" Eiji whispered to her

"Ohayo, it's very nice to meet you!" Ame whispered back "I hope we become good friends."

"Eh? I thought we already were!" he whispered back, grinning.

She giggled back. "Arigatou, Kikumaru-san"

"Call me Ei-"

"Kikumaru!" Are you talking in the middle of my class?"

"No sensei!"

"He wasn't saying anything, sensei" the girl reassured timidly.

The teacher just sighed. "Everyone. Please turn to page 147 in your textbooks please."

"Arigatou Ame-chan" He whispered quietly for the last time.


Last period/ Ame's POV:

Whew! Last class over! Today's my first day of work too! I hope I do well!' I thought as she headed out the door of the last class.

"Hoi! Hoi! Ame-chan, nya!"

I turned around to see Eiji and Fuji running up to me.

"Ohayo Kikumaru-san, Fuji-san!" I called out cheerfully.

"Nyaa! Don't call me Kikumaru-san! It's Eiji! Well, anyway's you're from Korea right? How do you say my name in Korean?"

'How many times have I been asked that?'

I stared at him for a while and stared at Fuji with a look that clearly said 'Is he Really asking me That?'

Fuji just smiled and nodded back to me.

I sighed, faced the one with the evil question, and said quite plainly to him "Eiji"

I could tell he was disappointed at the outcome. He was probably hoping that it was something totally foreign and special like all the other people who asked me. It's no big deal! Korea is just a small plane ride away from Japan! Speaking of Japanese Koreans, why aren't there any Koreans? There should be some more -Zainichi Koreans!'

(-Zainichi Koreans are simply Korean permanent residents in Japan. Zainichi means staying in Japan... in Japanese.)

Other than that, I really liked them, especially Eiji. He was really nice, cute, funny… 'Wait! Hold up! Back track! Did I just think that? No! bad thoughts! I've only known him for what? A few hours? Babo! (Stupid!)'

I turned my face away from him just so he wouldn't see that tint of pink on my cheeks, and something caught my eye.

"Oh my gosh! Is that a tennis court!?" I couldn't keep the excitement and happiness inside of me at my new discovery.

"Yeah! That's Seigaku's tennis court!" Nya, do you play tennis too?"

I nodded. "I used to."

"Really?! Well, didn't you know that this was a tennis school, Nya?" Eiji asked. I didn't.

"Eiji and I are regulars there," added Fuji.

"Regulars?! You guys are that good?! Jinjaa?! (Really?!) I asked shocked.

"You can come watch us practice if you want!"

"I wish I could, but-" I started to say, but before I could finish my sentence, Eiji grabbed my arm and ran off.

'Guess I'm going to the tennis court. What will the boss say if I'm late to work? It's my first day too! I'm gonna get in a load of trouble! ARGH! I hope you're happy Eiji!'

And he was.


This story is kind of edited but more in the later chapters. The character might seem mary-sue to you, I don't know you're opinion! So I'm sorry!!! Flame me if you must. I'll do my best to fix it (while keeping the story at the same time!). I am gonna contradict myself a few times, so I hope you find comfort in that. I'm also doing the new girl thing, not very original… Sorry!

Oh, and there's Korean and Japanese in this story, please bear with it. I'm also trusting you know the meaning of the Japanese words so I will only put VERY few translation. I'm adding Korean because Oc's Korean. I'm also hoping that you guys read this story learning more about Korea! Well anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!