"Blah" talking

"Blah" talking

'Blah' thinking

'Blah' different language

Blah whatever

(Blah) me/translation

Blah New time, place, and POV


In the park/Spy mission:

"This is cramped."

"Seriously, who is that guy?"

"I know him! I do, I do! I just don't remember where…"

"Oi! Mamushi! Move over! You're on my hip!"

"Fshuu… Shut up, I can't hear them. Loud idiot."

"We shouldn't be doing this! This is an invasion of privacy!"

"Seventy percent chance of them being an actual couple."

"What? Seventy?! I'll beat that guy up if he tries anything funny! I'll knock him all the way to the other side of the moon!"

"Baum! Baum baum baum…!"

These were the sounds heard behind a bonzai bush in the park we were occupying.

"I still can't believe we actually managed to fit over fifteen people behind a bush. Jogum Iisanghada."

"Hoi! See? Isn't it amazing, Ame-chan? Although it's easier for you since you're the tiniest one here… ah, don't glare at me like that…"

So this is what happened. We heard from Minako that our shy little Junko was with a guy, and then Mitsuki and Juri suddenly exploded and went all "ZOMG! Must protect her! Boy not worthy! Evil! Perish! Kill!" and all that rahrahrah blahblahblah. And they dragged along both Seigaku tennis team down with them. So now we finally found Junko and we all dove into the safest hiding spot we could find.

A bonsai bush.

And do you have any idea how small a bonsai "tree" (more like shrub) is? Only an acrobat could accomplish the feat-, which probably explains why Eiji isn't so bothered.

Grr… Stupid boy.

Now Mitsuki was serenading another American song to herself.

"Paaaain, without love! Pain, can't get enough! Pain, I like it rough 'cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all…"

But I didn't mind, because Mitsuki had the most beautiful singing voice I've ever heard. Seriously, she was so good, I really did think that pain was better than numbness! She knew English because she and her family had once moved to England (Italy, I think?) before coming back to Japan. Although the chances of that being wrong is pretty high, I'm not quite adept in remembering things.

"Shh! Mitsuki! Sing later! They might hear us!"

I looked at my watch, and sighed. It was already 4 pm, I'm going to be late for work. I cursed and finally managed to untangle myself from the mass of regulars. "Hey guys, I have to leave for work, so-"

"Wait a minute. That silver hair and cross necklace; that tall, ridiculously sensitive and bashful figure! Could our mystery man be Ootori Choutaro of Hyotei? Hmm, Yoo data." Minako giggled in data-ness (whatever you want to call it)

I looked closer at the guy. That name was completely foreign to me and I turned towards my friends. "Wait, who is he? Who is this Ootori Choutaro who is after our little Junko's heart?"

(A/N: Ahh, the blunders of misunderstandings!)

The teams gave each other a look, momentarily forgetting that I was somewhat new and had no clue who our guy was.

Minako blinked as she read from a notebook. "Let's see… Ootori Choutaro. Second year at Hyotei Gakuen Chu, his dominant hand is his right. His playing style is serve and volley. Trump card is his 200 km/h Scud Serve, and he recites "Ikyuunyuukon" while serving- which translates to 'One shot with all my soul'. He and third year Shishido Ryou make up the silver pair. His birthday is February 14, he has a grandmother, parents, and an older sister. He practices violin and piano at home, and he's known to be emotional and sensitive, even crying when confused or loses a match. His voice actor is Namikawa Daisuke-"

"She only asked for a few details about him, not a whole biography!" Sora complained in that female monotone of hers.

My mind was still dizzy from the massive information that had been piled on top of me. "Voice actor…? Who...?"

The girl Minako, shrugged (ignoring both me and Sora) as she gave a pointed stare towards her brother. "Yes Sada-nii. Why do you need this kind of information?"

The brother turned around with a glint in his glasses. "Hmm?" And paused when he saw the parcel in his sister's hands. "Oh, that was for research. And if you read any more, I might have to recreate my akazu just to suit your tastes."

Minako shut her mouth and quickly turned back to our targets as she hid another shiver from her brother.



With Mitsuki:

"Junko!" I smirked, the ball gripped tight in my hands from where I stood at the baseline. "We only have to win a few more times and we win! So remember the tune!" I winked.

Junko nodded, causing her short brown hair to sway around her sweet face. "Un!" Smiling earnestly towards me before turning back to their opponents. For the Seishun Gakuen's female tennis team was currently playing Hyotei in the Kantou Tournaments.

I hummed a little tune, and I couldn't help but feel the giddiness creep up.

While Junko was still in Hyotei Gakuen Sho, she was actually more of a dancer. It was her life. Starting from traditional to ballet, to ballroom, swing, jazz, tango, contempory; until her dance instructor introduced street when entering Seigaku. It was all that was in her mind.

For me, it was the opposite. I loved music. Period. I wasn't a tennis prodigy, but I was definitely musically talented. I sang and I could play anything ranging from piano and violin, to guitars and drums. But my ultimate dream was to become a singer. A singer who would write her own lyrics, compose her own music, a new-age singer who sang just because she loved to sing.

Now then, what is a music protégé like me doing as a tennis regular? Even more questionable was my overall laziness. You'd think athletics would be the last thing I would do. But when I lived in Britain(Did you truly think that Ame-senpai would actually remember right?) I would love to play while watching things like the Australian Open, it was funny, I found that tennis had it's own little beat to it, a rhythm. How can you not have fun composing that? The tempo would rise, rising till it reached the climax and coming to a graceful end. It was beautiful. This was why I joined Seigaku's tennis team (To the utter shock of my parents. Earning a trip to the psychologist) despite my rather famed laziness. But everyone had his or her own genres and it was up to me to note it down into music.

As dancing was Junko's life, music was mine. How could we have not gotten along?

Anyways, when I joined the tennis club in my freshman year, I wasn't thoroughly disappointed. Even though the only notable pieces came from the regulars, and that was enough to encourage me into reach higher and persevere (and I had a lot to learn from my limited abilities). I met Junko, who had accidentally stumbled into my music. Which she told me (after an unintentionally rude invasion of my music) was exactly what she needed.

It was coincidental her main trouble was music. She could never find anything that could match with her choreography. This, plus the fact that there wasn't a dance team in Seigaku led to her join the tennis team. She liked the sport to an acceptable amount from watching the U.S Open and Wimbledon games and her own friends and their tennis practice from her elementary years. According to her, my music benefited her dance greatly. (And I can't say that it wasn't nice to hear)

"Junko, the time signature is ¾, is that okay with you?"

She nodded. I smiled. Together with Junko's dancing, and my music. We made up the self-proclaimed 'Hikaru No Accompagnato' or 'Radiance of the accompanied' to put it literally, not that most people would be willing to pronounce it. But we are one of the best females junior doubles team in the district.

"Oi. Mitsuki, are you sleeping? Argh, that's so typical of you. Mitsuki!"

My eyes fluttered open and I looked up to see Minako rolling her eyes at me. "You're the one who dragged us into this so called 'mission' of yours and yet you're the lone being who falls asleep."

I gave her a bland look in return, too lazy to actually glare at our data master. I opened my mouth to retort.

Meh, too lazy for comebacks.

I looked around, we were still crowded behind a small bush, bringing me back to the notice of our uncomfortable position. I raised a brow. "It didn't even occur to you guys to move to a different location? Aren't you guys cramped?"

The reactions were fun to look at. Hadzuka-gyeong gam (After hearing Ame-senpai saying it so many times, everyone else started to say it as well.) and Echizen-kun looked indifferent, Yuki-fuku and Oishi-senpai sweat dropped, Minako looked thoughtful, Inui-senpai was noting it down, Sora-senpai and Kaidou-san were pissed, Juri and Momo were trying not to laugh, with Fuji-senpai chuckling along, Haruka-senpai didn't care (too busy snuggling Taka), Taka-san was embarrassed by this sad lack of common sense, Eiji-senpai gave Ame-senpai a grin, the already enraptured upperclassmen took no notice, as she was too busy peeking over Junko.

Oh, that's right. We were supposed to spy on the guy she was with.


That's right! We have to save Junko!

"Oh look, Mitsuki woke up again. The next time she falls asleep will be approximately at 16:26 (4:36pm)." Minako said, counting up the statistics in her mind.

I glared her way. She's so annoying!

"Hoi Hoi! Ame-chan! We're moving up! Come on, let's look, let's look, nya! We can be like super spies! Super sugar spies of justic! I want to be double o seven! Nya ha!"

Ame-senpai blinked, unsure (as acrobat-senpai was speaking too fast for anyone but Oishi-senpai to hear). "Eiji, I can't understand a word you're saying."

"We're moving from this bush, to that bush! What can you not understand?"


"Because we're super-spies now let's go, nya!"

Senpai could only get out a short "Hey!" Before she was dragged up to the other lump of shrub in front of us.

I sighed. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the upperclassmen compared to Eiji-senpai and Ame-senpai. I stifled a giggle when Ame swung a fist at Eiji-senpai's head, causing him to pout and complain. With her reminding him grumpily about how tired she still was after her match. Eiji replies that it's a good thing he's not, which makes her grumpier.

Che, it's so obvious to everyone but her. Everyone can tell that Eiji-senpai likes he-

"Guys! Don't tell me you're moving even closer! You're going to get caught! Hey! Stop! You guys are putting our mission into jeapordy!"

I looked up and sure enough, our male acrobat was dragging our Korean senior even closer, much to her distress.

"Eiji! Wait! Don't drag me like that! Let me get my balance! ARGH!"

I felt like I was seeing everything in slow motion. It was so dramatic. Ame-senpai bumped against Eiji-senpai, making him fly forward, bringing them down, and not before dragging the majority of the group (including me) down with them. Yuki-fukubuchou was the only one who wasn't discovered.

Sora-senpai swore. "Oh -bleep-! what the -censored- were you doing?!"

There was a new flurry of voices yelling and screaming at each other.

"Eiji! Be careful next time! That was dangerous of you to drag Ame-san like that!"

"What the –bleep- just happened?"

"This is so annoying!"

"That frickin hurt!"

"Fshuu, this was all you, wasn't it porcupine head!"

"Nani? Are you accusing me, mamushi? After what we just saw?"

"No! Don't fight! No fighting allowed!"

"Eiji! You babo! I'm never going to give you any more treats again!"

"Hoiii! Demo Ame-chan! I didn't mean to! I didn't hear you say stop! Nyaa, don't hate me!"

I sighed, as I groggily got up from the ground. "This is troublesome. I should be sleeping right now."

"Oh, I knew this was gonna happen! I just knew it!"

"The chance of us falling, 120 percent."

"Nii-san, what's the point of saying that now after we already fell?"

"Oww!" Haruka-senpai moaned, while clutching her aching rear. "My butt my butt my butt!"

"Che, Mada mada dane."

"Oi! What about it? You're not talking about me, are you? Take that back! Taka-kun! Kill him!"

"Haruka-chan… He probably didn't mean it like that."

While Yuki-fuku covered her mouth, making her giggling unobvious.

Yeah right. Everyone could figure it out.

Although that was a pretty spectacular, if I think about it, I could probably make a song out of it. I could call it 'Spectacular Spectacular' ahh wait, taken. This is probably the one moment I hate Moulin Rouge. Whatever, this new song is gonna be awesome. And I bet Junko's gonna be able to find a better dance for it right away… wait…


With a start, I looked up to see Junko's embarrassed face looming over us as she apologized repeatedly to the very amused Hyotei kid.



Jogum Iisanghe: Means a little weird. Jogum meaning little or small; and Iisanghe is weird, strange, and all that yada yada.

Hyotei Gakuen Sho: We all know that Hyotei Gakuen Chuu means Hyotei middle school, but I replaced Chuu with Sho because Sho means elementary or primary school.

Hikaru No Accompagnato: Like I said, radiance of the accompanied. Might not make sense. Sorry. I know it's lame, took me a while to actually go along with this.

Gyeong gam: Captain in Korean. I know I already said it, and I decided to make the whole girl's team quote Ame for this one, since I think that buchou is a sort of special name for Tezuka, even though it isn't. -shrugs-

Babo: means stupid, fool, idiot. I think I already explained this.

Hey hey hey!! Sorry for that, took a while. But I had this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE writer's block for a while and it took me forever to get around it, I already can't wait for the next one. Whoot whoot.

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