A/N: This takes place just prior to For Her. For Him.


Roy was sleeping in his bed at what had once been his home, but had turned into a make-shift office and dormitory for his team. With the rebellion going on, the headquarters had become a safe shelter, his actual office serving to house some of the displaced families. For convenience sake, the fuhrer had asked that the colonel house his men there. In the main guest room, Breda, Havoc, and a reluctant Falman were all sharing the main guest room. Riza was to stay just next door to Roy in the slightly over-crowded guest room he'd been using for storage. And downstairs, Fuery, Fullmetal and his brother were staying in the study.

It was very little secret to those men closest to the colonel that Riza Hawkeye was definitely not staying in the dusty, box-filled room. No, as she had done many times before, she was staying in his own room, sleeping beside him.

It was the middle of the night when he awoke, arms wrapped around a pillow—Riza hated that he had the tendency to latch onto her while sleeping, and usually provided him with a pillow instead. In her sleep, she looked peaceful, almost angelic. Certainly, she didn't resemble the hard-assed bitch with a gun that everyone imagined her to be, and Roy knew without doubt she wasn't. He propped himself up on an elbow to get a better look at her serene expression, cupid's bow lips twitching slightly at whatever dream she was currently experiencing. He leaned down to kiss her, pressing his lips to her forehead before getting out of bed altogether and making his way downstairs to his desk in his library.

The door to the study was almost opposite the bottom landing for the steps, and as Roy looked in, he found the young major sprawled out over his new leather sofa, right leg somehow suspended upwards on the back of the furniture, automail foot hanging off just slightly. It was almost endearing, except that at some point, Fullmetal would wake up and start talking, not to mention throwing tantrums. Roy chuckled to himself. For the behavior the young state alchemist showed his superior officer, anyone else would have court-martialed him for it, but Roy lived to fight with his subordinate, enjoying the excitement and rush of it all.

Fuery wasn't far away from where Ed laid, still asleep on a military-issue cot. The two had been trading between the two items each night, unlike the three men upstairs, who insisted Breda, an apparent bed and blanket hog, stay on the cot in the room so the others could get some sleep sharing the queen guest bed.

Roy opened his icebox, grabbing a few chunks of ice and putting them in a glass before going to get his scotch. Havoc and Riza would disapprove, but it was just one glass. Besides, it wasn't as though Havoc didn't have his own vices, and Riza, well, no one but Riza could live up to the standards she set for herself.

He walked back by the study and was surprised to find his library had a faint light emanating from it. For a moment, Roy had forgotten he'd told Al if he wanted something to do through the night, to go ahead and look over the books Roy had in his private collection. He had only asked that the teen not go through his personal books, all kept on a shelf by themselves. Roy knew he could trust Al to do exactly as he'd asked. Ed on the other hand would have read each and every one to find something to blackmail the ambitious colonel with, and considering his own fascination with transmutations involving sexual aspects, Roy was sure there was more than enough to do it.

Roy opened the door to the library.

"Oh, Colonel Mustang, sir," Al said, sounding as nervous as he might have also looked had he not been trapped inside of the armor. "You're up at this hour?"

"I don't always sleep through the nights."

"I can sympathize. I never sleep. But at least here, I have something to do."

Roy went to his desk, going over a few texts that the group leading the rebellion had published, trying to find a weakness, something easy to attack, but these people seemed to be die-hard fanatics, willing to do anything for their cause, even die.

Roy hadn't remembered falling asleep, but apparently he had, and Al had covered him with a blanket, because he was very rudely awakened by the sound of his oak pocket doors beings slammed off their tracks, then ripped back in place again. As he was still recovering from waking up with a start, kicking off the blanket, he looked to find himself on the wrong side of Riza's gun.

"What?" he asked, innocently. "I didn't cuddle with you, I didn't try anything last night. What?"

"Y-you, you son of a bitch!" Roy twitched at the name coming from her lips. She could be cold on occassion, she had pointed a gun at him in the past, but never had she called him that. "I'm not going to be able to do this on my own, and my career, I can't… not alone, not by myself. I'll have to resign. I'll have to quit. I'm not going to give it up or get rid of it."

"Riza," Roy said, trying to remain calm. He had grown accustomed to this, but was not happy to hear that the familiar pointing of the gun was accompanied by incoherent babbling. He wondered if his life could really be in danger. "What is it? Why do you have to quit?"

"Because, I'm pregnant. I took a pregnancy test this morning after I was done being sick and I'm pregnant."

It took a moment for that to make just slightly more sense than what she'd babbled, then as it sunk through his thick skull, Roy's jaw dropped, and he effortlessly stood from the chair, ignoring the gun still trained on him, an unconscious smile spreading across his face. A baby. His baby.


"Pregnant?" he repeated, reaching out to put a hand on her stomach. "How far?"

"Almost two months." She lowered the gun, rust brown eyes looking at him, puzzled. "You're, you're happy?"

"Very," he said, laying a hand on her abdomen, knowing he truthfully couldn't feel it. "We'll have to redo the room upstairs, and I'll see if my sister, no she wouldn't probably talk to me, but maybe I can round up some of my baby things, and we'll need to check into maternity leave, and paternity leave, and we'll have to get this rebellion under control…" He realized he was being stared at. "What?"

"You're happy?"

"Of course I am, Riza." He kissed her, breaking the kiss so he could smile, dark onyx eyes all but glowing as he did. "I'm going to be a father. We're going to be a family." Then, he turned serious. "I don't want you going into battle anymore. I don't like risking you as it is. I won't risk both of you."

"I'll be fine, Roy," she said, glaring at him just a bit. "It's you I'm worried about. I'm not going to let you be at risk."

"Riza, as the father of that child and your commanding officer, I order you—" Again the gun was pointed at his face.

"I am not going to sit and worry when I could be out there helping you or saving you. Try again, Colonel."

"Well, Lieutenant, what if I found you unfit to go out today?"

"I'd say that you would have a bullet hole in your foot to keep you from doing the same thing."

There had to be an answer, someone he could trust, someone who was fast and powerful who could watch over her when he couldn't.
"Hey, Colonel Bastard," the voice of Roy's answer said as he opened the door. "Are you coming out to eat or not. I'm still hungry, and if you're not out soon, I'm eating what Breda cooked."

"You are always hungry, Fullmetal. But yes, I'll be coming out shortly."

"Who you calling so short he couldn't climb over a stack of flapjacks?"

"You, Fullmetal."

"Why, you old geezer! I'll show you short."

In charging toward Roy, Ed accidentally bumped into Riza's stomach.

"Ed!" Roy said in a tone that sounded so much like his father's it frightened him. "Stop this at once. I need you to work with Riza when we go out into the streets of Central from now on. I think you could both benefit from having one another's backs."

"Which means you benefit from having both of us having yours. I know she covers you."

"Ed," Riza said, "I'd appreciate it."

She seemed to understand that this was Roy's way of letting her go back out, to have Fullmetal with her. He was stubborn and obnoxious, but he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and Roy knew it.

"Fine, but for you Lieutenant."

Roy waited for Ed to storm back out of the door before scooping his lover into his arms.

"I am more than capable of walking."


He spun her around, trying to imagine their little family, trying to imagine being a father, having a little piece of himself walking around, a little piece of himself and Riza. Despite everything going on around him, Colonel Mustang was happy.