Smashing Mirrors – Ebony's Story

Smashing Mirrors – Ebony's Story

I smashed every mirror in the house afterwards.

You wouldn't believe how guilty I felt. It was scary. I went around the house with a hammer smashing all the mirrors, and after I'd smashed the mirrors I smashed everything else I could smash. I smashed the mirrors because I didn't want to look at myself knowing what I had done. I smashed the other things because I wanted to. They weren't any use to me anymore, not in this world.

I don't know if I regret what I did or not. He was dying anyway. And I did bury him. A decent funeral because he'd asked for one.

This all happened before I met up with Zoot and the Locos started.

For an eight-year-old my brother was pretty smart. He knew he was dying,, he was in a lot of pain but he only complained about it once.

On the third day of the sickness he told me he couldn't take the pain and wanted me to kill him. Why not? Everything was falling apart anyway. Murder isn't that bad, we all die anyway.

He looked so sad and hurt that I nodded and went to the kitchen, coming back with a knife.

He made his final request, to be buried, and I killed him.

I buried him in the backyard and for two days I did nothing but smash mirrors and things. I burned all the photo albums too.

Then Zoot came, he taught me about power and chaos, he told me we would rule the world together. We would have, if it hadn't been for the Mall Rats.

I liked it with the Locos, we could smash whatever we wanted.

Even mirrors.