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Posted: 9/20/07

Summery: Ryou gets a letter from his father and now he and Bakura have to go to London, England. There he discovers his father has been keeping a lot of secrets from him. And there is someone pulling Voldemort strings.

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By Fired Icicle

Chapter One: A Letter

When a letter from his father came, Ryou was very surprised. Not because it was a letter, but because he hadn't heard from his father for almost over two years. From the stamps he could see that it was from England, which was odd. His father was supposed to be in somewhere in Peru working at a dig, not in England. There was nothing else on the letter other then Ryou's name written is his dad's fancy English writing. After looking at it for a few moments he opened it.

Dear Ryou,

Sorry for not visiting lately. I have been very busy with work and I have not have had the time to go to Japan. The reason I am writing you is that you might be in danger. I need you to be here in London as soon as possible. A close friend of mine will come and pick you up. I need you to cooperate and remain calm. I will explain everything when you get here.


Your Father

Ryou stared at the letter. None of it made much since, but he clearly understood the part where is father said someone would be picking him up and taking him to London. Ryou quickly ran to the living room where is yami would be watching TV, as usual.

"Bakura! Read this," he told his yami. "My father sent it. He wants me to go to London. Someone is supposed to pick me up. He says that I am in danger."

Bakura's blood red eyes looked at Ryou as he took the letter. "Isn't your father dead?"

"No," Ryou's face flushed red. "We just don't really keep in touch."

Bakura read the letter frowning. He didn't like the idea of Ryou leaving, especially now that they were finally getting along. While Bakura had never gone out of his way to be cruel to Ryou, he had always ignored him and occasionally hurt him when he got angry or he was in the way.

Ryou used to be terrified of Bakura. Lately Bakura has started treating Ryou better and they have become a lot closer. Ryou no longer feared Bakura and even trusted a little. Not to mention that Bakura and Ryou's friends were no longer trying to kill each other, and thankfully Bakura was no longer actively tying to steal the puzzle.

Although, if Ryou has to go to London, then so would Bakura. He still needs to return to the ring every week or so in order to maintain the body he had created from the shadows.

"What is it Bakura?" Ryou asked nervously. Bakura had been staring at the letter for awhile, longer then it took to read it twice.

"Well, it doesn't mention when your father's friend will arrive and it doesn't make much sense. And what the hell does he mean by in danger?" He answered, still frowning. There was something else.

"Is there something else?" There had to be more, Bakura had been staring at the letter an awfully long time.

"No. It's just that this paper has magic on it," Bakura stated, looking at Ryou's face as his innocent brown eyes widened in shock. "Not shadow magic, but a form of magic much weaker. I didn't notice it at first. In ancient Egypt, I once met a foreigner with magic like this. She used some sort of stick to cast spells."

"That doesn't make since, yami," Ryou asked. "My father isn't interested in magic. He never really approved of me being into the occult."

"Who knows? He could have gotten the paper or the pen he used from someone who does magic. But it doesn't matter much; this stuff is nothing compared to shadow magic. What little I have taught you so far about shadow magic is enough to be able to fight a few of these magic users and easily win," Bakura said, referring to the lessons he had been giving Ryou about shadow magic and shadow dueling. "Anyway, since you're not an adult yet you'll have to go."

"Great, just great." Ryou mumbled. It's not that he didn't want to see his dad, he did, it's just that it meant he had to leave all his friends. His life was finally going great and now he had to leave because his dad was probably only being paranoid in thinking he was in danger. Besides, with Bakura around not much could hurt Ryou.

"Stop being so dramatic. It's not like your dad can keep you there forever. We'll see what he wants and if he won't let you leave I'll create a portal and we will be back here in a matter of minutes."

"Really?" Ryou was already looking happier.

"Yeah, not many people are powerful enough to stop me, so no worries. Besides, while we are there we can say hi to Malik."

"Malik? How? Is he's in London? What's he doing there?"

"Wow, what's with all the questions?" Bakura replied. "Some freakish cult from London stole a book from the museum and Isis was freaking out. Malik went to steal it back so that she would shut up."

"Oh. You haven't mentioned this before."

"That's cause it not important." Bakura rolled his eyes. "He went there about a week ago and I haven't heard from him since. That reminds me though; I've been meaning to ask him something."


"It's none of your business." Bakura growled angrily. Sometimes Ryou could be really irritating.

"Oh. S-sorry." Ryou muttered quietly his eyes down. Bakura groaned, and sometimes he was a little stupid.

"Ryou, calm down. I'm not mad at you," Bakura told Ryou in a softer tone then before. "It really is nothing important. Anyway while I go contact him, you might want to tell your friends where you are going, or they'll freak out when they find you gone, and that stupid Pharaoh will probably come to the conclusion that I kidnapped you."

"Oh yeah. Good idea. I'll go tell them right now." He replied, sounding cheery and smiling. "See you latter." And with that he ran to the door, put on his shoes, and left.

"Wow" Bakura muttered out load to himself. "He really does change emotions quickly."

This chapter is short, the others will be longer.