10 reasons I love Severus Snape:

1. Greasy, unwashed and dandruffy hair is really...um ... sexy?

2. The fact that he's in love with a dead woman who can't stand the sight of him really... means he's sensitive?

3. He's stylish, because black never goes out of fashion... and he never changes his clothes.

They were white once, you know

4. Tattoos are really hot... specially ones of skulls eating snakes...yeah.

5. He's like, resident Bat King, which means that he's royalty- think of the jewellery!

6. As a teacher he terrifies his students, and manipulative bastards really do it for me... This is why Dumbledore is hot...

7. He's good with potions, so he can probably cook... breakfast in bed... probably greasy, too...

8. Big noses are really attractive nowadays... because I said so!

9. A complete lack of any moral code is awesomely... um... non-conformist, in a school full of


10. Dying at the hands of a giant reptile is at the top of my to-do list as well...