The Coming Out of their Closets

To Conclude

He thought it was clearly unfair that females keep the splendid dresses to themselves while males are doomed to don themselves in some-tight fitting tops and burlish slacks.

The prospect that girls had all the fun with their wider range of garments earned his specialty pouts. At least now, he, too, was living that dream as a secret admirer had already sent him flowers!

Nokoru fidgeted in his seat on the wide edge of the fountain, arranging the skirt that did little to hide his shapely legs. Living this secret life would be loads of fun, he could even get the CLAMP Campus Detectives to save him when he'd land himself into trouble!

Oh wow, in Suoh's a woman! Seeing how he'd treat him would be seeing a totally new side of the guy! There was too much to do and enjoy if he were only a girl...

"Excuse me, miss?"

Nokoru looked up, flipping a particularly long lock of synthetic blonde hair away from his face. Summer blue eyes widened and his heart stopped for one fleeting moment.

"Yudaiji-sama," he managed to whisper in an altered tone.

His best friend was his secret admirer? But when? Oh right, the auditions for a Drama Club play weeks ago. He had been the head of the music committee...

Halt! Halt! The blonde's mind was screaming stop. Idomu totally didn't know what was going on. If they were to continue with him bearing such a secret...was this right?

Nokoru hastily stood up and curtsied, unable to hide a treacherous blush staining a large portion of his face. The redhead in front almost blew his cover at the sight.

It was altogether weird to know that this gorgeous golden-haired girl was really male and that the male didn't know he knew he was one and that they were seriously having the hots for each other.

Weird AND twisted.


In the delicious solitude of the school grounds on weekend afternoons and behind the glittering curtain of the flowing fountain, Yudaiji Idomu tugged his best friend's wig off.

The rest, as everyone else, was lost to the summer skies.


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