She glimpses in the mirror watching the reflection of a million shattered dreams, in a cold silvery luminescence.

She thinks to herself...These were pieces of me, the pieces that made me real the pieces that made me human...the pieces that made me alive.

Somewhere along the spider cracks of shattered glass, dwelled the happiness that used to shine inside.

Tears she cries lands upon her wrists, she smears them on the broken mirror and peers once more, and then she sees it. The one thing that used to bring her all her happiness...the one thing that could make her mirror whole.

It was him. The one who would caress her skin, and kiss her lips. the one that would wipe away the sorrow. He was still there. Still behind the cracks.

As she reached to touch him, warm ruby red blood spilled down her fingers. It was an illusion. It happened every time she reached for him... It was only a glimpse of her shattered dreams.

The pain would last her a lifetime...