Cold November Rain

Ichigo sighed, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand as he stared out of his classroom window. He had long forgotten the teachers' rambling, blocking him out. His eyes gazed at the darkening sky, clouds forming rapidly. Slowly, tiny droplets of water began falling from the sky. Ichigo found himself mesmerized by this. Such a thing as simple as rain caught his very interest. His thoughts suddenly wandered to the Soul Society, his eyes growing distant once again. He'd been successful in rescuing Rukia, but somehow he felt uneasy. Ever since he left Soul Society, his life seemed empty. An image of golden eyes passed through his head, and for a moment his eyes widened. 'Those eyes again..' he thought, narrowing his own eyes. 'Golden eyes..' He searched through his mind, trying to match those eyes with a face. Day after day since his return, thats all he could see when he closed his eyes; a pair of golden voids. He concentrated, staring directly at the sky. Suddenly, it dawned on him.

"Yoruichi." He said aloud, lifting his head from his hand. He could see an image of her in the sky; created by his own minds eye.

Yoruichi scowled, her power rising as she fought a hollow a few blocks down from Ichigo's school. She too had been thinking of him, and decided she would pay him a visit. That is, until the hollow made its fancy appearance. Doing a back hand spring, Yoruichi landed on one knee, balling her fist as she called forth her spirit energy. Blue wind whirled around her fist, blowing her hair around wildly. The rain started to pour on them, and as the rain fell more, her power grew. She stood, waiting for the hollow to attack. The hollow however, disappeared. Baffled, Yoruichi let her power hold slip, looking around.

"What the hell?" She took a step forward, about to take another when something grabbed her ankle. "Huh.." She looked down, her eyes widening. The hollow grabbed both of her ankles, effectively holding her still as another hollow appeared in front of her. She went to punch, but another hollow came from behind and held her arms back. Yoruichi's heart pace quickened, her mind went blank. As the hollow materialized its hand into a blade, she closed her eyes, and only a certain someone came to mind. 'Ichigo..' Pain wreaked through her body as she felt herself falling from the hollows hold. Seeing this as her chance, she placed a hand over the whole in her stomach and flash stepped her way towards Ichigos' home.

Ichigo read over the note from his father, kicking off his shoes. He crumbled it and tossed it in the trash, walking up the stairs to his room. His hair and clothes were wet from the rain, so he changed into jeans and a t-moble T-shirt. Collapsing on his bed, he stared out his window at the sky again. 'November first...what a way to bring in the new month.' Sighing, he closed his eyes, Yoruichi's entire form coming to his thoughts.

"I wonder...what she's doing." He thought out loud. Suddenly, his heart dropped, 'Ichigo!' a voice called. "Yoruichi!" He said, sitting up. "What was that?" Several knocks interupted his thoughts. He ran down the steps and opened the door, his breath catching.