A/N: This one's going to get very dark before it's over. The prolog's a bit short, but the next chapter should be up very soon.


Megatron… is dead? Barricade sat silently on the side of the street, one more police car among many. EMTs and officers swarmed the area, still trying to locate and evacuate the civilians caught in the crossfire in the Mission City battle. Military personnel complicated the process, attempting to contain the remains of Megatron and his followers.

Megatron… Blackout… Bonecrusher… Brawl…


The very best of the Decepticon army, slaughtered in one short battle. Barricade shivered.

The war was over, and they'd lost.


Cybertron - six million years ago

Decepticon base camp outside Iacon City

"You've done well, Barricade. I have another mission for you, one that requires your particular skills."

"I live to serve, Lord Megatron."

"The Autobots have information I want. The exact nature of this information does not concern you, only that it may mean the difference between success and failure of this campaign. You will get my hacker past the blockades of Iacon, and bring the information back." Megatron leaned back in his command chair, eyeing the mech kneeling before him. "I do not need to remind you of the consequences of failure."

"I will not fail, my lord."

"Good." Megatron motioned to the tiny mech that bounded up next to Barricade. "Frenzy is the best of our computer intrusion experts. Make your preparations; I expect you back before the strike force moves out."


Tranquility, California - present

Barricade lurked quietly around the corner from the Witwicky residence. The Autobots had become complacent in the weeks since the Decepticons' defeat, keeping close watch on the skies but forgetting the danger already on the ground. The Autobrat, Bumblebee, in particular. The scout had taken well to his new life as a passenger vehicle, settling happily into a quiet routine. He kept a close watch on his new charge, but otherwise seemed content to forget all about the war and the entire Decepticon faction.

We'll see about that! We will not be tossed aside so lightly, not after everything you've done to us, everything we've suffered!

Barricade kept himself hidden as Bumblebee took off down the street with the human. The Mustang started his engine and pulled out, heading for the Witwickys' home.

There was two viable targets that Bumblebee had failed to consider – or protect.

You killed my lord. Your people killed my partner – my friend. I will see you suffer.