"Is she gone?"

"I- I think so..." Rose frowned. "You do realize how ridiculous this is?"

"But we already made that dramatic exit," the Doctor explained. "How's it going to look if she sees me? Can't just run out like 'Hey Harriet, don't mind me. Just forgot the TARDIS.' now can I?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Well then just wait until later to get it. It's only been a few minutes."

"And go strolling through the streets in pyjamas?"

"Wouldn't be the first time you stuck out in a crowd."

He eyed her critically. "Now that is rude. Must be where I got it from."

"It's not rude. I'm being factual. Leather jacket and jeans sort of stand out in ancient Egypt... and in the 1800's... and during the stone age" She ticked each answer off on her fingers, making it clear that she had several more to use.

The Doctor huffed. "If that's how you're going to be, just go home."

"Fine." Rose stood and turned. "I'll see you back at the flat." She began to walk away then turned back. "By the way, she's seen you." She pointed to where the Prime Minister stood, looking at them curiously.