This is an original short story i managed to write up in 3 hours a few days ago for a friend of involves me as Guitar girl fighting crime. It has "Chapters"('s not really chapters but sections..if you guys take the titles away, it's a big story..) P.m. me if you want to see more about this character or do another two ficlets, one starring White Noise ( our main baddie), and Guitar Girl (me)...i'll try and put the story in a more descriptive form once i get a chance to revise it.

With out further ado here it is!


Usually when people think of Superheroes, they imagine these really good looking people wearing spandex and having amazing abilities. In real life, they have flaws just like us. How do I know? I AM one. To bring you up to date on my info, my name's Esther, also known as the Guitar Girl. I have these "abilities" as you people call them; Super-strength, flight, super-speed, invulnerability, X-ray vision (just knocking off a few for you). No one has really heard of my story until now…