The poor man never knew. He never knew he was right.

The cemetery isn't all that far so I decide to go there. Last chance to say sorry for walking away. I never told him I didn't believe him, but he knew. It's hard to deal with a lack of faith like that.

I stop off at a stand to buy a flower. I've only got two quid in my pocket, so it's all I can afford. One of the hazards of traveling with a man and a ship that can give you anything. I could go back and tell Clive the truth, before it's too late, but that's not the way it happened, so he stays as he is and I tell him through ten feet of dirt.

"You were right Clive. Not just a little but bang on. Really. Well done. And I thought, well I thought that I should thank you. If I hadn't seen your website, or gone by to see you, I doubt things would have happened like it all did...

"I'm traveling with him now - the Doctor. That's all, just the Doctor. He doesn't give any other name 'cause he doesn't have one. And yes, he's an alien."

I laugh because, saying it out loud, it does sound somewhat absurd.

"Not immortal though... at least I don't think he is. But he's got, well it's a time machine. Titanic, Krakatoa, 21st Century London. He goes wherever he wants to, and I go with him.

"There's another thing you were right about too. Death - it does follow him. But more often than not it's because he's the one who rushes into trouble to try to help and keep people from dying. He doesn't cause it. Not in all the time I've known him. So yeah, the Doctor does mean there's danger, but not because of him. Just because he dives right into the thick of it.

"But I'm sure you don't need to hear all that. I just came to say I'm sorry for leaving that day. After I met the Doctor, he was all I could think about, but I got closure within a couple of days. I can't imagine not knowing for as long as you did and never giving up. So, this is for you."

I place the flower on the headstone and step back, looking down at the ground. I hear footsteps and the crunching of dead leaves behind me and I turn to find the Doctor.

"You alright?" he asks, standing beside me.

I smile and turn to leave. "Yeah."

"This guy," he asks. "He's the one who helped you find me again, right?"

"In a way. Mickey got changed into plastic while I was talking to him."

We both smile wryly and I start to walk away. Faintly behind me I can hear the Doctor's voice, just before he comes to join me.

"Thank you."