'I see it in her face sometimes, that bottled up frustration. I know it gets to her, and I wish there was something I could do to help her understand who I am. The God's must think I am insensitive. They must put this curse on me. I just wish that there was some good I could do. Some retribution I could pay; to make up for all the times I've forced her to stay behind.' He thought to himself. He adjusted his mirror and could see her falling into the distance. It hurt, but he was a grown... Mouse. He had to do his job; he had to keep her safe.

He tried to focus on the road, on the sounds of the motor beneith him. The wistle of the crack in the back of his helmet. He'd gotten so use to it, he almost forgot it was there.

He wanted to feel the freedom of the ride, however there was a looming doubt. He wanted to take it and banish it from his mind. She was a mile behind him; he turned his motorcycle around and sped back. She was there waiting as he pulled through the green light on the corner of the last chance garage. He pulled up next to her; her arms crossed her foot tapping. She was angry, no doubt about it. He reached up and lifted off his helmet; he felt the air against his antenna. He reached up straightening them.

"Do you have anything to say?" She was so pissed off.

"Um... " He struggled with the words. "Look Charlie girl I know you don't like this." He shook his head. He set his helmet down between his legs on his gas tank. Reaching over he took her hand. Closing his eyes, he searched his soul.

Finally he surrendered. "Ok, Ok! Get your helmet, lets go." Her face softened and she ran back to the garage and grabbed her Helmet and closed the Door to the Main garage bay.

"Thank you." Her voice was sweet in his ear, she jumped behind him. He returned his helmet to his head, and looked back to see if Charlie had put her helmet on.

When he was sure they were ready, he flared up the engine. 'I hope this is the right thing to do.' he thought to himself. Suddenly he felt better, her arms wrapped around his waist, and without knowing it, he slid his tail around her middle.

She was a bit taken aback by it but it was not shocking in anyway, Vinnie never did stuff like this, and she would think he would be the more likely culprit.

'I need a cold shower.' He was thinking to himself again. 'Eyes on the road Throttle man.' He was coaching himself. Had to be his own leader. He was having more issues now, he felt her hands on his shoulders, rubbing gently. He wanted to shrug them off and be the calculated leader, but it felt fantastic on his muscles.

"Thottle MAN!" The radio sounded.

"This is Throttle, Sup Vincent?" He pulled off to the side of the road.

"Um, lets just say you better get your Tail over here as soon as possible." He was in a panic and unlike himself not so sarcastic.


"Yeah, a very big one." Vinnie was mumbling in the background. "Modo's out for the count... Hurry."

"We're on our way." Throttle turned off the radio. He started up the bike, and sped off.

"This is not going to be good." Charlie held him tight.

"I know babe, we've got to get to Forest Park, or I mean what's left of it." He decided that now was the best time to kick it into overdrive and started to hit speeds over 100 miles per hour.

"We need to get there alive Throttle." She clutched tightly around him.

Vinnie looked around at the devistation, they had gone on their own. Modo and himself were taking a break going to see some new developments in the southern part of Chicago, but they did not expect this. The ground was littered with debris, and Vinnie was trying to slide backwards on the ground and pull Modo With him.

"BIKE!" he yelled and his small red motorcycle made it's way to him. He looked at Modo's Motorcycle "And you'll get over here too if you know what's good for you." Modo's bike roared and turned to him and joined the two. Vinnie pushed Modo's limp body onto the bike and made sure he was secure to the handles, with his shoulder bandanna. He turned pulling at the handle bars to his bike to get him back in the saddle. "this is madness." He winced in pain and looked up seeing the giant robot moving on. He didn't know who it was under the control of but it was hard, almost too hard to handle with just the two of them. Modo had been knocked out, and Vinnie had broken a leg. "Lets go bikes, get to Throttle." Vinnie winced as he lay down over his gas tank and took his neck bandanna tying his hand to the handle bar. In the event he passed out he wanted to remain tied to his bike. "Bike's don't stop till you get to Throttle, I'm too good looking to die."

The Monster Machine was letting them go. As long as they were leaving, the mice did not pose a direct threat to it. Vinnie began to pass out onto his gas tank, as the bikes wheeled off into the distance. "Oh god... Throttle." he tried to fight the impending darkness, but it was too late... Vinnie was out cold.

Fifteen minutes later and 20 miles up the road, Throttle and Charlie were still Racing to get to their friends.

"Do you hear that?" Charlie pointed out over Throttle's head.

"That's them all right." Throttle slowed and stopped along the bridge. The two motor cycles came to a stop before him. He and Charlie were quickly off the bike and near their two friends. "Oh man."

"We have to get them back to the garage." Charlie was looking at Modo's head and neck.

"Yeah, Vincent here's got a broken leg, and a broken tail looks like." Throttle looked at her. "Modo's in worse shape, I'll ride on his bike with him, you make sure Vincent doesn't fall off that bike."

"What about your bike?" she asked, looking to it.

"She'll follow us back." He let out a whistle "Won't you girl?" The bike roared back at him and pulled around behind them.

Throttle pushed Modo up a bit and adjusted his head and reached up grabbing the handles and reved her up. "I would go back to see what did this, but if it took out both my bros, I do not stand a chance."

"Lets get back to the Garage and regroup." Charlie climbed in front of Vinnie and lay him across her back. Pulling his arms around her shoulders

"Sounds good babe, Let's Ride!" He started off, Charlie right behind. It would take them 20 minutes to get back. 'I should not have gone back for Charlie.' He was thinking to himself, 'my bros are hurt I should have been there.' He remained silent the whole way. 'but this came out of no where, whatever it is that decided to stomp Vincent and Modo into a little mouse cake.' He shook his head noting that Vinnie's bike was all sorts of scratched up and Modo's was looking no better. 'What did you guys run in to?' he was running things over in his mind, when Vincent and Modo came out of their unconsiousness, Throttle would have alot of questions that would need answered.