"Vinnie, we need to talk." Charlie sat down by the chair, Vinnie could see the hurt in her eyes. He looked back at the door behind the couch she had entered through, it had remained open.

"What's wrong?" He let go of his tail and reached down taking her hand. He was vain, but not cruel "Charlie what is the matter?"

"I think that he is really messed up." She looked down into her lap.


"I need you to find him." She stood and pulled Vinnie up onto his good leg and helped him out to his bike in the Garage.

"Where did he head?" Vinnie limped over to his bike with the help of Charlie.

"I have no idea Vinnie." She got him to his bike and he got on it and planted his left leg on it's post. His right held him up and he lifted the kickstand back. "He said some disturbing things to me."

"Like?" He was shocked. "Sweetheart..." Vinnie sighed "Just tell me what went down so I know not to make an ass out of myself when I find him."

"he said that loving me wouldn't make Carbine come back." She shook her head "He was smoking."

"Oh well Throttle's a smoker, that's not odd, he's just not with it. " He scanned the Garage "And leaving without his bike, this is serious." Vinnie wrapped his tail gently around his own waist to keep it safe. His foot was still broken and it hurt, but he lifted up his other foot and put the bike on auto drive, he could still control where it when but the bike would roll without him having to worry about the clutch.

"Please find him." She stood next to Vinnie.

"Aw babe, I'll bring him back safe for you. I promise." he set his hand on her shoulder "Go sit with Modo, tell him what's up."

"Ok." She kissed Vinnie's cheek. "Bring him back, and watch out for that monster or whatever it is that did all this to you."

"Can do." Vinnie was out of the garage and gone in a flash.

Modo opened his eyes. Charlie was sitting by the bed; head on his left arm, she was sobbing quietly.

"Charlie ma'am?" Modo whispered to her. "what's going on?"

"Throttle's run off..." she wiped her eyes and sat up and ran her fingers through the fur on his arm. "I think I upset him."

"Nah, I don't believe that one moment." he lifted up his mechanical arm. The panel opened and a small screen popped up there was a blue blip. "there see."

"Where is he?" Charlie leaned over him and looked.

"He's at the bar across the street looks like." Modo took a breath. "You should send Vinnie over there."

"he's out on his bike searching for him." Charlie sat up straight.

"Vin, this is Modo, bring it home bro he's here."

"When did he get back?" Vinnie's face appeared on the pannel on Modo's arm.

"He didn't..." Modo sighed "he's at the bar...most likely chain smoking..."

"kay I'm heading back." Vinnie was going to turn off the com "Hey you know have Charlie girl meet me downstairs, I don't think I can get off my bike without help."

"I'll be there." she spoke up. The com was closed."Modo, how long has he been smoking?"

"Throttle, well, lets just say it was never this bad, Carbine made it bad, his frustration over you made it worse I guess."

"Frustration?" Charlie seemed confused.

"I guess he doesn't know how to go about..." He picked his words. "he doesn't know how to love you." Modo started scratching at one of his bandages. "You arn't quite a mouse."

Beeping stopped her next thought. Vinnie was back sitting in the bay on his bike and could not get off. Charlie stood and gave Modo a quick kiss on the cheek. "thanks modo... I think I have an idea of what to do about all this."

"Bring the Lug up here to see me when you haul him back by his tail." Modo smiled.

"Ok." she nodded and heard more beeping, she moved down her ladder. Vinnie was waiting in the garage. Charlie lifted his arm and helped him dismount the bike. She hobbled him back into the office to the chair. "Thanks for trying Vinnie."

"No biggy." He smiled resting back in the chair pulling his tail back up into his lap.

She handed him a small bag of candy. "That's for going out hurt."

"Dude! Root Beer Berrals!" vinnie was so happy. "Best Candy ever!"

"I'll be back in a bit." Charlie picked up her leather coat and made her way outside and across the street. The blind pig. What a name for a bar. She checked in with the bouncer and headed inside. She saw him immediately, she'd know that tail anywhere. He was in the back of the bar at a pool table. He was alone and she could tell he had been talking to himself. Mulling things over and taking his frustration out on the little balls scattered on the table.

She walked up to the bar. "I need two beers."

"You got it lady." the bartender smiled and lifted up two glass beer bottles onto the bar. She smiled and took the bottles back to the pool table.

Throttle bent down and stared down the Q ball as though it were his worst nightmare. A beer bottle was placed in his way. He blinked and looked up at her. She was not mad, she was not happy. She was level and this is what Throttle could not handle. He couldn't read her like this.

"I would like to be alone." He was flat.

"I don't care personally." She sat on the edge of the table.

"Charlene." He looked at her with an even stare.

"Shut it." She said. This caught him off guard, he'd never heard her like this. "Drink the beer."

"Why?" He picked it up "I don't drink that often."

"I know that."

An hour later she helped him stagger home, after getting a few beers in him and getting him to talk they were able to get to the heart of his little funk. "I'm sorry Charlene."

"You keep saying that." She kicked open the office door.

"Is he drunk?" Vinnie blinked

"Pretty much." Charlie helped him into the office and stopped. Modo was smiling at her from the couch. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I'm fine." He smiled and lay back. "My headache went away, so I came down here to watch TV with Vin." She nodded and decided to move Throttle upstairs so she could nurse his hangover.

"you two gonna be ok down here tonight?" Charlie smiled at them.

"Yeah Charlie ma'am." Modo gave her a thumbs up.

"Good night boys." She turned and pushed Throttle's back "Up you go!"

Vinnie laughed and looked at Modo. "She has no idea." Modo smiled

"Faker... " vinnie smirked "gets all the girls every time."

He sat on her bed and sighed. "Look I'm sorry I've been a jerk." She was removing his boots. "I didn't mean to make you mad."

"I know." She smiled and turned his legs over into the bed. "Get some sleep." She was about to leave but he grabbed up her hand.

"Don't go." He blinked hard. "just...Don't"

She stopped and sat next to him holding his hand. "You are way drunk."

"I love you."

"Now I know you are drunk." She smiled. He laced his fingers into hers.

"Not really, it would take more then four."

"You had Five Throttle!" He nodded at this.

"should take like 10 or so...I'm a martian...I have like two stomachs."

"You... " She looked down at his coy smile "You arn't drunk at all!" she smacked his arm.

"Look Charlie, I just..." he sat up with a smile. "I'm sorry for it all." he sighed and looked around. "I just get really messed up when I get hurt." He leaned his arms over his legs.

"It's ok."

"No, it's really not." He reached for his vest pocket. He pulled out the small blue box of cigarettes.

"You gonna quit that nonsense?" she glared at him.

"I'll taper off and then I'll quit..if I just out and quit I'll get sick." He looked at her. "I promise I'll quit." She nodded, reaching her hand to her head. "I think you had a bit too much Charlie girl."

She nodded and traded him places. She lay back on her soft pillows, that had a mingled smell of Modo and Throttle. She sighed "Come back." he smiled and kissed her hand and pulled a blanket over her shoulder.

"I'll be right back." He smiled.

Throttle entered the office with just his jeans and boots on.

"I'm not gonna ask." Vinnie looked up at him.

"Hey guys, sorry for my Funk." He pointed at the garage.

"S'ok bro."

"What happened the other night?" Throttle turned the TV off.

"Dude the GAME!" vinnie yelled.

"It's on the Tivo still, I need to know what's going on." Throttle removed his glasses and set them on the table and rubbed his bionic eyes.

"That thing came out of no where really. Tall, one of fish face's old Snow suckers." Modo started "It didn't bother us until we got to close and then it near killed us."

"What was it doing?" Throttle eyed the two.

"We wern't exactly sure but it wasn't really hurting anything but us." Vinnie sighed looking at his tail. "I hope it doesn't end up looking like Modo's tail."

"Thanks." Modo glared at him. "We arn't really sure where it was heading, or what it was doing." He shrugged. "It was just walking away."

Throttle began to smack the box of cigarettes on his palm. "It's alot to think about." He shook his head. "and nothing's been on the news?"

"Not really." Vinnie said. "You gonna quit for her."

"I'm gonna try." Throttle said eyeing the box he held.

"That won't be good enough for Charlie girl." Modo sighed

Throttle looked at the blurry box and leaned back on the couch. "Ok I'm done..." he sighed, "after I taper off this pack I'm gonna need a lot of root beer."

"We'll help ya." Modo smiled.

Charlie sat at the opening to the loft and she listened to every word. She smiled.

Throttle leaned back on the little love seat. "Go back up there." Modo spoke up.

"what?" Throttle turned his head to Modo's voice.

Vinnie put his glasses in his hands. "Get back up there before we figure out how to carry you."

Throttle put his shades on and let his eyes focus and he looked upstairs. He stood and looked at the small ladder. He looked at Vinnie and Modo. They gave him a quick nod and then continued their TV watching.

Charlie stood and moved to her bed. "Charlene." She had not made it back. He had gotten up the stairs quickly and quiet.

"As quiet as a mouse." She turned and sat on the bed looking at him. "anything about that large monster."

"No, but I'm sure this won't be the last time we see it." He looked down at his tail. "I've been awfully childish."

She sat silently on the bed.

"I am sorry for it." He was still looking at his tail, rubbing the lines in the carpet. She was immediately in front of him he had not heard her move. She reached up and suddenly his vision was blurred, and in the dark it was more gone. He put his hands at his sides. "charlie... " he tried to listen closely. He felt her hands on his arms. He bent his arms at the elbow and took her in his arms. "I am so sorry."

"Shut up." He turned his head down. She knew he couldn't see anything. She leaned up and kissed him. "All is forgiven."

The ground shook, and then all was still. "Was that a quake?" Throttle looked around

"In the middle of Chicago? I don't think so." Charlie looked around the next shake tore the bookshelves off of the wall. Throttle pushed Charlie down and lay over her. "we have to get out of the building!"

"Go!" Throttle pushed her tword the door "My glasses!"

"I had them, I must have dropped them." She looked around franticly "I can't find them."

"I have another pair ...lead me out of here." she grabbed his hands and in the shaking they made their way out of the loft and into the office. "MODO!" Charlie Screamed.

He came back in slowly helping Charlie with Throttle. Modo had already gotten Vinnie out, he was sitting on the sidewalk outside.

"Our Bike's modo!" Throttle ordered, he felt the fresh air hit him as they got outside.

"Got em." He pressed a button on his arm and the three bikes roared out of the Garage.

Throttle whistled at his girl and she rolled up close he reached into the back of the bike and pulled out a new set of shades.

"Gotta be careful, my glasses don't grow on trees."

"HOLY CRAP! THROTTLE! That's it!" Vinnie was pointing.

Throttle turned and reached down pulling charlie to him on the bike. "Bike up bros!" Modo nodded and helped Vinnie onto his bike and then returned to his baby. "Lets get as far away from that thing as soon possible!"

The three turned their bikes and started heading away from the large machine, but it was right behind them.

Following them.

It was after them.