A Different Life

Chapter 1-The Little Baby Left on the Porch

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Petunia Dursley always started her morning the same way; she would wake up early, around 6:45, in order to prepare her husband's breakfast, and coffee. He always liked his coffee black. Then she would go to her son's crib to see a way to wake Dudley up.

Dudley Dursley would always cry when his mother came to wake him up. But today would not be an ordinary day for the residence at Privet Drive 4. Today would be the day that Vernon Dursley would dread to happen, the arrival of his freakish nephew.

Well he didn't know that yet.

Today started as like any normal day for Petunia Dursley. Well until she went to the kitchen. She heard a baby whimper, and she knew that the cries were not Dudley, because he was fast asleep, and Dudley would always whimper very loudly. She heard a quieter whimper.

She wondered who this baby would be. She opened the back door to see that the milkman delivered the milk, and next to the milk was a bundle. A bundle that contained a baby with green eyes, eyes like her own sister.

Petunia Dursley can be seen crying along with a baby with green eyes. This was her only way that she found out that her baby sister died and a baby also blind like how she was.